Shakugan no Shana Wallpaper: Orange Dream

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shakugan no shana wallpaper MT revised: orange dream

?? kami-sama's orders are absolute! Do you know why? One night while I was bored with work and checked MT, kami-sama ordered me to upload a cute wallie and fill up my page with it! It cannot be filled though since I only have one and I don't know if it passes kami-sama cute standards.


Last created: From Friday March 12, 2006, 11:03:40 PM to Friday, March 17, 2009, 6:52:30 PM
Revised: Today, February 04, 2011, 10:19:44 PM

Previously this was entitled Shana's dream. When I showed this on a certain sandbox thread for the sole purpose of uploading it there successfully, they told me that a dream is not necessarily orange or peach or so the colors you see in the wallie. I stopped there because I was confused which color would go nicely. I'm not really good with color combination. I thought of blue but orange and blue? *thinks* Since it was going to take a lot of work and me being lazy to re-edit everything, I uploaded the Shana's dream version to another anime forums (forgot site) because the admin (I think) requested to make some wallies for his or her website. This is the only wallie I submitted there. I showed the Shana's dream version to emma-chan a year ago.

In the end my wallie was not so accepted in that anime forum because they told me to create something "of my own". I was confused at first because I really made everything on my own but what they actually meant was the brushes. I had my doubts of uploading this here but thanks to kami-sama's absolute orders ^^; I decided to upload it here.

The background is all brushes, majority from deviantart while the others I forgot where I got it so if the creator of the brushes I included in this wallie happens to pass by here, please please please DO NOT SUE ME! LOL I give credits to whoever owns the brushes that are present in this wallie.

Aha! I remember now! I googled those swirly, ancient text and grunge brushes!

My copy of the brushes are ALL GONE!

The difference between the Shana's dream and this orenji dream is the SHAKUGAN NO SHANA. Shana's dream was in romanji while this in ofurigana. I added more background to the right side and voila!


Your beloved dominator yet dominated,
cheri ^___~

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  1. xAl-san Feb 05, 2011

    Those were my brushes.... I demand credits! NO JUST KIDDING :) hehehehe.

    Overall I like the look of this wallpaper. The bg suits Shana's persona. Good job.

  2. ndox900 Feb 05, 2011

    oh man . . . you have awesome wall ms. cheri O.O
    the orange color , its just . . . its just . . . Super Awesome !

  3. snyp Feb 05, 2011

    I really love the brush work you did in the background. Though i'd liked something with more colors ( as a big shiny shiny desu colors fan xDDD )
    Anyway, it still looks pretty, I like it <3
    +Fav !

  4. SkyVongola Feb 05, 2011

    I love the pillow, wish I could have one

  5. kabuto123 Restricted Member Feb 05, 2011

    moe moe moe kawaii shana love you thank you

  6. xXShanaxFlamesXx Feb 05, 2011

    LOL its so CUTE! I Want that Pillow ahahaha

  7. minianimegirl Feb 06, 2011

    very cute and great work ^-^ haha it looks like me when i wake up

  8. deathaz Feb 06, 2011

    very cute~ kawaii na~ thx for sharing~ good work!

  9. Da-Sarg Feb 09, 2011

    Quote by minianimegirlvery cute and great work ^-^ haha it looks like me when i wake up

    it does look like you when you get up and same for lucia sometimes haha XD

  10. Niaaz Feb 12, 2011

    her pillow is her favorite food! she's so kawai >.<
    nice job! thx for sharing ^^

  11. blackmasterz Feb 13, 2011

    she's so kawai >.<
    Shana is the most beautiful on her series

  12. tsuyutsuki Feb 24, 2011

    Oh my, I just realized I haven't yet made the critics you asked me to do...
    Sorry Cheri-tama! >_<

    Well, ok. Let's see... she's very cute, and, even thought I'm not knowledgeable in wallies, her image was worked very well. And also, the bg. I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of bg, but you managed to make it blend with the color scheme and also compliment the character. I liked it.

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