Koucha Wallpaper: A Girl in Avalon

Koucha, Fate/stay night, Saber, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Koucha Mangaka Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character Doujinshi Source

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I wanted to do a wall for Ilya since I was in a loli mood (a bit...) but then I found this Saber pic that's cuter than Ilya, so here I am, fondling with Saber again.

Saber extracted from a scan drawn by Ko-cha (http://www.din.or.jp/~ko-cha/) which I'll upload too.

Seems like I never get away from gold/yellow/whatever color when it comes to Saber...
Welcome criticisms as usual~

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  1. exentric Oct 27, 2004

    this ish nice~~
    she ish shooo kawaii~!!!
    good work~ ^.^

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2004

    omfg! >.< You are amazing! Your name is elite too =P. Anyways FSN rocks! Just a gorgeous background....I've never seen something so full of life and colors before in my experience of reviewing/walling. You are seriously VERY professional with your work and you let it show. First off the water is gorgeous, you've got sort of a swirl type effect with water and its beautiful. I really love the colors you've used for that, but not to mention the colors you've used for the bg. Just simply perfect......its like feathers in the background I LOVE IT! I cannot believe that you made this, its just like a dream, literally its like a golden dream, the perfect dream that we all have dreamed about before....and we never want to wake up from its just like that. Whenever I look at this picture I feel like that. I LOVE IT! I LOVE THIS wall! This is just simply amazing what you've done combining the effects here, as well as the high detail and great coloring you've done here, Favorite of the day, hands down, no questions asked. I LOVE THIS WALL >.< Its already on my desktop.

  3. TakamuraReiji Oct 27, 2004

    Wah! Cutie girl! The background's nice. The girl is standing on water, but I can't see her leg. :o

  4. XesT Oct 27, 2004

    O_O speachless.... you are really good! the colors are wonderful and the effects just great (like the water ripple)^^ just this strange gold effect on the right side.... its a bit strange... but it plays no matter :) just love this wall

  5. Lachette Oct 27, 2004

    Me like lo...*cough* good work i like the gold/blue scheme.. it fits well. too bad it wasent bigger.

  6. UndyingShadow Oct 27, 2004

    wow amazing wall! the water looks beautiful, and the bg is nicely done! great job!

  7. jackalx66 Oct 27, 2004

    nice indeed...
    like it so much...
    the BG just great
    try to make with the nature scenery.ok
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  8. Septillion Oct 27, 2004

    O.O ooooooh nice!!!!!! don't really like the blue line that goes across the wallpaper and da yellow dotty things but the background is really nice!! ^^ good work

  9. itsDchlorine Oct 27, 2004

    hey this wall is great, with grea blends of color and teh ripples in the water^^ the only thing u need to work on is rite where u reflected teh scan u can see a slight line that splits the relection and the real scan try bluriing it or move the reflection closer to the scan, but other than that great work!!

  10. juanicths Oct 27, 2004

    *sweet* saber looks so cute in dis pic!! like the gold-ish color...just goes so well ^-^

  11. anael Oct 27, 2004

    woooowwww !!!!! Awesome *.* beautiful !!!!!! excellent job !!!! la superposition des couleurs est reellement et parfaitement bien utilis

  12. semanga Oct 27, 2004

    wow looks great. I love the bg effects looks very good :) Add to my fav :D

  13. DarkParagon Oct 27, 2004

    I like the artistic feel to this, but I'm not so sure about the blending between water and background... it takes away any three dimensional feel the wall might have had. I like how you try to make the reflection. :) Maybe try a distort > wave at low levels and see if that helps improve it any. The colours are definitely the best part of the wall... the gold and blue, with the falling leaves into the water is very nice :)

  14. Oncl Oct 27, 2004

    ahh! esta prewciosa esyta imagen, los colores, imporesiones, ,la cara no hay mas que podamos decir, me enconta

  15. Elie Banned Member Oct 27, 2004

    Woooow ton wall m'errite d'etre mi 100 fois dans les fav de chacun, je le trouve manifique vraiment comme dit Anael la superposition des couleurs est reellement et parfaitement bien utilisé les lumieres sont bien mises un choix des couleurs qui flashent.

  16. Val3f0r Oct 27, 2004

    wowwwww... gorgeus background and golddish-blueish colour XD that is amazin effects.... looks great... but the thing is the water and reflection XD like other people said could be improved on that part, nonetheless its a great wall XD great work ^^

  17. Ray075-1-74 Oct 28, 2004

    Big thanks for all the advices - gathering them up, I tried to revise the original pic.
    So Darkparagon's advice about depth - I added some background scenery, got rid of the fog, so ~maybe~ there's a bit of depth now. Several of you mentioned the water reflection ... hmmm hope it turned out better now... at least i'm happy with it :)

    now is it too vivid or is it just me?

  18. DarkParagon Oct 28, 2004

    I personally like it better now... the mountains in the background give the picture a good sense between sky and earth/water... the swirls in the water are great and the reflection is somewhat better yes... I still might fade it some though... like between 40-50% :)

  19. Skillzpay Oct 28, 2004

    Wow there's some bright colors to this lol. Despite that this wall looks quite pwoerful with all its colors and the falling leaves. Nice job :)

  20. ungooma Oct 28, 2004

    Wow, I can't find word, but it's really beautiful, very bright [for me- doesn't matter] but beautiful ^_^

  21. Led Dec 15, 2004

    yeeesssss the wallpaper looks very wonderfull :)
    The background is really great, i like it which you have used the colors. The effects are good, too. And of course the girl is veryyyyy gracefull and sweet XD
    But one thing that i have see. Her feets a little bit strange..i think to soft (or is it dust around them?)
    But that will be not to bad... i like this walli and it will be a favourite of me :)

  22. Daydream118 Dec 25, 2004

    Awww...Chibi Saber is soooo kawaii! This is a cute wall and the chibi Saber says it all!

  23. YinYangV1 Dec 28, 2004


    i love this wally. ^_^

  24. phoenican Dec 28, 2004

    hmmmm. background beautiful, i like it, ^.^

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