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EDIT: AH FACE PALM ;_; ) i spelled my own username wrong. A-314 instead of A-413. but at least my deviantArt names are correct. ;_; i have college tomorrow and I have to leave now so I can't fix it. I will edit it later. By tomorrow afternoon most likely. Please forgive. Gomen nassai.
Hiii, long time no see, this is my latest work. I'll just get down to the details.

1 - I DREW this myself. It's an original character I made. Actually I made him several years ago, but it's a remodeled version. He's supposed to be in this horror manga I made. mm nyeah. i get into details later, yes?

2 - Steps were: draw on paper. scan. make line art in manga studio which took me hours. color in manga studio which took me days. add finishing touches in paint tool sai. create background effects and font effects in photoshop. save x upload.

3 - i didn't use anyone's brushes for this wallie. i felt like i wanted to make everything myself. and so, even though i made the drawing which was all nice and good. i wanted to give it a background. so i saw some nice photography on deviant art and it had BOKEH <3 Bokeh is a japanese word for uh those shiny circle lights in a photograph. they're usually blurry and make the background out of focus (you see them a bit in anime too). but anyway, they're called bokeh and i liked how glowy/shiny they were. so, i looked up this tutorial for photoshop on how to make your own bokeh. and so i used it.
PROBLEM: the guy who made the tutorial made the bokeh become really bad quality. it looked like a poorly saved extraction. and i didn't think it looked good. so over that version, i simply modified my bokeh and some how tweaked it into my own and so, this is the result. if you have any tips on how to make better bokeh, please let me know. because i really like bokeh and would like to use it in the future. :3

4 - nothing else to say besides, if you want to see a MUCH larger version of this, you can go here. -> http://a-aie.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Bokeh-Boy-192857127

You can also see extra details on how I made the character and stuff.

5 - lastly, THIS IS A SHOUT OUT TO OTHER DA ARTISTS. I originally made this picture in response to a group I joined called http://a.deviantart.net/avatars/5/2/52weekproject.png?1
It's the 52 week project. Basically you have to make a full complete artwork / dA submission, meaning NO doodles/NO sketches/NO drafts/NO incomplete work. And you have to make this full artwork at least ONCE EVERY WEEK for the whole year of 2011.

This was my submission for the first week. >.< If you want to join, please do. And offer support to others participating.
Anyways, I hope you like this.

Software Used: Manga Studio, SAI, Photoshop
Time: 2 and a half days
extra info: I made the bokeh effect all by myself using a tutorial in photoshop >3 but the tutorial gave me some poor quality bokeh. so i kinda remade my own ontop of the bad quality one. .-.

P.S> - srry i didnt reply to my friends here on MT for so long. but school just started and ontop of that i got started on this >.< k i have to go now, i have to do college homework ASAP! ;~; )

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  1. snyp Jan 10, 2011

    This is an absolute epic masterpiece for so many reasons !
    First because you drew yourself your own characters with colors and all, thing that few peoples can do here.
    Next because you didn't any ressources/brushes to do your background !
    And last everything work so well together !
    Kudos for this awesome work ! +fav !

  2. YoruAngel866 Jan 10, 2011

    love this, your character is awesome :3 and i love him. especially his hair, its so detailed. Eyes are awesome as well. lol now i get what bokeh is XD lol. love the text idea, just pure love

  3. DarthTofu Jan 12, 2011

    For bokeh, just use circle brushes at about 80% hardness or something. It's really quite simple. :P If you want I suppose you can duplicate the bokeh layer or whatever, run a glowing edges filter on it and blend it with the original or something for an even more convincing affect.

  4. Mine-ko Jan 14, 2011

    Very pretty work! I like your character (such lovely hair, really!) and especially the color scheme there.

  5. Pulver15 Jan 21, 2011

    Wahhh! That's such a cute guy <333
    and you really put much effort in it and you should keep it that way >D
    and his eyes are really interesting so...hypnotizing? If you look you would sink in them xDDD
    and the bg turned out to be really shiny xDD
    I like that it's blue (my fav color!) and shiny xDD
    Really great job you did here and keep it up ;D

  6. Ash78663 Jan 31, 2011

    Very Nice Work Coool!

    Thanks for Sharing!

    merged: 01-31-2011 ~ 05:42am
    Verrrryyyy Nice Colors U Used In Wall

    Thanks for Sharing!

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