Pita Ten Wallpaper: By Your Side, a l w a y s

Koge Donbo, Pita Ten, Misha (Pita Ten) Wallpaper
Koge Donbo Mangaka Pita Ten Series Misha (Pita Ten) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Nobody expected ANOTHER Pita Ten wall, right? XD Honestly, this is like my sixth(?) one and still more to come! At least, the characters from Koge Donbo [cause her art rocks!] XD Seriously, dont expect more then 2 more of Koge Donbo's art in a row, cause Im am now officially addicted to Negima~~~ <333

This wall remake and the previous wall look nothing alike. One is bright and in your face [i love that word XD] and this one is caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm and sooooooooooooooooothing :D

Anywhoo, scan from bikixnn (<3333) wall = me (who else? :) ) and yeah. Hope you all enjoy this 'improved' version~ :D

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  1. lensterknight Oct 28, 2004

    Simple and pretty, but a bit too bright on my face! XD

    The text could have a little more work, though. It seems somewhat off, imho. But good stuff, still~

  2. Kozumura Oct 28, 2004

    Very nice Pita Ten wall, though yes the text could do some work but it's all good. And the feathers aren't really visible it would look better if you added some inner glow to make them stand out more.

  3. Halconen Oct 28, 2004

    My crazy cat is licking the screen whenever this wall is displayed (no I am not making this up). Nice to see a kitty friendly wall :D

  4. destati Oct 28, 2004

    Interesting work. I think that there needs to be a little more contrast between the figure and the text and the background. Mainly it's just the background being a tad too bright, though. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a floating head...

  5. pinkdoremi Oct 29, 2004

    Whee~ Piyo finally made another wallie :D this is definitely one of ur best pita ten walls yet! ^-^ the colours are so pretty and the image just looks simply kawaii ^o^ Great job once again :)

  6. frozenwilderness Oct 29, 2004

    maybe destati needs glasses <__< From what I can see, this is a pretty sweet wall XD

  7. Spriggan Oct 29, 2004

    sweet..very sweet :D this is what I call an angelic wall ^_^' beautiful colors in the bg and the girl is adorable..great work^^ ....and humm personally , the text look very nice like that..just my opinion though :)

  8. darksaberx88 Oct 29, 2004

    very nice wallpaper
    its pretty simple but
    it is still cute

  9. xtigy Oct 29, 2004

    Very pretty wallpaper....simple yet great with teh colors for the background.

  10. Purplefire Oct 29, 2004

    Awh, I really really like this wall, she looks so angelic and cute. those are the perfect words to describe it. keep up the great work!

  11. exentric Oct 29, 2004

    waii waii!!
    misha-san kawaiII~~!! XD
    me like this wallie! me like this wallie!!
    good work ne~~ ^.^

  12. peachiemint Oct 29, 2004

    so berry berry purdieful indeed. da soft colors r very nice. great pita ten waillie. keep up the uber great work X)

  13. ShindouShuichi Oct 29, 2004

    OMG. This is really cute!!! Hahaha. I like how the background is light, and so it makes the picture holy. If that means anything to anyone. lol. Nice Job, :D

  14. halcyonTwilight Oct 29, 2004

    You're not the only one addicted to pita ten :3 But i really didn't expect another pita ten wall though XD Really nice work !! I love the soft and purply background...it rocks ^^ And as always, misha looks soooo cute XD

    Hmm....while we're on the subject, how bout starting a pita-ten group here at MT :D ? Anyways, love the wall ^_^

  15. Val3f0r Oct 29, 2004

    hehh piyo... at last you made another wall XD long time no see your submissions :/ but indeed this is kawaiii wall XD so pretty :d..... great work xd... love the colour... very soft ^^

  16. slivermoon Oct 29, 2004

    this is a nice wall
    the bg is soo pretty, love the colours in there
    really well done :) :)

  17. euna Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2004

    absolutely beautiful... so pretty~ :)
    i love it.... The bg fits in just perfectly.... and I like that angelic style...
    Very nice wallpaper. *fav*

  18. taste Restricted Member Oct 29, 2004

    Ho very kawaiii girl from pita ten !!! ^___^
    Exelent pink walll !! XD
    Fave for me !! :)

  19. jingjing1208 Oct 29, 2004

    Piyo!!!!!!!I love you!!So many thanks for the wall! XD I love this wall,so beautiful!!!When I see your wall it style just make me thought that you are a cute girl too!!!!yes,you must be a very kawaii girl!!Haha, ^_^' ,keep up your amazing work! :D

  20. semanga Oct 29, 2004

    Ohhh it looks so great: I like the soft colours which you have use for this wall and the girl is so beautyful, like the other girls.I love it and add to my fav :)

  21. ariessaintmu Oct 29, 2004

    its a very pretty wallpaper i like the colors. :D the bg is good :D

  22. Susan-chan Oct 29, 2004

    really really good work^^ i like the characters of Pita ten^^ i like it^^

  23. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 30, 2004

    negima rocks! >.< Sorry to say, but your Pita Ten walls cannot be matched...I bow down to your amazing skills of making angelic walls. Seriously Piyo-chan its so great to see an amazingly bright and angelic wall from you again. I'm so glad you've got the free time to make and submit a wall to share with us. I've missed your work but more of all I've missed chu! I love how you've given this wall a much different feel than your other angelic walls (I know it sounds insane....) but this wall is different......it feels alot more mellow and just soothing to see this wall. Its like it peers into my soul and calms me. I simply love that about this wall. Anyways I do hope to see possibly some of Negima on here if you ever decide to make a wall with it ^.~ Anyways this is a favorite. Just an amazing combination of grace and heavenly beauty to form this masterpiece.

  24. chunli61 Nov 01, 2004

    nice misha wall :P i love the pita ten manga art. the background looks good with her also.. nice work!

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