Fullmetal Alchemist: FMA PARTY!!

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Alex Louis Armstrong, Greed
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Alex Louis Armstrong Character Greed Character


Artist Comment

Did this pic for my friend's birthday!!
It's the whole gang!!
The lineart took forever - and so did the colouring. I like how ed turned out - although sadly izumi looks slightly deformed.
Ah well.
Colouring with photoshop and opencanvas. time taken : TOO LONG!! over 20 hours.

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  1. GaiJiN Oct 28, 2004

    OMG ! The picture speaks from itself : you put a lot of work in it, and everything is sooo nice ! That looks really professional to me, and still completely original. And since I like FMA, everything is right here XD ! Some characters look a bit younger, but that's fine with me.
    You're really an amazing artist, hey, if you feel like it, take a look at the Canvas group Cloudnine created, you're more than welcome ^^.

  2. hagaren17 Oct 29, 2004

    OMG! this must have really taken a long time o.O it's so good! so detailed too... good to see some of these ppl alive again *sobs* awesome job :D + fav :D

  3. Cloudnine Oct 30, 2004

    wow~ really amazing detail in the background and characters ^^ I love how you lined up all the characters into the image, no one is left out of the party and the whole scene is just beautifully done! I love it! ^^

  4. evasion Oct 31, 2004

    Simply awesome! Great job with all the charas and coloring! :D

  5. walkure245 Nov 01, 2004

    Amazing drawing~ It's obvious you put a lot of work into it. I wouldn't have the patience. You did a wonderful job~ ^_^

  6. Electrastar Nov 05, 2004

    Ohhhh nice, the gang is all there....very very orginal....and I must congratulate you for the time you took to make it....I do hope your friend enjoyed it....because I know I do.

  7. nesisz Nov 07, 2004

    That is one of the best pics i have seen i wish i could put it on my wall in my room.

    Great scan!!!!

  8. allgod Nov 14, 2004

    thanks for your share
    it is prety nice photo
    do you even see the anime?its' songs is good^^

  9. Drakonshie Dec 02, 2004

    such a cute picture! i am amazed at your talent at drawing this. it's amazing how you've managed to fit this amount of characters. the details and coloring is good, and i like how you depict each of the character's personality.

  10. Maera Dec 06, 2004

    This is just...too cute! :nya: XD Awesome detail! I love Al, standing back there holding the box and all those cats everywhere XD +fav

  11. soc Dec 09, 2004

    powers can bring a lot of queer things, surely...

  12. Shkira Dec 13, 2004

    Scar... holding flowers? O_o That is one big cake, lol! Beautiful picture, love the coloring. Great job!

  13. glamdring Dec 14, 2004

    wow very good idea for a FMA's fan friend
    you did a good thing but ..... i haven' t friends who love FMA !!!! bouhouuhouu
    but still thanks you very much for this wonderful wallpaper !!!!

  14. VB1111 Dec 24, 2004

    Wow! its really good. I wish i could draw that good. I draw millions of pics of FMA but I'm too afraid to put them on here because I'm scared everyone will hate them, they are not as near as good as yours, and i think i would go crazy tring to put so much work in to one picture, i can see you were really dedicated to drawing this picture. Well done!! :)

  15. kissifur Dec 25, 2004

    Nice wall!!! XD

  16. LadyNorthstar Dec 29, 2004

    My sweet Roy is so pretty! XD But I don't like RoyXRiza!
    I'm a HughesXRoy fan! ^ ^

  17. isky81 Jan 18, 2005

    thanks for your share
    it is prety nice photo

  18. bukimi Feb 16, 2005

    so cute!! i like how you have all the sins in the window too!

    i want to eat that cake! XD

  19. bukimi Feb 17, 2005

    awww even scar is in there. <3 lovely picture and art.

  20. Moonbeam Feb 23, 2005

    ---------------------------------wow It is great!!-------------------------------------------

    ;) I am very impressed by your wonderful artwork!
    :) It is always nice and very interesting to see other people's drawing sytles.
    :D As a fellow artist, my hat to you!
    :nya: I also enjoy how you were able to incorporate so many characters into the scene.
    ^_^' I always love it when Roy tries to set things on fire with his glove.
    XP The cats are so cute and the one that it pawing at Scar.
    XD Hughes is my favorite FMA character! He is such a good person/dad! T_T sniff sniff
    :pacman: Thanks so much for creating, sharing, and submitting your artwork!!!
    :pacman: I hope to see more of your art pieces around MT!

  21. thamara Mute Member Mar 06, 2005

    realy nice party
    i wish than i can be with them
    I hpoe I can take this scan in larg

  22. TNO May 13, 2005

    wow...even though it may have taken 20 hours still the time to put into it and teh effort definitly shows. Very nicely done. *sigzh* if only I ahd the patience to do something for over twenty hours besides video games.....

  23. Bleachluv Jun 09, 2005

    omg! *giggles* so cute! excellent details, omfg... I can't get over how good this is ^^

  24. EnvyMe888 Jul 26, 2005

    This is such a fun pic! Edo's Birthday parties must be getting very interesting by now. I like the fact the Roy has his arm around Riza, and how Wrath is clinging to Izumi-Sensei.

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