Eureka 7 Wallpaper: Too Close to The Sun

Kazuma Kondou, BONES, Eureka 7, Eureka, Renton Thurston Wallpaper
Kazuma Kondou Mangaka BONES Studio Eureka 7 Series Eureka Character Renton Thurston Character

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Greetings people on the netz.So this is my part of the collab with kulu. My version is gor MT, you can view kulu's over at AP :)
So for this wall it was another collab,The concept and composition was kulu's, I thought it was awesome [Sci-Fi!]. We landed up doing different versions on it, which worked out well. Seeing as kulu did a great job with the 3D background and I did the vector. The main difference is just the post effects. Hence the two versions.
My aim was to blend the two styles into a film styled shot of the characters, lighitng played a big part in this and was a tedeous exercise. My wall style was inspired by Kulu's 'burnt' style. It was fun, working with 3D and vector. I learn't how to do some new things in PS, over all a success. Thanks to kulu, it was awesome dude! To the wallers, keep wallin.


Okay hey anime junkies . Back with another collab with ze. Okay so it started with ze sending me a couple pics , because he wanted to do another collab. I had the honour of choosing which pic we would make a wall of . There were a bunch of pics , but the one that caught my eye was from Eureka seven. I dont know where the original scan was from.
So then i got busy trying to think of a suitable background image. And i finally decided to go with a spaceship themed background, because the original scan made the characters look like they were floating. So i thought they could be underwater or they could be in zero gravity .
I googled space station and got a couple cool ideas of what i wanted the background image to look like . Shopped the scan with the googled image , and had a basic concept. Then i sent the concept to ze for approval.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Once it was approved i started recreating the background in 3d max 2009 . i tryed to keep the geometry very simple . Once the modeling was done , i came up with some texturing ideas. It was a long process ,trying to get the right look. But i eventually went with a dirty looking futuristic room. Ze wanted me to try using cell shading for this project , so thats what i did. I used the ink and paint material , which comes with 3d max 2009 and just played with the settings

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
the design of the room was very important because i wanted there to be light coming in from space into the room. Which had its consequences when it came to doing the lighting. I wanted to go with advanced lighting techniques , but my knowlegde of such things is limited , so i went with basic lighting with photometric lights.
Then it was time to render. I tryed to match the angle of my cameras to the angle that i did for the concept . So i hit the render button and this is what came out.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
By this time ze was almost done with the vector of the scan. When he was done i comped the background and the vector. Did a couple lighting edits ,using various gradients and lots of layers of different colours. I also masked the shadow areas of the background , and tried to apply those shadows to the vector. This was a long process , and i spent days trying to get it right . I also got a lighting in photoshop tutorial from ze , which helped me get the final look of the wall.
The final stage was adding the sun ,which would make the lighting logical. At least in my line of thinking. Then i wanted to add other stuff floating in the background , but i didnt get around to doing that , i just did a floating screen , which i thought would tell the story of why the characters look consenerned with something . And thats where the text came from "too close to the sun"
when it was done i sent it for approval . Then ze wanted to try a different approach which you can check out on minitokyo .
Im happy with the outcome of this project , i do enjoy ze's take on the vector and think that both perspectives on this project are spot on.
"Thats all she wrote"

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  1. Valuna Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2011

    What the hell? You submit a much lesser version on AP, I don't get it but this one just rocks *__*

  2. snyp Feb 10, 2011

    ZOMG ! WTF this is completely kickassz0r !
    No seriously this is truely a masterpiece ! It's been around a year that I didn't change my desktop background and i think i'm definitely gonna change for this one. That just blows my mind ! Keep up the good work ! <3

  3. mbeckley Feb 11, 2011

    Im touched by the way you constructed this. Its a masterpiece~

  4. nat Feb 11, 2011

    I'm completely confused too, why didn't you guys agree on this one? The characters alone look way better, and the lighting is gorgeous.


  5. ForgottenFilly Feb 11, 2011

    Wow! I love the lighting and the colors of this! c:

  6. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Feb 11, 2011

    Great job! The lighting and glow of this wallpaper are awesome.

  7. selena211 Feb 11, 2011

    so beautiful? i love the twilight scene

  8. ice214 Feb 11, 2011

    woah. i actually thought "how do you vector something like this?" and i read on, `made in 3D Max` and i was impressed once again. goes to show that there's more applications that can be used to make awesome wallpapers. \m/

    bottomline is, love the sunset lighting for the BG and that it works extremely well with the characters. even the blurriness of the far walls and the sharpness of the characters were done just right. :3

    saw the other version as well, and personally, this is better. :) will be waiting more walls from you!


  9. Pinkya Feb 11, 2011

    this is supa awesum :D
    i love ur work~
    keep it up! ^^

  10. ala21ddin21 Feb 11, 2011

    I wonder why didn't you upload this version for AP, this one rocks!

  11. ismiy Feb 11, 2011

    There's only one thing I must say: this is a piece I must collect. Thank you.

  12. flyindreams Feb 12, 2011

    D'you by any chance have a 1920x1200 version of this? > <;

  13. Tifa-chan Feb 13, 2011

    I love your wallpaper! It's very beautiful! congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing! *-*

  14. pureblood98 Feb 14, 2011

    i'm speechless.. seriously...
    WTH... i'm sooo jealous of your talent.. :|

  15. dootyujkl Feb 15, 2011

    Wow! I love the lighting and the colors of this! c:

  16. greenemerald Feb 16, 2011

    WOOT! Intensity!

  17. Sakata-san Feb 21, 2011


    I'm sorry. I liked this one.

  18. topVOCALOID Feb 21, 2011

    wow this is a really amazing wallpaper i love it so much

  19. HoshinoSora12 Feb 24, 2011

    Just beautiful, nice work, and thanks a lot for sharing! On my favs right now XD

  20. outsideofmy May 23, 2011

    muy bien! se ve las ganas para acer este tipo de imaganes!

  21. kiraorsora Sep 04, 2011

    What a good wallpaper, it caught my eyes with its fantasy colour and design.

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