Fate/EXTRA Wallpaper: Goldenrod

rco wada, TYPE-MOON, Fate/EXTRA, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Vector Art Wallpaper
rco wada Mangaka TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/EXTRA Series,Game Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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EDIT: If you're not able to view the full-size, you can find it at Hanon @ AP. If you check out the alternative versions, you can see there's been a few changes. CyanideBlizzard was kind enough to give me some good feedback, so I played around with it and this is what's up. Not sure, though; *rips hair* I hate backgrounds.

xD This is a distraction project from another project I'm working on that's driving me crazy. I was shuffling through some rco wada scans (love them!) and came across this one from a series I've never seen. But I kind of loved the colors and just, I don't know, loved it in general. And I had a lot of fun working on this vector, messing with painting, because I'm really trying to improve there. So, that's about it. Like I said, adored the colors and the scan and everything. Simple, hope you like it. Took about two days on-and-off. Alternative textless version available on the left.

Check out rco wada~

- K.


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  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2011

    I've loved this scan of Saber since I laid eyes on it some time ago. Probably one of the better scans out there of Saber, it certainly can be worked with and has a lot of impact to it as well. While I love the creativity behind this wall, I'm a bit torn with several things.

    One of my favorite things is what you've done with Saber. She's got this painted look to her and I really like it, however the problem is that you've got this painted character on this background that doesn't necessarily fit as nicely. I, personally speaking, feel she'd be better suited on a similar style of painted background to go with the work you've done. Also, another thing is that her ear stands out, and not necessarily in a good way. It seems to strike me more as a vector style, which differs from the painted style that she has throughout the rest of the piece.

    Another issue that I have is while I enjoy what you did with the background, it tends to become far too much of the same color as Saber's outfit. While you've got some gradient in there and some lighter colors on the right side, It just feels like a ton of reddish orange on the screen and while I do think it's rather nice, with the color choices it's a bit overpowering.

    I'm also a bit confused by the text. While I'm a fan of the the phrase, I don't exactly see how it fits into the wallpaper itself. Especially since the only aspect of it fits with the glitter-style effect you used near the text itself.

    I don't mean to come across as so harsh. In fact I really love the creative aspects you explored and the choices you made, there's just a few things that I think need to be altered overall. Good work!

  2. xxKurumi Jul 29, 2011

    Oh, no! I'm really glad you took the time to review it for me. This is a style of wallpaper I really admire but have so little experience in, and any advice + criticism is happily accepted. And her ear, I know. I'm still working on it, but nothing seems to be working at all. I'm still playing with it and will update it as soon as it is more...unfreaky. As for the background, I wanted to keep it simple. I will also try to alter it - in color and style, add some paint. I'm not really sure what would be best -- I've got an awful track-record with backgrounds.

    And the text was more-or-less born from the color choices + expression of body language, as it felt to me. Because I thought not a lot of people would understand, I uploaded a textless version. I'm thinking of creating another version, with more sensible text, and then updating the other one as an alternative version. Thanks so much for all your feedback~ *opens up PS*

    Hopefully the changes will make some difference!

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2011

    I have to say, I really like the touch ups you made. While the original is still rather nicely done, I gotta say I'm really liking the feel of this one a lot more overall. The background is fitting rather nicely and the touch ups you made to the ear look fantastic!

    Great work, Kurumi!

  4. GloriaChan Aug 01, 2013

    This vector is very different from the other vectors but it is very nice I like how you painted the colours :3

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