Kanon Wallpaper: Has anyone seen my dolphins?

Key (Studio), Kanon, Ayu Tsukimiya Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Kanon Series,Visual Novel Ayu Tsukimiya Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another wall. :) I really am running out of naming ideas here... I mean I know I should be calling it something like "Paradise Found" or "Celestial Bosom" or something rediculous but I can't help but laugh at myself every time I make a title like that. Anyway... here it is. A little busy but I like it. :) Does anyone even read these descriptions?

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  1. Kyo-Sohma Oct 22, 2004

    Me likey very much. An instant favorite. Such a beutiful wallpaper. Awesome job.

  2. Asahi Oct 22, 2004

    oh no.. for me its to full the background.. you dont know where you can look at first.. why do you make it so full ? ;____; its a wallpaper not an artwork !

  3. darksaberx88 Oct 22, 2004

    Me likey very much. An instant favorite. Such a beutiful wallpaper. Awesome job.

  4. Kenzotsuke Oct 22, 2004

    wow!!nice wall and original.... its inusual...but i like colors and the work on the bg is great!
    a fav for me^^

  5. Devilet Oct 22, 2004

    hehe, that is neat, I love the background.... although the girl just doesn't seem to fit, you should of just submitted the wallpaper without her in it in a different section, cuz the girl doesn't match ^_^' very nice work though, it's great!

  6. afan Oct 22, 2004

    Holy...but the girl is kinda too red. Doesn't
    exactly fit in. The light thingy on the top left
    corner is also kinda weird. Very nice job Darparagon
    :) . +fav

  7. DarkMaiden1369 Oct 22, 2004

    I agreee with afan the girl is a little too red but other than that its really pretty, great job!

  8. kanoko-witch Mute Member Oct 22, 2004

    Beautifull wall, the BG is s good piece of art :D the red color is very contrast, I like it

  9. TheWizzard Oct 22, 2004

    Just beautiful ^_^ neat bg, great colors ^_^

    definitly a fave ^_^

  10. shanx Oct 22, 2004

    a piece of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ColdBlue Oct 23, 2004

    It's a very cool background,the dolphins are such a nice touch!
    But I agree with Devilet,it would be much better without the girl.
    It's still a great scan though!
    And it's still a great work!
    Good job!

  12. euna Retired Moderator Oct 23, 2004

    The girl's so cute~~~ The title reminded me of Free Willy... don't know why exactly... >_<
    Anyway, the bg is absolutely awesome and I have to ask you, how did you do the water??? I could never do anything like that!! It's amazing... I gotta add this to my favs!
    Awesome work!

  13. exentric Oct 23, 2004

    me see it! me see it!! XD
    its kinda sad the scan just doesnt blend in. well the scan does. just how scan is, kinda sketchy feeling makes it doesnt really blend it. if it were a sold scan, that I think the wall would have been great.

  14. Frosty Oct 23, 2004

    very nice bg. ^^
    The wall overall is very nice^^
    I think the girl looks nice with the wall, could be better still this is very nice. ^^
    a for the great effort. XD

  15. jackalx66 Oct 23, 2004

    i see...
    behind u
    *just talk to my self*
    nice work
    twice submission and awesome job
    keep up the good job

  16. KorganoS Oct 23, 2004

    oh ... you always make stunning bgs.... awesome.... it's just that the girl, that is the main focus of the wall, is knid of out-of-place....
    a favorite... :D

  17. Val3f0r Oct 23, 2004

    What an amazinnnnnn background.... such a lovely effects... it is so beautiful... great wall as usual DP XD

  18. KohakuXP Oct 23, 2004

    The background colour is so great along with the dolphins!! :D


  19. Angelette Oct 23, 2004

    Oooh, best part of the wallpaper is definitely the water. I love how it looks!

  20. irix Oct 23, 2004

    looks very strange!!! but the effects are great!!! :nya:

  21. yoshball Oct 23, 2004

    I don't know why it bothers me, but the butterflies seem too small, unless, of course, they are supposed to be mini butterflies..... Good job on the grass.

  22. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 24, 2004

    *points* Ooooo! There right behind you! >.> Damn...girls never listen to me @_@ Bah, oh well. ONTO THE WALL!

    Seriously, what are you trying to do? Kill me? Seriously two amazing walls in ONE day? @_@ Thats too much for my heart, and I'm only 20 @_@ I better not be here when I'm older, espically viewing your work.....or else I'll get killed cause its just too amazing and just stops me completely. Seriously not only is this background beautiful, but its so damn lifelike! Stop doing that! Your messing with my senses @_@. haha j/k keep em' comming! It blows my mind how amazing you are at walling. Your work shows how much time you put into it and it pays off let me tell ya. VERY interesting to say the least....I believe you've got the nebula in the left hand side.....but it almost looks like the sun exploding somewhat......though nonetheless its still really beautiful. The moon? Gorgeous.....I was looking outside and thinking "Damn...I wish I could replace moons" but that wouldn't be fair to your wall. Plus no one would know that its YOUR moon @_@. The scenery is sooooooo very beautiful. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Favorite for me? Of course, jeeze I should just say that anything you release I'll love. @_@ hahaha, because its all so damn good.

  23. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 24, 2004

    dakiiee keeeppzz surprising saki with his uber uber awsumm walliess!! O.O
    sakiiii wanntss yerr talent!! rawr!

  24. Rex Oct 24, 2004


    it's as you said
    it's busy! (see! ppl do read those descriptions)

    for me...it's bit TOO busy and i don't know what to focus on~

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