Wand of Fortune Wallpaper: Your Prettiest Nightmare

Kagerou Usuba, Idea Factory, Wand of Fortune, Alvaro Garay Wallpaper
Kagerou Usuba Mangaka Idea Factory Studio Wand of Fortune Visual Novel Alvaro Garay Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

....hi thar. >__>

Uhm...I guess this was another one of those 'must keep my sanity intact' walls that I've been working on in between taking breaks from working on my thesis. I nearly forgot how to work in PS after not opening it for a month.

Not much was done here in terms of originality - I extended the scan, vectored some lines and painted the rest, my usual MO. I know this is not one of my best works but I don't really care, meh. I needed something to vent on and this bishie was the first thing that caught my eye. So, yeah. Feedback is, as always, welcome.

Original scan: HERE. Planet brush is from dA.

This is for Ashes because I haven't made anything for you yet. <3

And Happy b-day Tina-pon (and belated ones to Fi-Fi, Tens, Chii and Yukina)! Sorry, I'm so late! D:

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  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Jun 21, 2011

    another great one alenas. I really like this one. the brushes are quite nicely used. the background effects on the planet and night sky just remarkable. even the shadows cast by the stone wall. And the guy, quite the remarkable creation. I can see why this one made it to elite status so fast. can't wait to see what new piece might appear with your name attached to it.

  2. Evvo Jun 21, 2011

    Just great! BG is so natural... And work with moonlight is also amazing. This wallpaper creates so mysterious and calm feeling...
    Oh, I just can't put my impression into words) Sorry for my bad English))
    And thank you for your work!

  3. Anya007 Jun 21, 2011

    Amazing, fresh and perfect~ Desktop~
    Seriously. Thanks, Alenas! You put so much work in your walls so it's worth every single fave. And even more!

  4. Yamionpu Jun 21, 2011

    omg hot +_+
    I love how you painted the bg *___* but he is so hot XD!

  5. DokiDokiChan Retired Moderator Jun 21, 2011

    Uwahhh so gorgeous~ Every tiny detail is perfect. The sky especially is extremely well done.
    Even though you say it's not one of your best works I'll argue on that a bit. Amazing work!

  6. Fran Retired Moderator Jun 21, 2011

    *steals bishie*

  7. Tina18 Jun 21, 2011

    Been drinking today so not making lots of sense, BUT HOLLY CRAP this bishie! *___________*
    I'd tap that.Just saying >>

    And thank you. <3

  8. Yamibou-Eve Jun 21, 2011

    w00t he's here!
    Omg the bg is beautiful! Love it!
    Great job with the vectoring and reconstructing, you've done the original justice! :D

  9. srsn Jun 22, 2011

    woah, for me! thanks Sani!


    this bishie is oh soooo smexy! *____* <3 and then the BG reminded me of your Code Geass wallie even the hair reminded me of your Lelouch's hair. I also love the dusts....

    desktopping it now

  10. LightSorrow Jun 22, 2011

    Sweet background and the character fits nicely. Thanks for sharing with the community =D

  11. rosu Jun 22, 2011

    *-* I see a gorgeous bishie~~ I love it! and the shiny dust dots.. nice extension.. :)

  12. aIshiRoi Jun 22, 2011

    hawt! *O*
    if i were to dream of him, it won't be a nightmare. XD
    love his lips and the starry sky. SPARKLY! great job! +

  13. Nysha Jun 22, 2011

    OMG loooooool how appropriate when I see it's you who walled this one! XD Nice nice nice - but totally unexpected cause I thought you were taking a break from walling! @.@ Anyway, much appreciate the extra contrast and clarity added to him. :3 It does seem generally less complicated than your usual stuff with his flatter shading (faithful to original scan though), but that really doesn't matter because it's great to see this scan walled. :D

  14. chanelqueen17 Jun 22, 2011

    Fufufufufu x3 Originality is overrated let me tell you. Who cares! You provide us with a smoldering hot bishie (from Wand of Fortune none the less<3), nicely extended and executed, it should be illegal to look at him, kyaa~

    Can't wait to see what you'll do next, I hope you thesis came around all right?

  15. trofikabinet Jun 22, 2011

    My first impression while seeing the thumbnail quickly was "Oh gawd no, please not another wall..." and then I saw your name under it xD My expression literally change to O___O and "$!1@# YEA!" Nevermind that. What I wanted to say is fabulous work, finally a hot bishie to desktop again xD I love those pillars in the BG and the sky, looks great. To be honest, I love everything about this wall :D

  16. ShanaFlare Jun 22, 2011

    This is really clean and the background is simply perfect, now thats a killer! well done :D

  17. Felcie Jun 22, 2011

    Copy/Paste from AP x)

    "This is a really lovely wallpaper ! I just love it <3 Your painting is really beautiful and clean (and he looks hot :3)"

  18. FiiFO Jun 22, 2011

    ZOMG bishies XD
    Really nice work Sani on the gorgeous vector and thanks X3

  19. Cristal-Phantomhive Restricted Member Jun 22, 2011

    Kyaaaa!..Alvaro is cute!
    Really nice Wallpaper!...Thanks for sharing!

  20. Khillian Jun 22, 2011

    O________O I've just changed my wallpaper, but guess I'll have to change it again, hahaha! That looks freaking amazing, and I so love Alvaro, he's one of the hottest guys ever, hehe! I HAVE TO USE THIS WALL! Thank you so much for sharing it! *0*

  21. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jun 23, 2011

    Great job! I especially love the sky and the lighting. And having good looking guys never hurts. ;)

  22. ArtificialRaindrop Jun 23, 2011

    ^ What my sister said. And really, I'm fond of wallpapers that extend the scanned image, especially when you take the time the repaint the whole thing on top of that. There are a lot of images out there that are gorgeous enough on their own but don't fit screen-resolutions. And as always, the quality of your work is fantastic. I love it! <3

  23. mxlmp295arm Jun 24, 2011


  24. Nyora Jun 24, 2011

    So soft and smooth coloring that doesn't contain any defect. I really loved that, in fact, I fell in love with it :D
    So well-done!

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