Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wallpaper: rudeboy

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Hayato Gokudera Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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I can't believe I'm submitting a wallpaper hahaha, but well I have never been a prolific waller either way.

Like every year now, I always try to wall when I'm out on vacations with my family, since I have no internet there, the only thing I can do is wall, it's amazing what you can do when you're not procrastinating!
Last year I started this and the year before I did this one.

KHR is one of my fave mangas and I feel horrible I never paid tribute to its awesome story and badass characters, I mean, seriously, Hayato was my last anime bishie. Then I got caught in kpop.
I used this scan, and GOSH, TRY WALLING USING A I LAPTOP THAT HAS A 1024x600 RESOLUTION. My laptop died last year so I stole my mom's HP mini laptop. The screen is absurdely small, like you open photoshop and the menu and tools use half of the screen. Aside the pains of getting this done, and not to mention the small scan, I'm uber glad with the results.

Patterns, brushes and textures from crazykira@DA

Ahh Hayato, you're my rude boy <3


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Browse Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2011

    Ye colors are aweesomely funky <3
    They're bright and happy, and although his head is sooo close we can
    smell it...I think it's a nice focus point XD Loveuly to see something from you :D

  2. sailorchiron Feb 27, 2011

    Nicely done! I can't imagine trying to wall on a screen that small...I love the funkiness of the colors and the text you used...and I'm sure we'll see more Kunie in the future LOL

  3. OniiBabba Feb 27, 2011

    Gokudera ~
    It's really nice, thanks for sharing^^

  4. DokiDokiChan Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2011

    Kyyaaaaa it's so beautimus, Fran. x3 Love da colors and da design~

  5. Valuna Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2011

    Funky Rude Boy \o/
    Good wall from Fran and with a unique way of using colours!

  6. flyindreams Feb 28, 2011

    Hawt. Love the colors! The pains of walling on tiny res screens are great, but you did a nice job going over every inch of this wall so that this will still look hawt on a big screen... whenever you upgrade to a better lappie or desktop >xD

  7. srsn Feb 28, 2011

    The colors are funky! YEAH!
    Gokudera <3 I'm glad you walled again!

  8. ice214 Feb 28, 2011

    hayato's like being apologetic for being a rude boy. but damn, that makes him sexier. :3

    love the concept, good job even though you did it on a 1024 x 600 screen :))


  9. rosu Feb 28, 2011

    Love it ~ ^^ lovely colours!

  10. aqiaqua Feb 28, 2011

    Nice and loud, just the way I like it :D

    I think Dera takes up just a little bit too much space and it could be more balanced with more of just the background, but I love the funky colours and crazy patterning! ?

  11. Tina18 Feb 28, 2011

    The sex.
    nuff said.

    *runs off*

  12. DarthTofu Feb 28, 2011

    RUDE! hehe. :)
    Love the colors, not sure if I like the shading, though. haha, if no one procrastinated we'd probably have the moon colonized by now. x)

  13. icchinyuXicchinyaw Mar 01, 2011

    ;RUDE BOY; LOL XD + fave

    I love the colors <33
    You make very good combine background pattern with the colors! Good Job!

  14. Kurorisa Mar 01, 2011

    gokudera yay!
    nothing much to say except the love for the patterns
    lovely job :]

  15. ha-ru Mar 02, 2011

    Oh..Gokudera Q_Q i love this so much,thanks ;_;

  16. queerisblue Mar 02, 2011

    So lovely! Hayato, you're rude indeed. ?

  17. summerflowers Mar 03, 2011

    hayato is so hooooooooooooooooot! XDD

  18. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Mar 03, 2011

    This wall = awesome! I really like his eyes and the overall funness created by all the parts of the wall put together. And I'm really impressed that you did this on such a tiny computer. O.O

  19. ForgottenFilly Mar 04, 2011

    So much looooove~ c: Great wall!

  20. pamkips Mar 04, 2011


    Any who, the colors are really nice & I just love the pop-ish feel the wall has going. My favorite thing tho, is thawesomee text, it's. Hhhnnngg, it's neat.

  21. HoshinoSora12 Mar 05, 2011

    Nice colouring thanks for sharing!

  22. Saumi Mar 17, 2011

    >w< Gokudera so cute

  23. xzxxzb Mar 19, 2011

    thanks for sharing ^^

    thanks for sharing ^^

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