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Ai Yazawa, Madhouse, NANA, Nana Osaki, Nana Komatsu Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka Madhouse Studio NANA Series Nana Osaki Character Nana Komatsu Character

2304x864 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

HL of February, March & April at My Maiden,. OLEE! xD Thanks guys.

Omg new wall! Hi guys =D
First I'd like to mention Trofi and Cy, thanks for giving me the nudge to wall. :D
This is ooooolllld, and also a Collab with Trofi, she did the outlines for me, I'm really not into making outlines, so I was happy about it. She helped me to pick a resolution for this too, since I'm not really good with that. Speaking of wich I didn't made other resolutions, I'll up some If I'm not busy or lazy, or forget.
I picked this scan with Ana in mind, but I decided I won't dedicate walls anymore since It won't be fair to my friends, I can't make walls for all of them anymore. So yeaaa.. but anyway I love the scan it's just so happy. Many thanks to Bouinbouin for uploading it. I really liked combining colors and such, I hope it came out okay.
I had like something totally different for the line that connects the cups( I hate how that is jagged ._. I have a blurred copy underneath and it's still jagged =O) but that went to waste since I couldn't make it. I can't believe I couldn't find the music sheets for La primavera D: I didn't try that hard but still D:
Also don't bitch about my signature, I'm keeping it visible nowdays.
Enjoy, and thanks for viewing.

Edit: oh crap, original is here :
Nana Mobile Book


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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2011

    OMG, this is too cute! XDDD

    Love the colors and the way you made them on the opposite sides. Lol, I'm the other way around - I make lines and then when I need to color stuff, I'm like =_=

    Lovely job! XD

  2. Yamibou-Eve Apr 12, 2011

    Omg beautiful pretty colors!
    I loooove the color scheme you used, and how u made it like a gradient - so pretteh! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! X3

    Ah I hate how PS makes thin lines look jagged too ;;_;; it's not a problem here in your wall thou, the outlines are perfect.

    So outlines, coloring, typography, everything perfect! I'm feeling such fuwa fuwa vibes from it *____*
    Now I just need to connect my monitors to set it as my wall, no biggy I'll just buy moar monitors.

    I'm too lazy to do outlines too, I like doing it, but get bored after 2 lines .___.

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2011

    Finally a pretty wall is submitted ;___;
    The gallery needs urgent quality stuff.

  4. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2011

    How cute! The colors are rich, the lines are clean, and the shading is good! I also really like the words you added on the line.

  5. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2011

    Quote by FranFinally a pretty wall is submitted ;___;
    The gallery needs urgent quality stuff.

    Seconded! Great job... love the cup phones... makes me think back to when I was a kid. XD

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2011

    So nice to see something from you, and yes; something awesome in the gallery as well.
    I love the fruity colors and absolutely adore the right side with the very happy girl. The painting reminds
    me of Alenas/Vitaa type coloring. Brings back some good memories :3

  7. srsn Apr 13, 2011

    This is cool. I mean, I like the colors. Its soft and warm.

    Finally another nice wall from you!

  8. Mayuuki Apr 13, 2011

    Buuu, Tina-chan was faster than me! -3-
    I just love that scan (and will wall it too), and I'm happy to see it walled for you! Just loved the colors and the way you colored it, good idea to make each cup in one color (I'm thinking in put them at the same, like the cups of the anime), and the gradient in the bg is something good to see. :3
    The typho is totally kawaii, and is a shame that the jagged lines don't desappeared totally... But neverless, how I wanted another monitor just to see it full! ;___;
    (I still don't know if I'll try to put it together or separately)

    Good job Tina-chan, keep it up! ? ~

  9. Sherillas Apr 13, 2011

    One of my least favorite manga/series and I loath both the characters BUT, good art is good art! Quality at it's best. Admirable work!

  10. ngakyuklim Apr 13, 2011

    it is really beauiful! the colours is astonishing! ^^

  11. rosu Apr 13, 2011

    Quote by SnickerdoodleNinjaHow cute! The colors are rich, the lines are clean, and the shading is good! I also really like the words you added on the line.

    I agree~! the colours are lovely... very cute and pretty :3

  12. trofikabinet Apr 13, 2011

    Woooo, you finished <3
    This is love, totally. As I said already the colors are awesome and your painting is great in this one. It looks so soft and vivid, it makes me wanna eat it *nomnom*
    Definitely a faw, it's been a long time since I saw a good wall on MT :)

  13. jns Apr 13, 2011

    Oh how love the original scan and how I miss Nana T_T
    Gosh Hachi is cute!
    Love the saturation and how vibrant it is.. Too bad I can't use it as a desktop

  14. sailorchiron Apr 15, 2011

    I <3 your shading!

    The colors look fabu-licious, and of course your vectoring is absolutely awesome. Great job...wait...you always do a great job. I need to say something better.


    How's that?

  15. M2Vz Apr 17, 2011

    I love this!
    You make this wall have the heartwarming feeling :3 a kind of wall I'd love to set as my desktop, so it's now my desktop <3 <3
    Gorgeous color with soft feelings at the same time ^___^


  16. chanelqueen17 Apr 17, 2011

    Aaah, such a simple yet elegant wall. So fun to watch, especially with those vibrant colours, simply perfect!

  17. rizacaga Apr 17, 2011

    yay!a new wall...im so in love with the color..u did great!;D

  18. ai-yame Apr 20, 2011

    Wow, just... WOW! Another great wallie from you~~ this is just so pretty. *drools* O.O;; You're so good with colors and such enhancements; it's very admirable. :)

    It gives off this happy and giddy feeling for anyone who sees this! This is very commendable, so just keep up the awesomeness in every artwork you make. ^_~

  19. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2011

    Haha, a description that keeps it real and tells it like it is! Major props for getting the chance to finish this beautiful collaborative piece you two did! I'm glad if I was even able to help out in a tiny amount. I never really got around to commenting on this, so I'm rectifying that mistake immediately.

    Well, obviously since Trofi did the outline, it looks gorgeous. But seriously speaking it's nice to find someone to work with you so they can take care of something else that you might find a bit more of a pain in the ass, and it allows you to great focus and tighten other concepts of the wallpaper. In this case, it's the vibrant color choices made and how they are accented. What a cleverly executed concept as well, as putting the two character side by side gives a greater representation that no matter the distance, feelings can still be exchanged. Which, in my eyes, is made even more vibrant by the previously mentioned choice of colors mixed in. Or maybe I'm reading too deeply, but I like that so I'm going to go with it.

    As for the background, and the additional work done, oh wow. Not going to lie, I generally hate text on a wallpaper. It's not so much that I hate the concept, but the majority of the time there's a beautiful background and the text in it takes you out of it, however in this case it is perfect and aids greatly to the overall feel of it. From the big, bold letters that overlap each other, to the cute way the text and symbols and musical notes were added on the phone line, it's a strong part of the wallpaper. Personally speaking, I just love how larger text stands out, yet takes a back seat to the characters. In my eyes, it shows you've got a great grasp for text (which was seen before in your Let's.PLAY wallpaper). I also like how you kept the phone line rather clean as well, when it could of been incredibly easily to clutter.

    So, what more can I endlessly ramble on about? I like the wallpaper and I've never even read/seen Nana before. Heck, this actually makes me rather interested in the series, so much so that I'm going to take some time tomorrow to learn more about it and such. Excellent work you two! and I say keep the signature as is, gotta protect your wallpapers how you can and it doesn't detract from it either, so why not! It seriously is incredible on how much you have progressed, Tina. Absolutely incredible.

  20. Yuuki-Shirou Jun 13, 2012

    awwwwwww amo nana! me encanta *w*

  21. Margalet Nov 19, 2015

    Very nice! Congrats on a great work on this wall! :)

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