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not a success!!! i have been trying dozens of times to upload the double-paged scans from this artbook >.< but as they are over 2mb i got this error message saying that i try to upload image with an extension that is not supported, well ya right. in order to upload this i had to resize it >.< sorry. as soon as it comes back to normal i will re-upload the "original" scan that is a promise, and for now bear with it...

poster scan from artbook: Arina Tanemura Collection
source: bt
scanned and edited by: [GCP]
i did not scan this

information about Arina Tanemura Collection artbook

Collection of beautiful illustrations by Arina Tanemura. Comes with a poster. Lots of unpublished illustrations.

70 colored pages. Measures 9.0" X 12.0".
Text in Japanese.

you can purchase it i.e. here:
Planet Anime
Anime Books
price around 30$

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  1. ShindouShuichi Oct 30, 2004

    This scan looks awesome... It doesn't have to be any bigger! I wonder if this is Arina Tanemura's new series? (Manga) Does that mean Full Moon Wo Sagashite is finished??! anyways. Very Clear, and Colorful, Good Job! :D

  2. walkure245 Oct 30, 2004

    Route L is the coolest band there is. They sing well and they are really cute too~ Perfect combo! ^_^=

  3. jasmine Retired Moderator Oct 30, 2004

    Quote by ShindouShuichiThis scan looks awesome... It doesn't have to be any bigger! I wonder if this is Arina Tanemura's new series? (Manga) Does that mean Full Moon Wo Sagashite is finished??! anyways. Very Clear, and Colorful, Good Job! :D

    yes Fullmoon is finished :[ but i cannot wait for her newest manga, so far the scanlators groups released three chapters... i am waiting for more :]

  4. naito Oct 31, 2004

    Oh man!! Oh man!! It's route L. I've been looking for this for a long long time. :D Favies away.

  5. Kasumi1988 Oct 31, 2004

    beautiful guys!!!!!!! XD
    Great scan!!!!! :D

  6. Aerith0530 Oct 31, 2004

    A new series?!!? I gotta check it out! XD Do you knwo which scanlation group is doing it?

    Anyways, this pic is very nice, I thought the long haired one was a girl when I first looked at it though........ XD

  7. Benzblackcat Banned Member Nov 07, 2004

    Wow !! very nice !! This picture is very awesome...keep on the good job !! I like Full Moon Wo Sagashite very much !!

  8. Natsuki-chan Dec 05, 2004

    This is such an beautifull picture O.O This is one of the best FFM pics, I have ever seen ^-^ keep on :D

  9. miyano Dec 15, 2004

    kyaa~~route L ^^ a nice combination of guys huh.hehz.they look cool =D.nice picture~^^ arina tanemura's works are great~~love her drawings =D

  10. Silent-Heart Dec 20, 2004

    wai i love this pic
    i have bought me the poster with this
    hm i must found a nice place for it
    do you think over my bed is ok? ^_^
    thanks for sharing ^^

  11. Zefie Dec 24, 2004

    so beautiful wall ^_^ it's so cute and those colour are so calm ! i like this very much :)

  12. syivese Dec 26, 2004

    This is so beautiful! Which artbook is it? Route:L Is totally hot.

  13. funnyfunfun Dec 27, 2004

    i love this pic a lot. this is the first time i see this pic. i love fullmoon very much.:-)

  14. Lizardy Dec 28, 2004

    nice wall from route l!!!!

  15. laly Jan 06, 2005

    just...perfect *-*
    oh, Izumi is soooooo sexy ;_; I love him \o/
    this is one of the best scan that i've seen!

  16. Skecchi Jan 13, 2005

    So cute~! Hm... I guess the one to gawk at is Aoi (x3) because Takuto looks so young here~ It's just... beautiful

  17. Awakened-Dream Jan 14, 2005

    <3 Route L... Great scan!!! Love it!!! Keiichi, Aoi, and Takuto are beautiful... *hugs*

  18. GunFinal Jan 15, 2005

    route : L have a father's mitsuki Takuto and Wakaochi
    I like Route : L
    I like takuto & Wakaochi but i like Itsumi too

  19. deaciel Jan 15, 2005

    Sooo awesome picture!
    I love it :) Well, I love Arina Tanemura's boys... XP

  20. Raine-Flowe Jan 18, 2005

    Oooh, it's so pretty! The colours are so nice and peaceful :)

    Awesome scan! ;)

  21. kai Feb 10, 2005

    A very lovely picture, very....comforting. They look really cool :) :D

  22. HontoniKawaii Feb 17, 2005

    Wow!!!!!! O.o - are these guys really are the infamous Route L from fmws?!!! - wow!!! all of themare sooo BISHOUNEN!!!
    What a beautiful scan!!! - Thanx for sharing ^_______^

  23. Kira-senpai Feb 19, 2005

    oh wow! this one is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! i love the pastel colours. and the drawing itself. Arina Tanemura style ;3

  24. hotychan Feb 22, 2005

    Route L! That's the group of Mitsuki's father isn't? So cool \o\ Arina Tanemura is the best!

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