Bleach Wallpaper: Ghostly Shapes

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is a bunch of firsts for me. It's my first time trying to do this glitter effect using the pen tool and paths. It's my first time having the courage to manipulate the great tutorial on Ningen and come up with this. It's my first Bleach wallpaper. And it's my first time trying to do ghosts. XD

Anyway, this wallpaper is for the contest at Dual Anime. I figured I'd do a Bleach one since I've been watching it lately and I liked this picture. You will notice that I took the slacker way out in comparison to some people on here and flipped him rather then re-CG his clothes. XD Yeah I'm lazy. But I did trace that stupid butterfly which took longer then you would think.

I'm still new at scenery walls so feedback is appreciated. And I was too lazy to draw my own ghosts so I used pictures XD Two of them are Suikoden characters and one is Pacifica from Scrapped Princess. (so yes there is 3 ghosts if you can find them. :) )


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  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2004

    VERY NICE background, That is soooo cool.

    First off, suikoden! I LOVE suikoden!, Second, SP! I LOVE SP toooooo >.< Jeeze, and your icon..well she was my fav char from the series ^.~ hahaha.

    Anyways onto the wall. The city background was a VERY intersting touch....though he would feel out of place normally....he doesn't here...He fits in rather nicely and looks VERY good in there as well. I mean its like hes naturally there. Seriously if I hadn't seen the series before, I would of sworn that this was an actual shot from the anime. Its THAT much of a fit, and yes I know its a real photo @_@. But seriously I really do love that, another thing I really love is the magical-type spiral going upwards around his sword. VERY nicely done, and its not too much, but its just enough to give it a extra shot of beauty. That ghost effect was VERY nicely done, it actually does look like a ghost.....but I would of PERSONALLY recommend a bit of fog...just adds for a spooky atmosphere..but then it might of made it very had to see the ghost...so don't listen to stupid me =P. Anyways it looks great though, for a first time thats dang good. Overall I think its very well done and I wish this wall the best of luck in the contest. Its also a favorite for me. Great work MyrrhLynn!

  2. will1604 Banned Member Oct 26, 2004

    Very Nice Wallpaper !
    Bleach will be a Great Anime ^^

  3. DaAsian Oct 26, 2004

    You really put alot of effort into this. Definitely a great wall^^ Bleach was a very nice choice.
    Keep it up!! I hope to see more very soon^^

  4. Maiketh69 Oct 26, 2004

    Great work. I like the scenery background and how it blends very well with the image. Also, the addition of the 3 ghost is a nice touch, making this a unique wall in my opinion. Keep 'em coming.

    Oh yeah, good luck with the contest. :)

  5. n1co Oct 26, 2004

    Wow beautiful wallpaper !
    I love bleach, the Bg is very nice ^^
    +fav :)

  6. recca Oct 26, 2004

    nice wall
    Bleach is great !! A fav for you :)
    I'm waiting to see the ban kai of Ichigo (those who are reading the manga know what i talk about ^^ )

  7. Riana Oct 26, 2004

    Bravi, Bravi, Bravissimi Myrrhlynn! I love the city-bg...I'm just now using real photos in my work too, so I understand your apprhension. I think you made it just the right brightness (or in this case, darkness) to make it really work. It's there, but we don't focus on it--I think that's the key to using stock photos/photography bgs. The ghosts came out really cool, so you should be quite happy! And the swirlies look great too---I struggle with them a lot, but you seem to have the hang of it. Best of luck with the contest!

  8. Elie Banned Member Oct 26, 2004

    Yeah I adore the bottom it are super in more the character goes super disappointed good, excel XD XD XD

  9. inkhana Oct 27, 2004

    Hey! I like it! I don't know anything about Bleach, but I've seen far too many people try to use realistic backgrounds with anime pics and it didn't look too good...;__; But yours looks great! :D The ghosts look cool too.

  10. neji-neji Oct 27, 2004

    oh my gosh bleach!! ahh!! soo kewl. im reading this manga! can't wait for more :] good manga ^^ good wallpaper +fave

  11. Kinkosami Oct 28, 2004

    Nice wall. Not your best, but very good. I really don't think the image fits the background, but that's just my opinion. The ghosts aren't my favorite, but they're different so I like them. I really like the pretty swirly lines going around his sword, they're cool.

    I like it ^_^

  12. chunli61 Nov 01, 2004

    hehe nice wall of ichigo (cute name for a guy lol) i like the swirl effects around the sword. nice background too! good job :p

  13. agasfas Dec 07, 2004

    Awesome wall! Never seen bleach but by reading some reviews and looking at a few screen caps (including your Wall) it looks interesting to say the least. The background is cool, but what really stands out are the two glowing energy waves... Nice touch :)

  14. WhiteBlaze Dec 07, 2004

    W00t Bleach Rocks! (well the manga anyway) I really like the picture of bleach he looks great with his sword and all. And the background picture works out rather well I must say. +fav

  15. baronkong Dec 23, 2004

    black background is so good for this pic....thx

  16. AngelSakura86 Jan 18, 2005

    there's just something wonderful about a man with a sword... i wonder why that is... :)

  17. Jian Jan 20, 2005

    Nice wallpaper. I don't see many backgrounds like this. Good job.

  18. Ninjutsu May 03, 2005

    Great wall, Ichigo's zanpakuto is nice and the effect with the wind is great. Th bg fits well with Ichigo good work :D

  19. Dogaiz Jun 01, 2005

    so nice wallpaper ^w^ i liked it , thx for the great work <(^w^<) now i'll enjoy looking at it for the next 30 minutes :)

  20. GNetFreak Jul 07, 2005

    The pic fits so well with the real background and that rarely happens. Nice wallpaper!

  21. tokyo247 Banned Member Jul 30, 2005

    oh!!what A beautiful picture!!i LIKE IT VERY MUCH because I LOVE bleach

  22. rinoaff8 Jan 06, 2008

    nice wall!

  23. Jana89 Jan 03, 2014

    Excellent wallpaper. I don't see many backgrounds like this. Good job.

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