Inuyasha Wallpaper: What are YOU lookin' at?

Rumiko Takahashi, Inuyasha, Inuyasha (Character) Wallpaper
Rumiko Takahashi Mangaka Inuyasha Series Inuyasha (Character) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Inuyaaaasha! :D

When I ran across this in my sister's huuuuuuuge fanart database, I knew I had to try a wall with it...:) Admittedly, the picture was branded with a copyright notice (my apologies to Samantha Whitten for blending it out; however, I did properly credit you on the wall itself. Don't hit me, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't adore the pic!). I just love that look on his face. Oh yes, and the background is a stock photo of fireworks going off, turned sideways. And the "What are YOU lookin' at?" just seemed to fit, hehe

I don't know if we're allowed to submit work with someone else's fanart on it, so if that's against the rules, mods, feel free to remove this.

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  1. DayBreak Oct 24, 2004

    Nah man, theres nothing wrong with using some bodys fanart, at least i think so.
    well anyway, very original!

  2. jackalx66 Oct 24, 2004

    u know samantha whitten.
    her art just great
    yeah i think it's ok
    when u make the credit on it.
    nice job
    try to make it with some other bg

  3. Ninja Oct 24, 2004

    Thats so crazy awesome, its simple but it works. I love that little chibi Inuyasha.

  4. DayLightsDarkness Oct 24, 2004

    Awww...Inu-Yasha , as always, looking cute. This is a great wallpaper. I love all the emotions Inu-Yasha has on his face and i love the red, fire burning backgroung. It's very pretty. :)

  5. Loest Oct 24, 2004

    Chibi!!!! He's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! The background remind me the anime and Inuyasha himself :p A really great wall, +fav for me.

  6. MyrrhLynn Oct 24, 2004

    Actually I'm not 100% certain what the policy is on fanarts myself... XD I think since you have credit it is ok. Very cute wall! I like how you arranged the lines and text behind him so it doesn't just look like he is floating. And good job on the clever use of stock photos! I never would have guessed it was fireworks. Looks like some sort of raging forest fire to me. XD

  7. minakomel Oct 24, 2004

    BAD dogggg!!!!!!
    down boyyy downnnnnnn!!! SIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    .....good boy ^^

  8. Riana Oct 24, 2004

    Bwahahaa, great one Ink! I'm not even a big Inuyasha fan, but I find this very charming and cute. Great job!

  9. Asahi Oct 25, 2004

    waiii.. thats realy realy totally cute !! looks great .. keep the funny work up :D

  10. Kotsu Oct 25, 2004

    wow, very nice wall, the inuyasha picture is great, i really like it ^^
    Thanks for cheering me up in this sad day :D

  11. Kinkosami Oct 29, 2004

    Awww, that's so cute. It all fits together so nicely, I like it. ^_^

  12. Oshii-Rion Nov 05, 2004

    Aaa!!! That was so kawaii!!! Chibi-Inuyasha :D I like it!!!

  13. wildarmsheero Nov 06, 2004

    I simply love it oh so much. So cute! :D Great job on this :)

    Yeah... not I'm just trying to get to 64 characters... hm... will it post... now?!

  14. DDX Nov 08, 2004

    wow!!!! so sute

    your sister can really draw good stuff and you can make good wall combinations double team pwnts

    anyways whats that black space at the bottom?

  15. sylvacoer Nov 09, 2004

    Very cute!
    You what's kinda ironic? I make an iron-on decal shirt with a scan of inuyasha doing a grumpy face and had the exact same quote underneath his picture!

  16. muttleydaug Nov 10, 2004

    just waht i needed more chibi inuyahsa so damn cute ,lovely wallpaper [go play inuyahsa for ps2 if you want more cute chibiness XD ]

  17. Inu000 Nov 12, 2004

    How kawaii!!! What a perfect fiery background, matches Inuyasha's robe very nicely. Great job! *adds to favorites*

  18. KitsuSakuma Nov 25, 2004

    THAT IS SO cuuuuuute!! XD This is a really great wallpaper! I loves!

  19. lyn02 Nov 25, 2004

    OMG sooooooooooo cute! hehe, chibi-fied Inu-chan is always a good thing ^^

  20. WhiteBlaze Dec 07, 2004

    As other have already said before this is so simple yet awesome that its....amazing! Great job Ink +fav :)

  21. Amaranth Dec 10, 2004

    Omg that is sooo cute! I love it <3 and the background looks really nice too..

  22. lilm Dec 14, 2004

    awwwwww inuyasha ish sooooooo kyoote keke i really like it keke ish sooo kyoote great job *hi5* :D

  23. Li-Mei Dec 20, 2004

    XD i love his pose. and the look on his face is so adorable!!! xdxdxd would he bite if i tried to pet him? @.@

  24. Spike67th Dec 26, 2004

    LOL a very funny pic!

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