Girls Bravo Wallpaper: New_Beginning

Mario Kaneda, Girls Bravo, Miharu Sena Kanaka Wallpaper
Mario Kaneda Mangaka Girls Bravo Series Miharu Sena Kanaka Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

another wall by me.
this is my first most layered wall i make
the scan i got in here.
mylovely MT
thx to scotholemu for the scans
the ori scan in here :: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/52158/ ::
sorry because i retouch it a bit.
the BG done in PSP and PS7[back to the old guy..^_^']
hope u all like it,
like always.
give comments on it, to help me improve myself....^_^
big res=big detail

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  1. Gamefish Oct 27, 2004

    is that a waterfall? where does it come from? *looks a little closer*...... ah.. there... sorry, it isn't exactly clear to see... nice background though :D.. + fav ^^

  2. diyo Oct 27, 2004

    It's a pretty nice one jackalx66. I like it a lot.
    The bg fits very well with this cute girl^^
    A really nice environment. **want to be there**
    It's just the effect on the text that i don't like as much as the rest of the wall.
    Still a great job^^ Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Clover Oct 27, 2004

    the figure is cute, but I'm someone who think that a to real bg will not git a manga figure at all.
    the idea is not bad, the small version looks good, in the big version i can see things that do not looks good.
    the tree on the right and left side only one example.
    it looks like they are in front of her and then they are behind her *aww i do not know how to say it clear*

  4. GaiJiN Oct 27, 2004

    oO Those Realistic backgrounds you do... I love how you play wih the blurs to get perspective, and even if it still isn't perfect, the character blends in the BG better and better... A fav for me, and an incoming highlighted submissions I think XD . Ah yeah, I just don't like the font and effects on it.

  5. semanga Oct 27, 2004

    Oh i love it. This is a very good jop from jackalx66: I give you a 9.8 for this wonderful work and add to my fav :)

  6. shannara Oct 27, 2004

    a lovely picture :-)
    the BG is good but it can be better if it were'nt so real.
    yep, if it were a picture or something and not a photo-like BG it could have a dramatic improvement. :)

  7. jingjing1208 Oct 27, 2004

    This one is so nice!!!Very beautiful girl and the nice bg!!!!!!10/10^^

  8. exentric Oct 27, 2004

    I wanna agree with gamefish
    where did da water comes from o_O"
    everything looks nice
    except for me, I just dont really favor anime char with a really relistic bg scenery
    it just doesnt fot. ^.^"

  9. Athrun Oct 27, 2004

    :O Miharu! X3

    The wallpaper looks nice but the waterfall kinda looks weird o-O;; but good job anyway ^_^

  10. Miyu-DX Oct 27, 2004

    nice work, i would really love the backgorund, but the waterfall seems a bit out of place tho^^, but, still a nice wallpaper jack^^

  11. penpen Oct 27, 2004

    Youhou joli chute d'eau !!!!
    J'adore le paysage avec le personage aussi !!!!
    Beau wallpapers

  12. Kane Oct 27, 2004

    The trees in the foreground look good sltough I think that the ones in the background should be a little sharper. I like the contrast between the character and the background. It's a nice try for one of your first ones.

  13. roshinku Oct 27, 2004

    hey there, that some pretty good wall you got there lol XD! Really like how you used diffrent pictures overlapping eachother ^^ like said before, so you get a nice perspective. And so yeah it's a good wall lol, keep up the good work. I don't have any more comment for this wall XD it's just great! *favs it*

  14. boogybro Oct 27, 2004

    Nice image, nice background, it's a wallpaper I would use anytime, welldone.

  15. snx Oct 27, 2004

    I like the waterfall [from the clouds?], also scan is good. As always well done BG. [fav'ing]

  16. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2004

    great scenery jackal :)
    for critique; the background is a bit too realistic for the girl; i suggest the usage of noise>median or blur>smart blur to try and replicate the anime feeling (or airbrushing). it'd also be good if you added a sun source with its rays shining on the main character, becaues the wallpaper feels like its about to rain.

    anyways, good job ;)

  17. Paolo Oct 27, 2004

    not bad jack. not bad at all. :)

  18. gundex Oct 27, 2004

    yay nice one... another good wallie from jackalx66 wow u r pretty fast in make wallies, man... (or maybe i'm pretty slow... ^_^)... great job... ^_^

  19. KorganoS Oct 27, 2004

    The first thing that I noticed is the waterfall.... lol... it just came out of nowhere (oo.. mystical waterfall?? o_0 )
    but all the other stuff is great... excellent work indeed (ah, except for the scan, which is a tad grainy... )
    this one goes to my fav... :D

  20. tAtEkAnE Oct 27, 2004

    scenery is cool...but a bit too real for the girl try doing what sammo said, and the tree at the left side? seems big for its position in the wall ^_^' the character fits the BG image :D just needs some tweaking and it'll be fab XD

    still, nice job jackallx66

  21. hikarujm Oct 27, 2004

    You make and excelent job at the extraction and retouch of the original scan, you can't even notice that there was a folding mark in the original scan :D
    i also think the bg is beatiful but I'm not sure if it fits her... but I can't really suggest anything besides experiments with different bg to see which one fits her better.
    One last thing, and I know this isn't your fault at all, the fonts in the word "beginning" seens like cut because of the gap between the "g" and the other letters.
    Anyway, you really make a great job, hope you get another version to see how it turns out :)

  22. DernierCri Oct 27, 2004

    totaly agree with sammo... the bg is much like a photo, apply filters or layers to make it look animated.
    i'm not sure about the bevel and emboss on the text. great choice with the title - it has that spring, fresh feeling to it. wcc rules, but we are tough, don't you think *likes it*

  23. UndyingShadow Oct 27, 2004

    great job with the bg scenery, it looks really good! My only critique is that the Miharu scan is a bit grainy, and the strong red contrasts a bit too much with the green and blue bg. Other than that though, you did a great job!

  24. taste Restricted Member Oct 27, 2004

    Hoooo very goood walll i love the Bg and the girl from Girl Bravo !!! XD
    Fave for me !!! XD

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