Suika Wallpaper: |||Silent Night|||

Naru Nanao, Suika Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Suika Series,Visual Novel

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Wallpaper I made for the Halloween contest over at AO. It might not be Halloween spirit, but it looks Halloweenish to me :D I hope everyone likes. More resolutions soon to be @ http://freewebs.com/metalarmanime/

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  1. shadowdeath Oct 23, 2004

    very nice work. I like how it so mysterious. I would like to see more of your work

  2. Devilet Oct 23, 2004

    Wow... very nice bromithia, must say this is a great piece, I especially like the moon and sky, maybe too many stars, but it still looks rather mysterious, I assume that glow in the front is fog? hehe, good work man, you're getting better each time~

  3. mindolluin Oct 23, 2004

    nice nice ^^ i like the moon and the girl goes together . and the darkish feeling is nice xD

  4. Vivid-Rein Oct 23, 2004

    Its good brom ^-^. I just dont like the fog and the sky...the fog seems to icky and the sky seems to cluttered...like the universe is coming back together...Anyways, good wall...

  5. KorganoS Oct 23, 2004

    wow... we have a 'great wallpaper weekend' here in mt... XD
    Love the scenery, and the foggy-starry bg...
    the girl looks cute, too...
    I love this one... I'll have to check on your other wallies sometime soon...

  6. Foolish-ishness Oct 23, 2004

    Hm. I see you brushed the moon again. :P You should try Greg Martin's planet tutorial.

    Hm, the stars seem like they're all grouping in like groups of 20. Staying in their own little circles or something. The fog just looks like a gradiant, maybe you should have tried to paint them or something, then lowered the opacity. Or at least lowered the opacity of the gradiant. I would have loved to have seen a lot of the graveyard. right now all I can see is like one tombstone and it looks good. One more thing, the scan. It looks like it needs a little more cleaning. Just a little.

    So, overwall nice wall. You're getting better and better with each one you make ;)

  7. Frosty Oct 23, 2004

    "Cute Wallie" ^^
    "Great bg works, but I think the fog effect was too much" XD
    "the Dimension size its a bit small but its still an awesome wallie." xd
    "b+" for a job well done ^^ Yay... XD

  8. Rage Oct 23, 2004

    wow, i really like this wall, itsvery...well....mysterious and spooky.

    1st off i love the stars, there fantastic, i also like how you did the moon and fog. and even though the stock may be just a little pixelized in some places it still fits the whole them perfectly. Great job!!!

    One thing you could of done though to add a little color is maybe add some purple into some of the glows to match the stock better..but blah...just a suggestion, still a great wall

    Score - 7/10 - Good!

  9. yoshball Oct 23, 2004

    I like the blending of the mood of the bg with the character scan. Great wall!

  10. juanicths Oct 23, 2004

    it does look pretty cool....but seems a tad bit too cute for halloween...

    is it me, or does the cat look a little weird?

  11. DarkSith Oct 23, 2004

    Wow !! Nice background ! I like it very much :) The moon also :)
    The girl is so cuuuuuuuuute XD
    Nice wallpaper :)

  12. Rouge Oct 23, 2004

    Niced work! Beautiful pic, and nice effect!
    Probably a misty expression is as exquisite as moonlight.
    You may put in some texts -- a thing -- they are or or a well excessive opinion.

  13. tAtEkAnE Oct 23, 2004

    hmmm it's very mysterious and her expression fits right in...what i feel that needs revision is the black and white BG, i think it would work more if it was very dark blue, and the moon is yellowish or light blue, and leave the twigs/plants and the cross? black, solid black to give that whole halloweenish feel,, that's just me tho, a personal preference ya might say XD

  14. Kenzotsuke Oct 23, 2004

    nice work!its a beautiful wallie!i like the moon and the pic is very pretty!its a fav for me :)

  15. ColdBlue Oct 23, 2004

    Very cool background!
    I like the scan too,very cute!
    Nice job!

  16. Val3f0r Oct 24, 2004

    indeed very nice background you made bromithia... i like the darkness XD XD I like the moon.. its so pretty ^^... *fav*... cute scan :D

  17. ShadowSeeker Nov 15, 2004

    Great wallpaper~ The cat is a little bit freaky though

  18. Blade2086 Banned Member Dec 19, 2004

    Heheh cute girl, cute cat....nice fulll moon. Coool background.........^_^.................

  19. deedlit-red Dec 22, 2004

    wowww, I love it !!!! the background is splendid, the little girl is so cute, and the cat is so ......... strange !!!. thank you very much. one of my favorite.

  20. shinorei Jan 14, 2005

    The background is a bit realistic but the girl looks more cartoony.Doesnt' really fit and sorta clash if you ask me.

  21. screwtheoldwolf Jan 14, 2005

    very nice piece....
    it's so mysterious..i like^^

  22. Celessa Retired Moderator May 26, 2005

    Not bad... but ugh, I was hoping that the scan was clean in my own opinion, particularly around the face area. Not sure if this was your intention, but I didn't find it too visually appealing at times.

    The highlights definitely, by the way, however - has to be the way her hair shined and glowed.
    Aside from that, I thought the stars in the night sky looked pretty cool as well.

    Problem - the moon doesn't look properly extracted though, does it? Hmm it looks nice but seems to be a little edgy on the outside. Anyways, the fog was alright, the background with the graves sticking out, looked neat from one's perspective. I like the glow coming off of the girl and overall, it's a neat rounded wallpaper, but if it wasn't for the face though. Ahh - oh well. I am looking forward to clean wallpapers, to tell you the truth. Clarity is what I like indeed. Not bad. Good work.

  23. haruhi15 Restricted Member Feb 26, 2009


  24. Mielka Jan 19, 2010

    it's so sweet :3 neko powa ! XD

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