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Have been extremely slow with drawing lately. XD

The drawing was requested by Spriggan. :) I am bad at taking requestes as you can see. :D Though, I really tryed to make it look okay. The character is an original created by me. I wish I was able to CG because I would have done that to this one. ^_^' Well, my skill suck for the time being. -_-'

Aww! Now I have to finish other deadlines. *Looks left and right* Umm...geezz.. I do hope I finish soon. ^_^'

Any type of tips or advices are always welcome. :)

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  1. DarkVirus Oct 24, 2004

    the angel is so beautiful and along with all the little creature swimming towards her, nice art :)

    add to favorites

  2. Frosty Oct 24, 2004

    wai,,, its so cute... XD
    you have some of the nicest & cutest sketches. ^^
    a and +fav for a job well done. ^^

  3. Devilet Oct 24, 2004

    wow, FlowerDog, that's really great, you're quite an artist... I especially like the hair and eyes, and the water is nicely done too, waaaiii... excellent work ^^

  4. Bloodlust Oct 24, 2004

    this is so nice, shes really lovely, great work once again, your amazing

  5. broq Oct 24, 2004

    Excellent work you did with this one. I agree with Devilet about the effect of the water, how did you did it??
    By the way her hand isn't a little small? anyway Great job :P

  6. frozenwilderness Oct 24, 2004

    Ahhh the girl looks sooo pretty! I love the way you did the water, the hair, her face, everything! I don't know what you meant when you said you're bad with requests.. I think you're awesome with them ^^ Keep up the beautiful work :)

  7. kenzuke Oct 24, 2004

    wow!! This is sooo kawaii!! I think this is one of your best works yet!! Keep it up!! I'll be looking forward for your next drawings!! :)

  8. Paolo Oct 24, 2004

    being slow wen u draw is good big sis! *gentle hug*. hope to see more of your work! :D

  9. darkwaterbunny Oct 24, 2004

    its so pretty!!!! I like it, your drawing style is so goo, :D I like it!!!fav!

  10. Vhan-Ruby Oct 24, 2004

    OH MY GOD b.b.s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bondage By Seals!!!!!!!!!!!
    FlowerDog you should be ashamed!!!!!!
    XD Just kidding!!! hahahahahah XD

  11. Kyorus Oct 24, 2004

    You do an splendid job, FlowerDog-chan. ^-^ You crearly leave my work behind, I don't have such level... Still, I promise to keep improving. ^-^ Ganbareyo!

  12. Foolish-ishness Oct 24, 2004

    Bad at requests? You must be blind. This is very awesome. The water looks especially awesome. The only thing I don't like is the positioning on her left hand wing. +fav of course :D

  13. WunAngelwHoney Oct 24, 2004

    AnG think this drawing ish weallii good.. Angelw girlie ish always wuvably ^___________^
    + fav

  14. GaiJiN Oct 24, 2004

    Yeah, FlowerDog submitted a new pic XD ! And what is this ?? Might be my fav from you ^^
    Just love your character, and everything is even nicer than usual : the hair, the eyes , water and wings oO .
    Some things are so smooth (like the eyes and water) I can't tell if they were drawn with pencil ore added after in "cg".
    Only problem is the left arm, which is drawn to straight and should not be so large right before the hand. And the fingers are a bit short, you should try to find the right length by comparing to her face ( well at least that's how I try to do it ^^ ) . But well, don't worry to much about it, I first didn't noticed it by just staring at such a beautiful art :) . Your shading is really improving and I love the overall soft aspect of your art. Thanks for sharing it !

  15. renato Oct 24, 2004

    O_o !!thats an excellent work of art Flower-chan!!! XD

    i can draw too but not that good... lets say i draw like 50/50 :)

    keep up the good work Flower-chan!!!

  16. jingjing1208 Oct 24, 2004

    Yeah,very cute girl,and the pet is so kawaii!!!!!!!!! XD XD me like!Fave! :D

  17. anael Oct 24, 2004

    sugoiiii !!! awesome drawing !!!!! excellent work *.* animals are cute cute cute :D i like it ( le coup de crayon que t a utilis

  18. Zenislev Oct 24, 2004

    This is just absolutely amazing - so crisp and clean! Stop beating yourself up Flowerdog! You are such an amazing artist, with that talent you certainly will have a bright future ahead of you.. Just get over the fact that all drawings aren't perfect and be satisfied with all of your creations and you'll do just fine :)

  19. chibikko Oct 24, 2004

    ah she has such a pretty face, such a warm smile ^^. this drawing is really cute, yeah and you're right, this one as a cg would be great, but i also love this without color. excellent job

  20. RonWeasley Oct 24, 2004

    I like it, it's awesome!! ^--------------^

  21. boei Oct 24, 2004

    oooh this is very nice... i love the little seal thingies...however.. the arms are a bit too thin and the hand a bit small.... and thinking that this is a bright day, i was expecting the hair to hav a bit more shine... but hell.. other than that, its a goddamn good picture!!!

  22. Noctum Oct 24, 2004

    And what a pretty smile you have. :)
    Nice work as usual.

  23. Serebii Mute Member Oct 24, 2004

    beautiful drawing. I like this, :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  24. Asahi Oct 24, 2004

    hehe.. this drawing of you remember me on 'DianKibou' because she likes such things where the girl is sitting on :D :D

    *sigh* i wish i could do such drawings to - really. always your works look good.

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