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Kazushi Hagiwara, Anime International Company, Bastard!!, Tia Noto Yoko Wallpaper
Kazushi Hagiwara Mangaka Anime International Company Studio Bastard!! Series,OVA Tia Noto Yoko Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I made this wallpaper a while ago, I was so happy they finally released bastard!! vol. 23 , I had to make a wall out of this pic from bastard 23. Its Yoko after she reincarnates herself into some kind of cleric-demon..sounds weird i know, but she was a cleric when she was human.

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  1. phaerax Oct 28, 2004

    yoko a demon? an interesting twist. i had only watched the 6 ovas... maybe i should get the manga too...

    uhm... about the wall? well its simle but that is NOT a bad thing. i think it fits perfectly the style of the scan and at least the anime. dont know about the manga, i havent read it. and yoko is so cute... even in her huge breast-watermelons and leather straps and everything.

    keep up!

  2. Danael Oct 28, 2004

    Interesting wall, don't know the anime but sure looks interest... I'm convinced... gotta haver that one now! to fav

  3. kevlord Nov 03, 2004

    sexy demon, sexy demon, sexy demon. she is so sexy i would be her slave forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Natsu Nov 05, 2004

    beautiful!!!!!!!! XD XD

  5. matto Dec 03, 2004

    Nice succubus , it's porno dianno , one of the most powerful demons in bastard :D

  6. HolyReaper Dec 28, 2004

    very nice one

  7. DarkCrimson Jan 04, 2005

    BeautifulLooks really awesome.I like Succubuses. :nya: Demon Ladys are the best nya nya.See you

  8. Elden Jan 11, 2005

    ooohh...she's so sexy, I've seen this pic before but that was only her torso and up, so I'm wondering is there a version of this picture with her whole body?
    Or do I have to setle with this one? I'm not saying this one is bad, I'm just wondering.

  9. akuma2002 Jan 14, 2005

    It's not Porno Diano, it's Lilith. (In fact, it's Yohko, but she lost her memory, so Belzebuth calls her Lilith.)

    And nice wallpaper indeed :)

  10. PanzerMarduk Jan 21, 2005

    That a very nice pic !! she is very beautyfull i'm waiting for # 24 now !!

  11. land Banned Member Feb 11, 2005

    good one....looks good.....nice wallpaper.
    Its great. I like the forground picture of the book effect, it really frames the wall nicely.
    Very nice. I love it......THANKS!!

  12. ryo88 Jul 02, 2005

    man it must be nice to live outside the u.s. in this situation we don't even have bastard that high(on volume 7).
    anyway you guys need to check out my thread (whose you favorite bastard character) if you get the time.thanks ^_^'

  13. cenocres Aug 11, 2005

    lilith like we have never seen!!! she's so cute, but what does D.S.!!!!!
    thank you, it's not often that we can see a picture of tya!

  14. juansensei Dec 31, 2005

    She has two big boobs that makes me wonder so many things.....

    Nice wall.


  15. Polpot Jan 03, 2006

    Lilith/Yoko ! She's so kawaiii !

  16. Garfild666 Apr 16, 2007

    muito massa a img
    so cute

  17. Lohitaksh Nov 21, 2008

    nice one liked it

  18. greenemerald Mar 09, 2011


  19. fullmetalddragon Aug 06, 2011

    definitely going to be a favorite.

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