Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Dawn of the Fallen

Takahiro Kimura, Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'd never usually wall Code Geass and I know this scan has been used many times already but I really liked it so I decided to make my own version.

I rotated Lelouch to fit the background I had in mind which was made from scratch. The original version featured hills in the background but I deleted that and replaced it with the ocean. Vectored the lines and then painted the rest. The pillars and rocks didn't initially have moss on them but I thought it'd be a nice touch since forgotten ruins usually have at least some of it on them. I also had to change some things from the scan - I lowered his raised arm so it wouldn't stick out at an unusual angle (since in the original, Lelouch was lying on the ground so it did make sense) and tinkered with some other details like the chains on his arms and earring.

Added some birds in the back and scattered the feathers a bit more around him so they wouldn't look so clustered. And that was basically it. Sounds like a piece of cake but it took me more than week to make this.

This will also be my last wall (at least for a while because I plan to finish collabs) due to my lack of inspiration for walling and my University duties. I'm aware of the flaws but I can't really go back and fix them because I don't have the time. Or will. -__-

Thanks to Kitten, Nysha, trofi and everyone else I showed this to for their feedback and love.

Almost all brushes I used here belong to adonihs on dA. Original scan HERE. Dedicated to Trofichi because she's been awesome all this time and deserves a dedication. <3

Thanks for viewing and of course, feedback is welcome!


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Browse Lelouch of the Rebellion Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Fran Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2011

    Lol he looks like a porcelain doll. Which isn't a bad thing, I'm always amazed by your soft painting.
    The color scheme reminds me of your Uragiri wa Boku wallpaper.

    You mention you are aware of the flaws but I can't really point anything, I'm really enjoying this wall :3

    Don't stress to much with Uni, Alien-ale

  2. zaira Mar 01, 2011

    Ah~ Code Geass wall kinda misses CG walls and i'm happy you made one
    with cool Lulu vector+paint. The whole background is just perfect! i love
    the soft colors of your sky and the sea you really did an awesome job
    painting all of this and i really love they way you paint/vector Lulu. Overall
    i love it! gg +fav ^^,

  3. ShroomX Mar 01, 2011

    awsome work
    You always amaze me with your walls!simply perfect :)
    Flaws?omg....What flaws?cant see any O.o

  4. minayuri Mar 01, 2011

    Lelouch looks so hot, yet so pretty in your wallpaper. Great work, I love it!

  5. chubbykitty Mar 02, 2011

    He looks like such a drama queen here LOL You know how girls faint and have their hand on their heads! Like the birds flew off into the sunset and it's just such a beautiful sight that he is about to faint or something XD (i never watched this series, maybe the scene makes more sense in the story)

    haha everything seems really dramatic (could either be good or bad..) Despite the char being so silly to me, I do like what you did with the scan. The background is lovely as always. ^^

  6. Lunariha Mar 02, 2011

    Simply breath-taking! ;) Love it! *thumbs up*

  7. saya0715 Mar 02, 2011

    awesome... He looks SO CUTE, congratulations it's a great scan thank you so much for sharing ^_^

  8. Nysha Mar 02, 2011

    My fuller comment is on ap, but I really like your colors here - the green was a nice choice as it gives the spectrum a more complete look (there's red, yellow, green, blue, purple - a nice bit of everything that looks good together) :D

  9. flyindreams Mar 02, 2011

    Whyyyyy do you always make such delectable bishie walls? Dramatic hotness! Awesome job as always :D

  10. Bernouli Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2011

    The background elements and that stone are all just pure love. o 3o

  11. Yamibou-Eve Mar 02, 2011

    Yeah, it's nice...

    Jeezus! *faints*

    Words such as perfection come to mind but the rest it blank.
    +hangs on wall

  12. srsn Mar 02, 2011

    I thought it was Kamui xD

    love the colors you used in here... <3 and your soft painting is really awesome!

  13. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2011

    I'm so happy you finished it, you already know how much I love this <3

  14. Zettodono Mar 02, 2011

    Holy.. ! That was amazing. Work you've done here. Background is .. I don't know how it I can say via English.

  15. afflatus Mar 02, 2011

    wow! awesome work!
    It's beautiful!

  16. trofikabinet Mar 02, 2011

    Commented on AP but I'm just gonna repeat myself;

    I absolutely love it *whistles, steals and runs away*

  17. aIshiRoi Mar 02, 2011

    waaaa! too smexy! DX
    i thought it was kamui as well. xD but i surely love it!
    just like another version of your Sleepless [Daybreak] wall. but its still great!
    love almost everything you made! + :D

  18. Zero1991 Mar 02, 2011

    Lelouch is so cool! i like this pic!

  19. Anya007 Mar 02, 2011

    Outstanding colors, thats that i'll say *again desktopped*
    you know, I damn rare change walls on my desktop. Last ( not yours) wall had been there for almost half a year. So you can see how much I love your walls... :3
    Lookin' forward to your next works! : D

  20. Jason9811 Mar 02, 2011

    Awesome to say the least, I have no criticisms and it's so nice seeing your works as usual Alenas :3 +fav!

  21. lenaelric Mar 02, 2011

    Beautiful! *------* OMG~ Congrats!

  22. epsilon86 Mar 03, 2011

    He look great! I love the way you handle this scan and create the background and his posture so that everything fit and look beautiful!

  23. angel26278 Mar 03, 2011

    AMAZING! You made an excellent work, congratulation! now go to my favorites

  24. sailorchiron Mar 04, 2011

    I thought it was Kamui at first, too, since Lulu isn't looking as angular as usual - a huge improvement over a lot of the Code Geass scans. They're just so pointy! Anyway, your vectoring and painting are AMAZING. Great work on that ocean and sky, it's really, really nice, and I agree that moss is a nice touch. I don't know where there are flaws, it looks pretty much perfect to me. Great job! I'm sad that you won't be walling much in the future, but as a grad student I feel your pain.

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