Dengeki Daisy Wallpaper: ?????~Taisetsu Na Hito~

Kyousuke Motomi, Dengeki Daisy, Teru Kurebayashi, Tasuku Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kyousuke Motomi Mangaka Dengeki Daisy Series Teru Kurebayashi Character Tasuku Kurosaki Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The first Dengeki Daisy wallpaper in MT and AP ^^ W00T

Ok before anything else, Please Full View and Read the whole thing before commenting!

Happy Belated birthday to Fiifo and Advance Happy Birthday to Tina18

I've been going Kyaa~ Kyaa~ ever since chapter 31 came out, I got hyped and looked for a scan to wall! I had a hard time choosing a scan and I finally stumbled on THIS ONE .I tried a lineartless hair for Teru because there were so many lines and that would really take out my time. I extended her head as well as her hand. Then came the eyes. Teru got only one eye and don't complain about it! I can't draw the other eye properly and I would ruin the wall if I were to draw it so I left it the same as the scan.

After the characters came the BG. I really thought my Vk wallpaper would have the most problematic BG I'd ever wall, but this is wayyy problematic! Coz it's grasses! The first scene I imagined was beside the river bank, when I stared doing the grasses, it really pissed me off simply because I can't do it right. I actually forst vectored it and did it similar to what I did in my Clamp wall of Kero and Mokona I cooled off for a bit and re-tried again, and It surely pissed me off. I look for a reference scan instead, and I found this SCAN . I retried doing the grass again keeping in mind the word "Patience". I bet alenas has already listened to my grass rantings more than 10 times already. I just hope I did ok with it! XD I slowly painted the grass and later on I added a tint of blueish and golden yellow to the grasses so that They won't look uniformly green. I wanted a sunset scene and I made the sky somewhat romantic pinkish.

Thanks to Nysha, alenas and trofichi for the heaps of tips and support.

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2011

    WAAAHHHH! You finally finished this! *___*

    The first thought that came to my mind was 'It's....pink, lol' but I think it's nothing too aggressive and just right...maybe a tint of orange or yellow would make it look better. And some additional highlights in their hair. But yes, the grass sure looks better from the last version you showed me - adding more color variation to it makes it really pop out! Also, those clouds look like creamy mashed potato; I want to eat them! XD

    And lol, I have no idea either how many times by now you were all 'RAWR' about the grass. It sure did pay off to have patience with it. Great job, Ashes! <3

  2. Nessbad94 Jun 08, 2011

    c/p from ap))
    *_* Great combination of vectoring+painting! I love the job you did with the hair - the result is awesome! The bg is very lovely! I really liked that pinkish - it adds romantic&gentle touch to the wallie! And yeah, the grass was worth your patience - it turned out very-very awesome! +fav! downloading

  3. barbi97 Jun 08, 2011

    was beautiful, the colors are very nice and the wall is very nice
    very nice work:)<3
    thanks for sharing:)

  4. SophieLuana Jun 08, 2011

    Thank you for the wallpaper, it's beautiful ^O^
    I love the colors!

  5. trofikabinet Jun 08, 2011

    I like the wall, it's very romantic and serene.
    The pink you put for the BG makes it feel warm and relax, I can totally feel the romance in the air!
    The only thing that bothers me a bit is the grass since it lacks a bit of sharpness but it's just a minor nitpick.
    Overall, this is a really good wall and keep 'em coming Ash, can't wait for the next one <3

  6. Tina18 Jun 08, 2011

    What I said on Ap, and also what Alien Ale said, and Also Thank you, you are awesome!

  7. FiiFO Jun 08, 2011

    kyaaa it looks so romantic and nice to see a wall made from Dengeki Daisy X3
    Really nice work on the vector and love the work you put into the background with the detail work.
    Really awesome work Ashlie and thank you very much :3

  8. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2011

    O.O So pretty! I love how warm the wall is. I agree with what alenas said about maybe adding some orange to the sky and highlights to their hair (hers in particular), but other than that I can't think of any recommendations. The grass turned out well, and I also like the use of the cherry blossoms; the way you did them is not overdone and adds dimension to the wall, which is something that stands out to me since a lot of vectors I've seen floating around recently have looked very flat comparitively. Great work! :D

  9. Mibelle Jun 08, 2011

    Copy and paste from AP

    Oh yay! I love your walls. <3 This is too pretty, it really is. The painting is wonderful and so smooth. The grass looks great and fits with the overall wall quite nicely! I loovee the colors in the sky and just the whole things looks so sweet. +fav!

  10. aIshiRoi Jun 09, 2011

    aa.. the breeze of spring. that whats i need for our rainy season.
    love the smoothness of the grass. as well as the clouds. and bows down on the hair. great job ashlie. +

  11. Yamionpu Jun 09, 2011

    I need to comment here too XD!
    I loooove the wallpaper :D! it's so soft and full of love and beautiful <3

  12. uffy-chan Jun 09, 2011

    Woaa! Congratulations it's the Dengeki Daisy's first one and it's gorgeous!
    Definitely +FAAAAV!
    Thanks for sharing ^o^

  13. garnetyuna Jun 09, 2011

    OMG I'm astonished \O/ This wallpaper is extremely well done!
    I love Dengeki Daisy, and this wallie "capture" the feelings I have when I read it :D
    What can i say? Even your "tormented" (lol) grass is nicely done ;)
    Luv it, and great job!

  14. Mayuuki Jun 09, 2011

    Awwwn, so beautiful! *______*
    Loved it, so beautiful couple and scene! The sky is totally gorgeous, and the cherryblossoms and the grass make it looks like a spring scene. :3
    Good job Ashlie, keep it up! :D

  15. YENESIS Jun 10, 2011

    IS SO sWEET and beautiful! they looking very cute pure romantic wow so pretthy
    the background and detail are great n.n

  16. anju27 Jun 10, 2011

    Love the couple bt more the guy Tasuku -^^-
    even with only one eye she looks just fine so nothing to worry abt there ^^
    Good work with the grass and the tree. Well done ^^
    Great that there's a beginning to Dengeki Daisy's wallpapers in MT
    Thanx for your hard work and for sharing :)

  17. Anya007 Jun 10, 2011

    Whoa! It's your wall! how could i miss this. shame on me..
    Honestly, at first i couldn't recognize your style. All this grass painting~ Very well done. and i see you really put efforts into this. Even though i hate pink more than anything (including homeworks) i must say it's beautiful wallpaper! Thanks~

  18. Aiira Jun 11, 2011

    So beautiful :D
    Did you pain the grass? Looks so awesome.
    And your lines for the characters are amazing as usual.

    The sky and the cherry blossom completed the spring look of this wallpaper.
    Really awesome. :D awesome job.

  19. Nyora Jun 11, 2011

    Finally a Dengeki Daisy wallpaper *-* Thanks for this, I want to make one, too :D

  20. Hooyaah Jun 13, 2011

    'Somewhat Romantic', this is the epitome of romanticism. Perfect and magnificent, it truly is.

  21. Mifeulle30 Jun 15, 2011

    I'm here! =D

    Inactive here so I'm still quite unfamiliar hahaha xD

  22. jns Jun 18, 2011

    I can't believe this is the first Dengeki Daisy wallpaper :O So yay for that and double yay for the awesomeness of your vectoring/ painting

    Teru really does spend a lot of time with just one eye

  23. Gizel4 Jun 18, 2011

    Applauds for your unique approach to the painting in this piece. I also find it quite admirable how you've created the most suitable background/atmosphere for the characters. It's a very charming wallpaper with striking colors.

  24. riyusen Jun 21, 2011

    wow... its awesome! very nice.. u did a gooood job! i like the bg! really nice.

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