Last Exile Wallpaper: Somewhere Only I Know

Range Murata, Gonzo, Last Exile, Dio Eraclea Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka Gonzo Studio Last Exile Series Dio Eraclea Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A wallpaper that I didn't think I'd create; even though I'd had the idea for a while. It was spawned from my recent angst, and was supposed to appear more optimistic, however, my pessimism always seeps through in the end. I tried for something more simple, but I'm not sure if I've succeeded, or if this is perfectly acceptable- but hey, it did help settle a few emotions, regardless of the outcome. The textures for the circles are from photographs of multiple moons & other planets and the title is a slight variation of Keane's song, Somewhere Only We Know, which is a beautiful song.



Planets: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-R_V7rKLP7rQ/TdH7wyBBkFI/AAAAAAAAJKg/YmKrLMO6TsQ/s1600/51491-jupiter_s_moon_europa_earth_200_years.jpg

Textures: http://thelunchrush.com/images/3999-27051132423craft-copy-1..jpg

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  1. Mibelle Aug 05, 2011

    This is really pretty! I love how soft and smooth the coloring is. The colors are very complimentary as well. I like how you decided to put the scenery inside the character there. It's a very nice touch!

  2. BlueGazer Aug 16, 2011

    nice touch
    the colour is soft and smooth ,Good work.

  3. HurtHattori Aug 18, 2011

    This is a strong piece. It expresses so much, I don't where to begin. There's hope in this picture; after all, his head is high... but is it because he has hope, or to let the tears fall to the ground more easily after they had finished to run down his cheeks? Art is maybe one of the most powerful therapies, and I feel like you have shared a whole lot of your life with a single picture. Thank you for sharing such a piece of work... and of you.

  4. DriftingFeather Aug 18, 2011

    I just commented on AnimePaper and I already commented on TheOtaku. :) Decided to stalk it here too, kinda figured you submitted it here as well. XD I really love this, just all of it is really creative and original. =) Inspiring as well.

  5. orenji Sep 14, 2011

    It looks very nice and soothing, especially the character with the landscape inside but i keep having this feeling of a slight dissonance between this and the background. It feels like it should be more ambient or more complexed - the background, either way for me. While the character seems to be so importans and since it's soo beutiful - splendidly put together, those roundish shapes are disrupting the general order of the forms of the grass and the clouds... hmmm, it's difficult to express but i feel the circles' disturbance of the concept coming through, it is a fine work though.

  6. natsumee Sep 19, 2011

    wow it looks so pretty , easy colors . hmmm... good idea :D

  7. DarthTofu Nov 02, 2011

    Hrm…I've definitely seen you around enough, wonder why I have never actually taken a looksie into your gallery. I love this one very much, something so soothing about it. :D

    I love the idea of using planets as the textures. It's very subtle but noticeable. But that said, I don't like the circles themselves all that much, though I can't tell why. Maybe because the edges are so clean when everything else in the entire wall is heavily textured?

  8. Tupper Nov 06, 2011

    This is such a nice soothing work :)
    Thanks for sharing ^-^

  9. aozoraskies Nov 10, 2011

    *shoots a comment* Well, everyone recognises the profoundness in this wall. A solitary lad, head held high despite his saddened expression, and his robes reflecting the summery skies that do not surround him. The texture work is well done, as expected of Sergeant Sol!

    The concept with the bg is good, but if you're thinking of redo-ing the circles - I suggest that you try to make it look more the same style as the foreground character. The character's lineart is sketchy and thick pencil-like; the colouring is soft and watered ink-like. Perhaps you should soften the edges of the circles to make it similar to that of the colouring, and maybe lighten or darken the edges of the bg to emphasise space around the character.

    Or maybe I'm just sleep-talking~ +fave

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