Vocaloid Wallpaper: Absolute"BLue

Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune, Vector Art Wallpaper
Vocaloid Series,Game Miku Hatsune Character Vector Art Source

2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi there! It's been a while for me to submit a wallpaper. This one was done pretty quick, not more than a day's work and a little bit of retries on the background. I've gotten lazy for the title so I kept "Absolute Blue" as stated in the original scan. I thought the vector wasn't difficult to vector (it was quick and easy), and it was quite a nice scan to do. I decided on using patterns on the background because it somehow looked empty to me (it's really simple though). I hope this looks fine now, so enjoy.

Used scan: Absolute Blue
PSD file size: 70,1 MB
AI file size: 18,9 MB (including the scan)
Time elapsed: 1-2 days.

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  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2011

    You say it's simplistic and only took you a short amount of time, but even despite that it's obvious a lot of hard work went into it and it certainly shows!

    I've stated numerous times that I"m not a huge fan of Vocaloids and that's simply because of the sheer quantity of work out there featuring Miku in it, but a scan like that begs to be walled, simply for the amount of artistic things you can do with it. Obviously I'll state the norm. Nicely done with the vector work and I'm glad you kept as much of the original image as possible, since it greatly aids with the background that you created. I especially love what you did with where her hair leaves off in the scan.

    Now, to add on that, I love the abstract style you've gone with here. Generally speaking, I've found that the whole circle-stuff is becoming far too much of a common piece used, yet you keep it simple and make it incredibly fresh here. As previously mentioned, I love the little circles after her hair, sort of symbolizing the process her hair goes through after the scan stops. You did a wonderful job sticking with a color scheme that beautifully compliments the scan, yet doesn't drown it out with too much of it. Gotta love the variety in style and tone. I seriously love how simplistic this wallpaper is, and yet how it isn't by it's own right.

    Overall, I think what I've said pretty much sums it all up. A cute, light-hearted wallpaper that flows perfectly and makes for an excellent treat on any desktop during the summer!

  2. jb1234567890 Jun 28, 2011

    thanks for sharing this great wall of Miku!
    Long life to vocaloid! XD

  3. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2011

    Lovely job on the vector! I really like how you used textures subtly and the circle theme turned out very nice.
    Also, while I'm not usually a huge fan of text on wallpapers, you managed to incorporate it well so that it truly adds to the wall as a whole. Again, great job! :D

  4. trofikabinet Jun 28, 2011

    A new wall from Mokky, yaaay!
    I really like all the blue in it and the patterns are just great :D
    Also, nice text placement, fits perfectly with the wall.

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2011

    Coolies you finished! :D
    Very nice vectoring, smooth and I love the colors of blue
    all around her. Nice feeling it gives, I expected a sense of sadness but it's more like calmness.
    Great job~

  6. Tifa-chan Jun 29, 2011

    A very nice and beautiful Miku wallpaper! congratulations! :3
    the background looks great as so the vector!

  7. kejeburkali Jun 29, 2011

    Ok..this one is beautiful...nice work...

  8. Baraka-Senpai Jun 29, 2011

    thanks for sharing! good job

  9. nat Jun 29, 2011

    Beautiful work! Love the way you've made her ponytails fade into the shapes and music notes that are in the background. Really clean vectoring and line art too! :)

    By the way, the artist is Kanikama, in case you want to submit it other places... :B

  10. ai-yame Jun 30, 2011

    Isn't this one beautiful work of art! :) The circles-theme certainly did work for this picture of Miku you used. Everything blended so well together to show this final product -- from the text (I rarely get to see wallpapers wherein the text worked for the whole thing, and it sucks! So good job with how you formatted the text! :D), picture, hair, circles, colors. Absolutely everything!

    This one's indeed, commendable. So stay motivated in doing your best in your future artworks! :)

  11. konjikinoryuu Jun 30, 2011

    hmm nice artwork! I can't close my eye to it! LOL

  12. monoke Jul 01, 2011

    i like it a lot i think is nice the way you use col

  13. stalker64 Jul 01, 2011

    thanks ^ ^ great art .. like this

  14. kikuchivn Jul 01, 2011

    I like the blue style of yours. Thanks for sharing

  15. chaba Jul 01, 2011

    she looks beautiful ^^
    thx for sharing ;)

  16. ShanaFlare Jul 04, 2011

    Brilliant style! everything just seems to come together nicely :D good one^^

  17. darkchopper Jul 15, 2011

    so .... nice :p ! (very very ) good picture !

  18. EdotenseiHime Jul 24, 2011

    love how you did the circle-themed background <3
    absolutely love it on everyway :)

  19. Yina Jul 24, 2011

    Woah nice bg! But the one thing I love most is the text. Placing a nice looking text on a wallpaper is a tough job! And you did a great job on it :D

  20. Pulver15 Aug 04, 2011

    That's an interesting miku, I like how she dissipates <333
    the bg is actually full of circles but it doesn't feel boring at all!
    Great job here ;D

  21. Nagysa Aug 09, 2011

    So magic and beautiful! All the work you did finish by a masterpiece. I can recognize some techniques but other are new. I love your work and the idea of dispaereance it's very nice and give a powerful effect! Thank you and Congrugalations for all the work you done!

  22. AlchemyG92 Dec 23, 2011

    wow faving is not enough to show my gratitudes, wow thank U so much for sharing this masterpiece with us =)

  23. Wildman496 Mar 01, 2012

    Loving this. Miku looks adorable in it.

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