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This was made out of my very very very first vector ^^ (I was learning basic flash when I did it...thought it was a challenge and that nobody would do it.....but now everybody is vectoring ^^;)

Again, this wallpaper will not top my "Vector Fun - Comic Party" wallpaper....but, I hope you enjoy it ^^ (please do not ask why butterflies, I was inspired to vectorize butterflies like....right now.......only happens once in a week ^^; )

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  1. PrinceYuki Nov 04, 2004

    Aaw, how cute! Great job. and especially for your very first vector. I like the butterflies, good choice! :)

  2. exentric Nov 04, 2004

    nice vector!!
    now me wanna do vector T_T
    lumierre looks sugoku no kawaiI~~ XD
    da wall itself is awesome~
    tho some of the butterfly's edges are kinda jaggy. ^.^

  3. white-zero Nov 04, 2004

    Oh, I love it. Will there be any Eclair vector?

    Awsome work. and a fav. :)

  4. phl Nov 04, 2004

    Ho, nice! Another piece of your "Vector Fun" serie. I really like it. Continue working. :)

  5. walkure245 Nov 04, 2004

    Too true~ I liked the comic party vector.
    But this has to be second best. I'm starting to like all the vectors that you are making. I love the blue and I like Lumiere too. The butterflies were a cute idea~ I like how it works out. Totemo Suteki desho~

  6. Rouge Nov 04, 2004

    Really nice wallpaper. Good job!
    The silhouette of a butterfly is beautiful.

  7. broq Nov 04, 2004

    When did you make this one minako? The true I have never used vectors; you have seen the way I work ^_^' Its a good one, but like you said the vector animation of the first one was a colossal work.

  8. irix Nov 04, 2004

    One day you have to tell me the links that you use to make this beautiful works!!! :nya:

  9. pharass25 Nov 04, 2004

    really beautiful wallpaper, nice girl...........good work

  10. toast Nov 04, 2004

    Sweet - thats some good work ;0) - i think this is better than Comic Party - what way did you add the butterflies layer or is this all flash specific (dont know flash) - if i was to change anything it would be the top left line that does not look like a shadow (v good)

  11. Jormungand Nov 04, 2004

    Weee!! even your first vector was this nice @_@ thanks for sharing it :D

  12. d611691 Nov 04, 2004

    Even I never see Kiddy Grade, but your wall is nice. I like the vector, especially the butterfly XD

  13. NerdyPenguin Nov 04, 2004

    Wow, I love this wallpaper; you've done an excellent job here. I agree about the butterflies; they definitely add to the pic. The only thing I would change would be its size; vectors can be rasterized to larger sizes (around 1600x1200?) pretty easily, right?
    Looking forward to seeing your next Vector Fun ;)

  14. AnimexXxHolic009 Nov 04, 2004

    wats vactor :o i hav no idea...im sadly very slow....well nice vector pixy..its so pretty ^-^

  15. Hellios Nov 04, 2004

    I never watch Kiddy Grade =P! But it's a very cute wall *_*'

  16. Spriggan Nov 05, 2004

    once again , nice vectoring Minakomel!! sweet girl pic you choose and a nice addition these butterfly^^ good ..very good!

  17. hongxiaoer Nov 05, 2004

    Oh,really a nice wallpaper again :)
    It's fresh and cool when take frist place. :D
    It's much like the one of comic party.but it's excellent. :D
    Must add fav!
    btw,did you received my pm?^^

  18. griffin Nov 09, 2004

    This is a very good character image and I think your vector work has really done it justice. The simplicity is very attractive and the integration is very cleverly executed

  19. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2004

    All I can do is go.. WOW :d This pic is SO damn nice :D Great work here, really

  20. kobayashi Banned Member Nov 10, 2004

    lumier is kawaiii
    i like this wallpaper

  21. ShadowSeeker Nov 14, 2004

    Hehehe artistic piece ?

  22. Susan Nov 22, 2004

    Kawaii! ^_^ I am always impressed by vectors, as I cannot accomplish them myself... yet. This is such a great picture - it's a favorite of a friend of mine - and this is a perfect treatment of it! I can;t wait to show it to her!

  23. Noe Nov 24, 2004

    Excellent Job...!!

    I like this anime,,,,,, thanks for sharing..!!!

  24. eliana04 Nov 24, 2004

    really beautiful wallpaper, nice girl...........good work :) :) :)

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