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E D I T >A< UwAH I meant to submit this as a wallpaper but it end up in indy art instead. >A< *FACE PALM*
if anybody knows how to move it to the wallpaper gallery please let me know. *hits head on desk*
>//A//< agh i so nervous~
long time no see, Minitokyo~ I missed chuuu~
I haven't been very active. But that's because a lot of things have been happening in life.
Plus, I wasn't sure about what to submit.
MT is a very special place with special people, so I only wanna submit stuff that I feel might succeed in my gallery. >A<
That's why even though I submit stuff on deviantart, there's like a 10% chance I'll submit it here.

This picture I made specifically because I wanted to wall it. But I wasn't sure if it would come out good enough to be wallie material. Still not sure, but I worked really hard on this. It took me more than 8 hrs. >A< since morning til 9:30 p.m. or so.

Also, I hope you've noticed that I have been working really hard on practicing my digital painting skills. This is the result so far. So I'm really hoping this goes well.

Here's a preview of it since the image did have to be minimized and cropped a tad bit to be wallie size. >A< when drawing, it's best to work big. working small can lead to mistakes. at least that's how it is for me.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^ click on it to see the full image. ^^; it's pretty big though..... eh heh @-@; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Well about the picture,
* NO textures were used.
* NO fancy brushes were used besides the bokeh brush which I made myself.
* Everything hand drawn with the tablet and painted with the tablet using Autodesk Sketchbook
* Autodesk doesn't have a feature for fancy brushes so I had to use the bokeh I made in photoshop >v< that was the final touch to the image.

So... TAT I hope you leik it.

And if you're asking why the picture looks like this and stuff. I dunno. I just used the airbrush and messed with a whole bunch of colors. What motivated me for the character design and overall picture were "APPLES". The actual fruit.
I was hungry when making this. TAT );
The boy's character design was based off an apple.
That's why he's holding an apple.
And I don't know what the swirly designs behind him and the bokeh is all about. I just wanted something nice but I didnt wanna use textures or brushes someone else made. I wanted it to be all me +~+) meowz
so I just took the brush and colored and made swish swash swirls until it filled up the picture. And then added some bokeh cuz I felt like it for some spark.

And that's how it ended up this way @-@ okai thanks for looking <3
And srry in advance to everyone who faved my previous entries and stuff. I'll make something to thank anybody who's ever faved my picture >~< but i want it to be a cool looking thank you thingy~ so I'm working on it.
And I have school this week TAT uhuuu

Lotsa hugs x kisses~
A-413 (a.k.a. A-Aie)

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  1. aozoraskies Apr 25, 2011

    Omg, you're on?
    On to the picture; I love your soft painting and the way the green of his eyes and the red of his hair shine out. And you know I like your lineart. <3 There's definitely something apple-ish about him even if the apple weren't there.. I'm particularly find that raw pink tip of his nose cute, I don't know why. =>.<=

    You've been working on anatomy, the contours on his body are so realistic, even if the proportion isn't. The pink-ish of the wall colour makes me think of soft, new skin.. for some reason.
    His er, forearm (between hand and elbow) does seem a bit short, as compared to the erm, upper arm. I has forgotten the names already .-. But overall, he looks very fragile and a lil raw.. :3

    The background, I disagree a bit with. The sketchy, folding thingy plus the pink and the random lines.. Makes me think of umbilical cord? D:, cells and folded proteins etc. Which keeps making me link this wall to themes like rebirth and regeneration. *Facepalm* I don't know if that makes me too much of a nerd, or too wishy washy now.. XD
    But seriously, the background could be tidied up. For one thing, the squiggly swirly pattern is making it a it too cluttered.

    Personally would have liked it if the folding thingy was redesigned to look more like peeled, swirling apple skin. :3 But that's me. :Loves it all the same:

    merged: 04-25-2011 ~ 05:06am
    P.S. Go eat an apple and don't be hungry. D: I would send you one if you weren't across the ocean lol.

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