Goulart Knights Wallpaper: The Welcome!

Sion (Mangaka), Studio Blanc, Goulart Knights, Ulbireo Ladnarash, Regulus Emrode Wallpaper
Sion (Mangaka) Mangaka Studio Blanc Studio Goulart Knights Series,OVA Ulbireo Ladnarash Character Regulus Emrode Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

1st: HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY CHRISP! Hah~ Now you're old and mature *coughyeahofcoursecough*
2nd: Ok now to the description......I don't really know what happened to me....deciding to vector this.....
but well actually there are reasons xDD
but still.....ok I'm rambling, the reason why I wanted to vector something from goulart knights is still a mystery to me maybe cause I watched the OVA before?
but I'm still no some obsessed fangirl but well probably cause they're are bishies and chrisp likes bishies and here there are a bunch and.....
I wanted to do something special for her 18th birthday (cause she's an 'adult' now! >D) and she goes through a hard time now (>___<),
soI fought with my laziness and in the end I did overcome it! >D
and another reason why this picture cause they have roses! doesn't it look like they are waiting for chrisp and present her with something? *hints at red boxes* xDDD
and yeah this wall is basically just a vector but my main focus was on the bishies (so quantity over quality xD)
ok even thoguh I don't know if you can call them bishies cause half them are more the cute/ girly looking type xDD
but well hope you don't mind >___<
but! I tried to paint it more......different and I noticed that I never used this painting style in one of my walls so decided to use it here <333
.....it's ok if you see no difference *goes to crying corner* xDD
and yeah.....that's probably all I have to say (man I use to many dots now....SEE?!)
and here are some other version cause I couldn't decide again xD

So hope you'll like it >D

To my chrispy chicken:
Hey hope you'll like it xDDD I know that you probably knew that I had a secret present for you (well wasn't I sometimes obvious xDD)
but if not cause you're too dense that would be great xDDD
I know you're having it hard now but I know you can go through it (after rain comes sunshines ne?.....or whatever the saying was xD)!
You're not a gorilla for nothing! >D
and on your birthday party it will be surely funny! Wahahahaha! >D

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  1. srsn Apr 23, 2011

    Ok wait! Thay're all bishies right? or the white haired is a girl?

    For me this wallpaper has this somewhat blackjack or poker feeling to it. Something like a casino hehe
    Vectoring 4 peeps is definitely hard one! Glad you pulled through!

  2. chrisp Apr 23, 2011

    Gosh girl, thats so great, so shiny, so hot, so WAAAAAAAAHHHH! http://r22.imgfast.net/users/2215/17/44/61/smiles/806123.gif http://r22.imgfast.net/users/2215/17/44/61/smiles/563580.gif *faints*
    I knew it, sure did. I am NOT dense you baka. Jumping all over when I visit you and close things on your pc, always crying about your hurting hand and that you have enough of vectoring for now, girl surely I noticed! XD
    Thank you so much! It's awesome...REALLY AWESOME and that not only because they are bishies, no, you paint so wonderfull! I adore and envy you *-*
    Gosh you are such a great friend, I'm very happy that I met you! Really really happy!
    Thanks a lot for everything! (YOU ARE OLD YOURSELF BITCH XD)
    *takes bishies and goes...doin... *cough**

  3. trofikabinet Apr 23, 2011

    Painting = love <3
    4 bishies...even better xD This one is great Pulv, gonna feature it at CoK :D

  4. NenrikiKaen Apr 23, 2011

    Love the scan you picked!And great vectoring.My only complain is that you overdid it with the blur a bit :)) yes, I like it that it has that glowing effect and it's soft, but you should have kept some crisp elements.Not that I expect you to change it now :))
    Aaaniway, GREAT scaaan!

  5. FiiFO Apr 26, 2011

    I thought it was 2 bishies and 2 girls XD but a very nice bishie wall!

  6. Mibelle May 01, 2011

    Oh yay! A Goulart Knights wallpaper! I still keep meaning to watch this but keep putting it off..Im so bad about that..lol. Nicely done wall though. Love it!

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