Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Wallpaper: Spiral: The Two-Sided Coin

J.C. Staff, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, Hizumi Mizushiro, Ayumu Narumi Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ZOMG it's NOT a Kino wall!
But it IS a vector trace wall. So boo you, Osi. :P I LIKE tracing, darnit.
When I got manga volume 12 of Spiral, I really liked the cover design. This book introduces a new character, Mizushiro Hizumi, to the Spiral cast. I don't want to go into any details about his character because it would majorly spoil the story (and the revelations from manga 11 are best left to when you read that volume) but Hizumi is essentially Narumi Ayumu's opposite. Like Kanone, he's got a smiling charm that hides something possibly more sinister. The mirroring of thet wo on the cover then makes sense, with Ayumu in whites and Hizumi in blacks. Within the book, Eyes Rutherford and Kyrie (a manga-only character) remark that Ayumu and Hizumi are like two sides of a coin; heads and tails; light and dark.
I traced the image because I wanted to challenge myself with a manga trace, which doesn't have definate boundaries for colors, so I could see if a hard-shaped trace would look as good as the original. I'm pleased with the results, and may do more of these style of traces in the future. The background uses a brush I made from an Illustrator symbol (a feather) because of the whole "angel/devil" imagery that is alluded to, and because feathers are... fun!
EDIT: Oooh crud! I just realized I misspelled Hizumi's name! It's MizUshiro, not MizOshiro. Doh! There were a few other mistakes in the vector file I fixed as well. Doh -_-
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Browse Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Richie Oct 26, 2004

    damn... that's one of the best vector wallpaper I ever seen... I got to try it out ^^

    awesome job on it

  2. Rex Oct 26, 2004

    woweee.....more bishies from tama XD

    i don't mind seeing bishies walls once in a while :P
    there r too many fanservice walls anyways ^^;

    anyways....great job on it....love the constrast stuff u did.....
    graa.....u make me wanna follow up on spiral again >.<

    hehe...again....great job!

  3. biriwilg Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2004

    Oooh, pretty pretty~! ^-^ I like the duotoneness (it's a word now :P) of it all. Very intriguing concept, it makes me wish I read the manga so I'd get it more. ^^ Awesome job! I don't think I could ever vector a manga scan, I'd go nuts. @_@

  4. darkwaterbunny Oct 26, 2004

    ooooo!!! I like, I like a lot! It's very nice ^-^ only bad thing about it is that you cut off their poor legs ;_;..but other than that, its great! The effects that you used are wonderful, really gives a two-side feel. In other words...fav!!!

  5. peachiemint Oct 26, 2004

    aiyyaa! it reallie is very kool looking. ayumu looks uber hot, like always. a favie for me X)

  6. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2004

    geeez O_O

    you're spitting out leet walls like theres no tomorrow rofl XD

    making poor osi look bad >_>

    the vectorness makes all of us looks bad too <_<

    /me assasinates tama-chan u_u;;

  7. ForsakenDreams Oct 26, 2004

    Yes this is a great wall! The bg is awesome! Very nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Devilet Oct 26, 2004

    I love love love Spiral!!!
    this is really well done, and the background is amazingly well done, good work!

  9. shinta Oct 26, 2004

    Wow Tama-chan, kirei desu! I like the simple bg behind it. Hahahahaha! I'm gonna use this wall. *__*

  10. crapmonster Oct 26, 2004

    holy crap!!! that has to be some of the best vector work i have ever seen!! my god this is just awesome!! definite fav!

  11. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2004

    love the vector work! (as expected) and the color coordinatoin of the bg! great job tama XD

  12. FallenAngel Oct 26, 2004

    wow tama nice job (like always). Bg looks beautiful, and yay! for bishies well at least like rex said it's a break from the many fanservice walls that are on here. :)

  13. TheRavenIsUnSkill Oct 26, 2004

    How do you do it o_o I needta learn vector skills, so I can make some wallpapers ^.^

    Great scan choice, love the colours too. +fav

    Cya on IRC! ^_^ V

  14. juanicths Oct 26, 2004

    *rendered speechless* nice!!! me wanna know where i can get the manga....the only publisher i know of has closed dn....shall try and find in kinokuniya as well.....

  15. euna Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2004

    That title fits in really well with the wallpaper. I like bg effects you've done!!
    Looks great. Nice job!!

  16. ayaki Oct 26, 2004

    holy..this looks super awesome..
    i hope i know how to use vector
    i guess i'll try it out sometimes :P
    nicely done on the background also ^^

  17. KorganoS Oct 26, 2004

    *bows to vector goddess* XD
    Tama-sensei!!! awesome vectorworks as usual!!! this is too kewl!

  18. Sandy Oct 26, 2004

    Awesome vector work as usual and nice idea of composition / two opposites. The colors melt well together and the motion effect created by the lights really makes us focus on the characters. Nice job.

  19. bucket-shot Oct 26, 2004

    Uwahhh~ glad you finished this one, Tama-Neko! :D I remember looking through your works-in-progress stuff some days back, and thinking I'd like to see it, hehe~ XD Said new character looks very, very cool. :) <-not up to vol11/12... Love these polar opposite contrasts. :) Good job tracing a manga image, too. Shading looks nice - a little more refined - though that could just be because it's Spiral art. XD In any case, I salute your vectorness.

  20. Xueli Oct 26, 2004

    I don't know the characters but they looks really good in this wall. I love the bg and the effects!

  21. Noctum Oct 26, 2004

    What I see here is an awesome vector, excellent lightning and a bg with great effects.
    I don't know what lese to write to fill the 64 characters, but this is a nice wallpaper for sure. :)

    PS: Only the high brightness of some areas keeps me away from adding this too my favourites.

  22. Val3f0r Oct 27, 2004

    Vectoring masterpiece from Tama-neko XD ... gee... this is looks great :D great scans and background but overall teh vector is excellent :D great wall...

  23. Septillion Oct 27, 2004

    O.O ooohh this ish good!!!!! man the vectoring is great!! and i love the feathers that you used for the background^^ the whole concept is great!! hehe and sprial is a great manga :D gah...this is going on my desktop....!!!!

  24. ColdBlue Oct 28, 2004

    The background is great; I love those effects you did on it, and the colors matching them both are a nice touch!
    I love that scan; very nice!
    Great job!

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