Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Wallpaper: Sleepless [Daybreak]

Hotaru Odagiri, J.C. Staff, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, Yuki Giou Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've been working on this for almost two weeks now and I'm so glad it's done. In the meanwhile, I got sick so now I'm writing this with a headache and a loose hydrant instead of a nose... >_<

So, yeah...liked the scan, vectored the lines and painted the rest. Since the original scan had a bit of an odd composition when it came to background, I altered some of that cloak (sheets?) around him to fit the background. It looked kind of empty with just him there so I remembered the series featured a lot of crosses in the scans so I extracted the cross out of the scan I recently vectored Yuki from and added it to the BG.

The only thing I like about this wall is clouds. I really enjoyed painting them (mainly because they finally looked the way I wanted them to) but I think everything else just sucks. But yeah, I'm sick and I've had enough of this wall so, yeah. :/

And that's it. Thanks goes to Nysha for helping me out with this and everyone else I showed (whined about) this to. :D

Dedicated to Fire Lilium crew (Yamibou, aneznam and Yamionpu) because you guys are awesome and had been supporting me all this time. It was about time I made something for you. <3

Feedback is, as usual welcome. :3

Also, I missed making progress pics so I decided to make one as one of those gifs that seem to popular now. You can check it out here.


Scans used: HERE and HERE.
Time: about two weeks :S



Fixed that unpainted part with the clouds and changed some colors on them and skin. Thanks for pointing that out! :D

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  1. MikuMasterX Jan 18, 2011

    This is awesome. I want your awesomeness!
    I love the clouds! Great work Sani! =D

  2. srsn Jan 18, 2011

    Wow such rich colors! I live the coloring on the character and also the clouds!
    Nice work Sani

  3. Kurorisa Jan 18, 2011

    great job with the colors, the cloud also look awesome :3
    not much to say so +fav :D

  4. aozoraskies Jan 18, 2011

    Wow, eye-catching indeed. Love how the clouds turned out all soft and gold-and-purple-dawn/pre-dusk-ish plus the soft lighting.. It's got great atmosphere! The colours are superbly soft and light and the lineart's really clean. And that gaze, so bold and gold.. :3

    The only thing I can find wrong is that the thorns look a bit too fresh and green which is a lil distracting. Also, though the lighting seems to be softly white gold (?), the shadowed part of the cloak near the bottom right corner seems to be lit up slightly colder than the rest of it.. Might have been nicer for there to be a bit of purple or dark gold overtone there..? Erm, did that make sense? ^^;

    But great work overall, it's a lovely wall! Atmosphere definitely my favourite part. :)

  5. Zettodono Jan 18, 2011

    Perfect work! Background is amazing!

  6. Yamibou-Eve Jan 18, 2011

    *le gasps*
    I could feel the atmosphere in the wall from the little-chibi-thumb image!
    *puts a bucket under your hydrant-nose* XD

    I think I've said this before but I love your sunrise/sunset/sun-everything!
    And such a beautiful painted sky! And the details! *o*

    Thank you for the dedication! ^3^ <3

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 18, 2011

    My only critic is that it's too beautiful lol. I love the scheme of the sky, and your painting
    is truly delicious to stare at. Wonderfully smooth and blends so well into the BG. It's like coloring with creams :3

  8. Yamionpu Jan 18, 2011

    *sending love here too <3*

  9. TiffYG2133 Jan 18, 2011

    It looks awesome! I love Yuki and he looks rather manly here! ??? Keep up the great work!

  10. Nysha Jan 18, 2011

    Gaaahh you're so fast! @.@ Hope you feel better!

    The dark shades, especially his skin, seem kinda burnt to me. Like they're just dark instead of colorful/saturated dark. Hmmmm. @.@

  11. pureblood98 Jan 19, 2011

    awesome. i just love the sky..

  12. trofikabinet Jan 19, 2011

    You finished already O: Once again you proved to be fast >___<
    Anyways, this looks so bishielicious, the coloring is gorgeous.
    Love every single detail, especially the roses and eyes ^^ and the sky of course,
    it's wonderful.

  13. flyindreams Jan 20, 2011

    I have nothing useful to say apart from HAWT BISHI AWESOMENESS >xDD Very nice! The colors are gorgeous, and I love the lighting (as always).

  14. chanelqueen17 Jan 20, 2011

    There's a word that covers my thoughts on this .... -ponders-

    aaah yes ^^ AWESOMESAUCENESS!

    -hits FAVE button-

  15. ice214 Jan 20, 2011

    he looks like a lost prince of the desert. and a hot bishie, too. :3 <3
    ahh, the sky. making it purplish / dusk surprisingly suits him - made him more regal. XD

    and finally, the blue rose. aside from the eyes, and his open shirt, this humble blue rose really, really stood out for me. using a gradient for the rose really, really added "flavor" to it. it practically stood out in the entire wall, after the eyes.

    gorgeous wall. +_+ keep it up! :)

  16. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Jan 20, 2011

    Wow...this wall is beautiful. The scenery and how you combine the two scans is an awesome idea. Yuki looks so cool here. HOT HOT! I'm so gonna use it as my desktop. Thank you~ XD

  17. lalagirl211 Mute Member Jan 21, 2011

    he looks like a lost prince of the desert. and a hot bishie, too.

  18. Pulver15 Jan 21, 2011

    Ohhhh! an uraboku wall from you <333
    Yuki is really a cute boy but he looks so manly here xDDDD
    The quick change of the colors in the sky (even though they are completely different) is such a great sight that I could look at it for hours xDDD
    Thank you so much for doing such a great wall ,D

  19. Gaaralia Jan 21, 2011

    cool picture! thanx for sharing

  20. shelke-chan Jan 21, 2011

    it look so sexy
    that's great ^^

  21. DruHei Jan 22, 2011

    Nice work, thanks for sharing

    sooooo beautiful^^

  22. lenalee87 Jan 22, 2011

    awesome! good job!
    i really like it!
    thanks for sharing~~

  23. girlysouix Jan 22, 2011

    thank you for sharing! he looks cool! <3

  24. Viora Jan 22, 2011

    ohhh ! very nice wallpaper !
    thank u so much

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