Shuffle! Wallpaper: .:Enchanted Forest:.

Hiro Suzuhira, Shuffle!, Nerine Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Shuffle! Series,Visual Novel Nerine Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Its been so long since i made a wall.. ;_;

[edit] joke erased...people didnt read the rest about it being a joke so.. X_x

[new comment] My new lcd monitor makes anything thats bright/white = blinding XD so i wanted to make a night wall :3 Went nature on this baby XD

Photoshop cs/ 3days This wall is also entering the Dual Anime Contest.

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  1. Jinzhou Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2004

    omfg, omfg, first comment. This completely sucks Osi. Wtf were you thinking when you did this!?

    Ahem... you suck, why do you have to make such cool walls? u_u Lovin' the comets... grrr... And the bat. =O whoa man, the BAT MAN TEH BAT!!!! @_@

  2. Tama-Neko Oct 28, 2004

    Geez Osi, took you long enough! :P Anyways, I already commented in IRC but I'll say it again, I like how the color saturation levels of the character match the background (my "the colors match!" comment) because it makes the whole image fit together. If I hadn't know you had walled it, I would have assumed this to be the original background. Everything flows together very well.

  3. DarkSith Oct 28, 2004

    Sugoi !!! Good combinaison character/background. I like this wallpaper very much :)

    Nice work Osiris

  4. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2004

    osi evil XD
    but makes great walls :3
    but..wait... is that a fat bat I see next to the girl? bwahahaa

  5. Devilet Oct 28, 2004

    omg, that is so beautiful!
    I love the detailing in the background, so many things there, only thing that's weird is where the text is, that little thing above it looks to be chopped off a bit at some places? guess that was on purpose, but it's still worth a fav, night time scenes are so pretty. Good work Osiris.

  6. candyloop Oct 28, 2004

    Looks very nice :) . The text was probably unessesary as it is now, but everything else looks pretty.

  7. KorganoS Oct 28, 2004

    Quote by N00bie Osinoobtalk] Hi everyone, its my first wall on an lcd. I spent 3 hours...zomg zomg..so long 3 hours! thats like an eternity x_x. During the making of this i discovered a kewl brush that i dont think anyone knows about...its called a grass brush..hai hai shhhh dont tell no one. Extraction took forever but i think i did an ok job, eraser roxorz! [/noobtalk]

    Great... if Osi is a n00b then I sppose I would be a newborn baby then XD

    *whacks Osi* (((((((o^^)o

    Aaahh... awesome work you did there, Osi...!! :D
    The lighting and all the elements are excellent
    and, as usual : (cutie + moon + stars + comets + Osi) = +favie!!!

  8. Nuriko Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2004

    Osi likes them young!


    Great wall, but the bats needs to eat less. :nya:

  9. UndyingShadow Oct 28, 2004

    beautifil wall osi, the bg looks gorgeous. The grass looks awesome. Great use of the image

  10. defrax- Oct 28, 2004

    yea...so noob...*cough*

    Great wall... this one has a great atmosphere and the character just seems to pop out...so classy :D

    oh yea...and those bats...awesome! haha Gotta love the smoggy forest too :)

    great job! cheers

  11. DarkParagon Oct 28, 2004

    I like how all the detail is muted in the dark colours, the reflection of light against her face by the moon fits just right. Also with keeping the background all varying shades of the same colour it really helps focus the attention on the character. +Fav.

  12. Miroku4444 Oct 28, 2004

    Wow, osi, just breath taking. The bg is nothing short of spetacular. The moon, star, clouds and shoooting stars are all just incrediable. Its been a while, but you havent lost your touch, great job. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  13. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2004

    it has a very serene feel to it...nooo, must i download hoesiris's gay wall and fav it? ahh...can't help it

    woops, did i say that out loud? ::runs away:: XD

    jk, its a very nice wall! couldn't tell whe you shoewd me that 25% sized preview >_>;;

  14. Aurore Oct 28, 2004

    Subarashi!!!! There's so much details!!!!! The background is really amazing! I think it's one of the best I've seen in my entire life XD Great job as always!! + fav

  15. penpen Oct 28, 2004

    Merci pour ce super wallpapers !!!!
    Je me demande comment vous faites pour faire d'aussi joli wall.

  16. xpilot2006 Oct 28, 2004

    aww!! I LIKE it!!! I like elf people they're cool and i also like the other walls you did.. :D

  17. dMp Oct 28, 2004

    the bg and moon suits the char very well. i can see y ppl like the mods would hate u...lol.

  18. chibikko Oct 28, 2004

    hello nooby-chan, welcome to mt nyah nyah ah such nice grass, doesn't look like the ps one. i guess i can't see these moon wallpapers anymore. but you've added very nice details in the background, i like the trees. well the girl is pretty, cuz she has a kimono yay, and she really fits in there, cuz of the light around her. nice effect. beautiful wp osiris

  19. Bloodlust Oct 28, 2004

    Thats a really beautiful wall, its really lovely, Great job and keep posting !

  20. afan Oct 28, 2004

    nooooooo!!! Osiris became master master expert
    waller after this! bg is kinda simple *ahem ahem* but
    that's how I like it. Very nice +fav :)

  21. frozenwilderness Oct 28, 2004

    Yayyy you uploaded it XD It's so pretty.. love the water and the sky in the background. Amazing crap as usual :P

  22. Elie Banned Member Oct 28, 2004

    Silence .......... woooow O_o ......... to impress .......... too beautiful XD XD XD XD this wall made a success of really well Osiris :)

  23. Sandy Oct 28, 2004

    I hope you drew the background yourself so I can count you as being part of the real artists in MT! XD Really nice shading and game of lights althought it's a bit pale and lacks of contrast/luminosity. The tree in the background has some branches that just seem to "stop there" too. It's weird. @_@ Other than that it's nice to me. :3

  24. lensterknight Oct 28, 2004

    Omfg Osiris! XD

    *thinks of something to fill up the minimum text limit*



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