Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Wallpaper: Determination

Yone Kazuki, Idea Factory, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Hajime Saitou (Hakuouki), Vector Art Wallpaper
Yone Kazuki Mangaka Idea Factory Studio Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Series,Visual Novel Hajime Saitou (Hakuouki) Character Vector Art Source

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I always wondered how everyone makes vector wallpapers... And so after seeing this scan of Saito I thought I'll try and make one.
I vectored this scan..In my own way.. as I still dont know how other people do their vectors XD.. and after 4 days It turned out really colourful o-o ..
Im still not sure about the bg.. but I thought I'd keep it simple-

Do hope you like it~

edit- Ty for your fav& comments! ^^


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  1. trofikabinet Jan 04, 2011

    It's very lovely, I like how colourful it looks.
    The vectoring is neat and sharp though the hair could use more contrast.
    It's a nice wall overall, shame you didn't add a bit more of details in the bg ^^

  2. Dionaea Jan 04, 2011

    Ooooh, so pretty :3 I really love it. Is this really your first attempt at vectoring O.O cause I think it's really good. I also really like that the background is not too 'loud' so to speak, I prefer wallpapers of which the background is at least partially in one color (preferably black or white) otherwise I can't see the icons on my desktop properly :)

  3. EevaLeena Jan 04, 2011

    Very impressive job. I love the multiple layers vector you did. His hair look pretty awesome too. Overall, you did great ^^ btw, love the bg. It's very simple, but nice.

  4. epsilon86 Jan 04, 2011

    I think it is a very unique and beautiful style.. Fave!

  5. snyp Jan 04, 2011

    That's an absolute kickass work so to speak ! I really love it ! *Saves to computer* !
    Thx for sharing such great wall :-)

  6. YoruAngel866 Jan 04, 2011

    this is wow, wonderful vector ?

  7. NenrikiKaen Jan 04, 2011

    You clearly have a talent for this.Don.t stop!I can.t wait to see more from you

    merged: 01-04-2011 ~ 07:27pm
    Oh, and don.t worry about not knowing how other ppl vector.I didn.t know at first either(not that now I.m an expert :)) Now I just try to..guess how they do it XD but I still manage

  8. Mayuuki Jan 04, 2011

    I want to say "WOW". =O
    Your vector in it is just awesome! I loved his hair, and the colorful way that you colored i! With the simple bg, it's just perfect! :D
    It remerbers a little bit this wall, made by Valuna. I like of this style, keep it up! ^^


  9. Anya007 Jan 04, 2011

    ...I'm Impressed. Absolutely awesome vectoring! So neat and clean. And colors gives bright atmosphere.
    Why this is still not elite?)

  10. Tens Jan 04, 2011

    Nice work.

    I like the way you tackled the shading on Saito using shapes. It's actually a lot better than what most people do. It's just the right amount and not overwhelming. The hair shading was done well. The character retains his original shapes and looks appealing without any distortion. Not sure how people distort vector shapes when all you do is trace. Overall it feels very light and pastel-like with the soft colors used.

    I don't comment a lot on MT but you have a lot of potential on becoming a really good waller. You have a good base to start off from. You kind of remind me of myself when I started to vector. At some point I had no problem actually vectoring but my weak point was contrast and coloring. It's something you need to build up over time by studying other walls and experimenting.

    That's where I think you should pay some attention to next time you vector a wall. Right now the wall seems a bit dull compared to what it could have been. When I think of Yone Kazuki's art work I think of strong contrast and color. You have your own style of making it very soft/gentle but a wall with stronger color/contrast will leave a better impression and make people want to view it over and over again. Now, I usually just make something really saturated and tone it down from there. I'm still trying to learn color management but I am getting better.

    I actually had this scan as a WIP for a really long time. All I did was outline, extend, and base shapes. But I got so lazy and lost inspiration. It's good to see that someone walled it. :D

    I hope to see more of your works and see you grow as a vector waller. Everyone seems to be painting these days (it's a lot faster, I don't blame them when everyone is busy). But seeing refined or complex vector walls is a real treat.

  11. srsn Jan 05, 2011

    I say you have a lot of potential as a great waller!
    seeing a first vector work comming from you this one looks great.
    Actually this is the first time I've seen this kind of style...I mean many people use multilayers and shapes as vector but the vibe your wall gives is nice somewhat unique.

    I'm inviting you to join vectory for this awesome work. Just click the join button below the group's avatar. Hope to see your work in the guestbook.

  12. Nysha Jan 05, 2011

    It's nice to see this scan walled! I'm currently making my own Saito wall of a different scan, so seeing this makes me smile. :3 You have potential, yes! I actually like this style of yours- don't try to emulate other people's vectoring - be yourself and do what no one else can. The different soft colors are nice to look at. I would say the hair has room for improvement - more details and shading for example. Take a look at my hair tut of Saito to see some of what I mean: http://missnysha.deviantart.com/#/d32qs7c
    Keep walling! :D

  13. plugaruseby Jan 05, 2011

    I must say- THIS picture it give's me a different feeling, this is so amazing, bravo, keep drawing ^_^

  14. FiiFO Jan 05, 2011

    kyaa Saitou X3 really nice work

  15. doudouttttt Mute Member Jan 05, 2011

    This is really awesome!Thanks for making and sharing!

  16. RainySky Jan 06, 2011

    I'm not an expert, but I think you did a wonderful job!
    and the simple background is perfect

  17. sailorchiron Jan 07, 2011

    This is your first vector? It's better than ANY of my vectors, and I've been walling since 2004! Fantastic use of color, smooth lines, great shading, good work, I look forward to seeing your new walls!

  18. ice214 Jan 07, 2011

    at first glance it doesn't look like it's your first time to vector aka good job! :)
    the hair could you a bit more highlight, prolly a bit more pink on the left side. also, the vectoring on the upper part of the scarf on the left side could use a bit more organization(?)... it slightly looks unfinished. :o

    but other than that, you definitely have the potential to make great walls so keep up the good work! :)

  19. adelopium Jan 07, 2011

    woahs, I love it! very nice work. I personally want a different background though =/ I'm not one for dots,,,maybe it just looks out of place when his coat is all silk-like. =)

  20. NaughtyKatz06 Jan 07, 2011

    OHHHHHH ~ Saitou looks sooooo smexy when he's sooo focused with his sword! GREAT JOB! ^^ YAY ~

  21. Mangakaforever Jan 08, 2011

    Okay, at the first view it could seem like an usual "boy and sword" wallpaper. But when i clicked on to look at it better I saw that it's not like that. The details are clear the colors are perfect so the image is just ... awesome. Very nice work! :D

    merged: 01-08-2011 ~ 11:29pm
    Okay, at the first view it could seem like an usual "boy and sword" wallpaper. But when i clicked on to look at it better I saw that it's not like that. The details are clear the colors are perfect so the image is just ... awesome. Very nice work! :D

  22. nat Jan 11, 2011

    Your way is quite awesome, especially with the colors. When you stick to the vector too closely, it just doesn't have the zing to make it a wallpaper, and you've definitely avoided that!

  23. HurtHattori Jan 14, 2011

    There is a word to describe the impression your wallpaper gives : OMG. I can't think of anything else. For your first vector, it's beyond what I've been able to come up with, and I don't see any of the flaws that we all made in the beginning.

    One of the things that amazes me the most is the way your colored the artwork. If you focus on each color individually, it may seem kind of weird, but when you look at the overall picture, it's just awesome.

    I hope that this wallpaper will only be the first of many others, and that they will be as great as this one. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  24. Ash78663 Feb 03, 2011

    This is a One Awesome Wallpapers A Fine One, Hajime Saitou is my Fav

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