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Studio DEEN, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Full Moon (Character) Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Okay, since I haven't come here for a week or so, I fought I'll make a nice little wallie for all of ya. ^_^'

Mad thx to DianKibou for the scan. ^^ & Ninja for I showing me the broken glass effect on his wall. ^^ lol. sorry if I use your special cutting move. lol.

I basically tries not to go crazy with effects and brush works like all my other wallies. Which I think it looks much cleaner & nicer. ^^ I'm still learning how the in the world do you contruct a scene bg so I just basically reuse and edit the original pic bg. & fix up Mitsuki-chan and redraw the wing due to theres a cut on the scan. ^^ Hope this is fine. ^^

tries to goes with simple and see how it goes. ^^

Update: 11/3/04 ^^ oh boy here we go my usual post then hear comments then update deal. ^^ fix up the bg a bit. ^^
Update: 11/4/04 ^^ fix up the bg a bit more. ^^ make the building goes into both sides instead of just fade away. Take out half of the brush and effect works to make it not messy and looks off period. ^^
Update: 11/4/04 ^^ decide to mess with it abit some more but thats it. unless I mess up somewhere again. XD
Update: 11/4/04 ^^ Gone and do one more edit on the bg, don't know just feel like it after seeing someones message bar thingy. lol. XD
Update: 11/4/04 ^^ alright I have gone and done it. more editing, but thats it.. ^^ "subtract all special brush works and most effects." XD = One clean wallie. ^^
Update: 11/5/04 ^^ last update. =P

about One year to date Update: October 15, 2005

I have recontruct "cg/vector" the original Mitsuki image *something I don't know how to do back then" :P and reuse the old idea for background and make it look like so. I know I could of done a better job on it but that would take some time and I rather use that time to make something new for later. Besides I thought I did a pretty okay job on it... I think... ?!?! I hope... T_T oh plz think its a good job.. LOLx... haha whatever... grr... any option would be welcome! XP XP XP

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  1. gendo1 Nov 04, 2004


  2. halcyonTwilight Nov 04, 2004

    Nice work with the wall ^^ Awesome work on the bg and re-cging the wings espically. Parts of the bg look slightly off (the parts where you apparently faded another image in), but other than that really nice work :D Love the glow in the text ^__^

  3. Furikuu Nov 04, 2004

    I'm not keen on the texture you've got patched over the wall... or the way the cityscape just fades at the edges. It would a lot more impact if it filled the entire scene. Still, the moon is nice and the font you used fits well.

  4. jackalx66 Nov 04, 2004

    nice work
    the best wall i ever seen from u XD
    that's just great....
    +fav this one
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  5. Jim3535 Nov 04, 2004

    You are my hero. You have no idea how long I have been looking for a good, anime style Full Moon wo Sagashite wallpaper. While it's not perfect, it is light-years ahead of anything else that I have seen. A few touch-ups and revisions and this could be a really bad@ss wall.

  6. jingjing1208 Nov 04, 2004

    AH!!!!This one is so nice!!!Me like!And I like all of you works!!!!^^Keep it up! :D

  7. Kurosawa Nov 04, 2004

    Nice work. The BG wallie was good too, like's the other said. The glow on the text was good too. Another fav from me :D

  8. chibi-lizard Nov 04, 2004

    wow !! that's very pretty ne. me likes the font and the bg !! but i feel the feathers is a little bit one-sided. still pretty though. :D

  9. KorganoS Nov 04, 2004

    Very pretty :D
    and it's true that it's very hard to find a good FMWS wallie... this must be one of the best out there... XD
    thanks for sharing it here

  10. semanga Nov 04, 2004

    Oh frosty I love it ......it looks so great....... very exellent work my new fav from you. Keep it up with your great works :D

  11. Athrun Nov 04, 2004

    Welcome back Frosty!

    Nice wallpaper! You re-CGed the thing? Wow. o_O I still can't figure how to do that.... >_<

    Anyway, kickass job and it's a fav for me. ^_^

  12. Devilet Nov 04, 2004

    awww, I love FMS, and Mitsuki has such a nice voice..
    I love this wallpaper too.. very nice work, fav :)

  13. belmikry Retired Moderator Nov 04, 2004

    ohhhh ^_^ this is really cute!!! i love the feathers and the BG effects!! XD *fav*

    yay ^_^

  14. rojacol Nov 04, 2004

    ^____^v this wall looks really good :D i see some anoying squares?? aroud here and there, but still a good work ^^

  15. Ninja Nov 04, 2004

    Really nice wallpaper, a nice dark background to contrast the brighter girl image.

  16. Electrastar Nov 04, 2004

    This wallpaper has a nice and soft feel to it. I love the colors you used and centering the image was also a good idea....I dunno why I think that way, but I do .

  17. FlowerDog Nov 04, 2004

    I really like the city BG and effects very much. Awesome job Frosty-sama. :) Also like the character you used for the wallpaper. I wish I could say more but "beautiful job" can sum up everything I want to say. :)

  18. slivermoon Nov 04, 2004

    ^^ I love Full Moon Wo Sagashite ^^
    such a lovely wall as always, its nice to see that u are using a different effect on the bg
    instead of the other effect u usually used, and i see u used one of the FMWS songs as the title
    its a nice song but i never really liked it
    great job :) :)

  19. AnimexXxHolic009 Nov 04, 2004

    oOo soo pretty i espacially like the backyground and the pwetty effects ^-^

  20. peachiemint Nov 05, 2004

    go go go frosty go! another uber purdie wallie. ive never read nor watched fmws but da piccies r always lovely. great wallie X)

  21. blue-chan Nov 05, 2004

    I lve this anime. ^__________^ the songs are very beautiful but too bad its very overplayed in the anime. Great job Mr. frosty ^__________^

  22. broken-dreamz Nov 05, 2004

    frostttiee always makes the greatest wallie ^o^ I like the background and the effects on the front~

  23. Angelette Nov 05, 2004

    Great city-scene, but she is a bit blurry. Mm, it'd be great if you could make the image itself brighter so it was cleaner.

  24. Abi-san Nov 05, 2004

    It needs more work on the main character and background. Scan quality is poor...

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