Suikoden II Wallpaper: |||Dying Flowers|||

Suikoden II, Riou, Jowy Atreides Wallpaper
Suikoden II Game Riou Character Jowy Atreides Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hey everyone. First attempt at a grunge wall *or is it?* I dont know, I didnt think it was done, but I didnt want to work on it anymore. I have been kind of just brushing alittle bit everyday for 3 days. I hope everyone likes it -_-;; The only reason I made a grunge was because of Foolish, but yeah... the image is from here and the brushes are from where all my other brushes come from *you can find a link in one of my other wallpaper descriptions. Later.

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  1. Vivid-Rein Nov 04, 2004

    It looks so lifeless and dull. The only colors are the people, and it looks kinda blahy. The scripts you use give it a weird effect, but i wouldnt imagine Suikoden with grunge...it always struck me to have more elegance. You used an array of grunge from uberly well done grunge to ugly pixely grunge. The pixel grunge kinda turns me off. The extraction was very good, but the background is to repeptitive. It needs some more work... Possibly a new color??

  2. Devilet Nov 04, 2004

    awww, bromithia.. *hug*
    don't be so down, the wallpaper is really cool ^^
    i like the dark background, some nice brushes you go there, good work!
    Character seem to be a bit funny though, can't figure out why .. but I still like it
    Adding to favs :)

  3. xpilot2006 Nov 04, 2004

    not bad..it looks more into the darker side than the other walls you made...that must be why i like it so must,very cool...

  4. white-zero Nov 04, 2004

    That's some harsh words, Vivid.

    I think the whole wall suits the title. Plus, we don't see any Suikoden walls lately.

    A fav. :)

  5. halcyonTwilight Nov 04, 2004

    Great work ^^ It's not that easy to make a good grunge wall, but you pulled it off :D Some words of advice though; you could use less brushstrokes in the bg so everything won't clutter together, and the scan seems too dreamy to match the bg. But other than that really nice work ^^ Keep it up :)

  6. Kenzotsuke Nov 04, 2004

    cooll !a rpg wallie!and suikoden is really a gret and nice game!!
    i like the style of your wall and good choice for the colors !!+fav :D

  7. jackalx66 Nov 04, 2004

    nice wall...
    the effect on it....^^
    how do u make it..??
    *really curious*
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    keep up the good job.ok :D

  8. irix Nov 04, 2004

    That's a good grunge, a bit dark, but great!!! :D

  9. pharass25 Nov 04, 2004

    nice wall.....thx

  10. KorganoS Nov 04, 2004

    Very impressive grungy, considering that this is your first attempt, it turns out cool... :D
    The scan is a bit blurry, that's the only annoying thing,...
    but the colors match, imo,... and the style is just great... :D
    Hope to see more from you^^

  11. Alia Nov 04, 2004

    I really don't agree with the not like'n this look view :D I LUV it and think it's really well done, so you get the 10 stars from me :D

  12. ColdBlue Nov 05, 2004

    Cool, Suikoden2 is one of my favorite games! :)
    You did a great job on the background!
    That's a great scan of them; fits in very well!
    Good job!

  13. euna Retired Moderator Nov 05, 2004

    Really cool wallpaper. I like how the abstract bg goes well with the scan. Nice job!

  14. Quistis88 Nov 29, 2004

    Gorgeous choice of picture. Those two look great on the same wallpaper. Good work. :)

  15. Blade2086 Banned Member Dec 19, 2004

    It's a nicely made action oriented wallpaper with interestign effects which imply movement in he 2d enviroment.

  16. darkseal Apr 05, 2005

    wow!!!jowy and hero!!suikoden too main character!!one of my favourite suikoden series is suikoden 2^^the story is sad that two of them should fight each other>.<.anyway,nice wall out there. XD

  17. BlueNeko May 13, 2005

    I'm not really sure what all the talk about grunge an such is. But I did like the wallpaper. Almost any picture with Jowy and Riou in it is good. But the darker feel of this one is a nice change to the usual settings. I really lke it. ^_^

  18. Celessa Retired Moderator May 26, 2005

    For a grunge wallpaper, and your very first I presume here, it seems to be done very well. I really don't find any characteristic flaws in your wallpaper, which makes it deserve to go under someone's Fav+ pile for certain. Considering the skill you weaved into making the grunge wallpaper, this certainly has a punch in it, no doubt.

    The best part of your wallpaper? The background. Clearly fantastic from the bottom-half, but kind of went sluggish on the way up. The font in the background near the top-left corner of the wallpaper is a little bit off of the visual game. Extraction is near perfect, and the scan blends in well. I kind of like how you brushed up the scans to give it that sort of dark mentality and feel.

    Overall, it is very impressive for a first grunge attempt by a waller who hasn't done one before. The top left corner also seems a little too pixelated and edgy at the side. Other than the small things I pointed out, this wall deserves to be fav'd. more, considering that quality is absolute crucial in effort than quantity like this case pointed here. Good job, Bromithia.

  19. Wallin Jul 31, 2005

    Rion and Jowy together... great picture! I think Suikoden II was better than I and IV, but I like the twists and plot in III better.

  20. Sierra04 Oct 24, 2005

    great wallie! thanks for sharing this one! i love it so i added it in my faves! i'm a suikofan! hehe ^_^ great job! ^_^

  21. TWWG Apr 29, 2009

    great! suikoden 2 is the best rpg that saw the light of life! long live luca blight and the rune of beginning!

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