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Naru Nanao, Circus (Studio), Da Capo, Kotori Shirakawa Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Circus (Studio) Studio Da Capo Series,Visual Novel Kotori Shirakawa Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hewo minna-san~~ ^^
well....here is anotha 1....dat yet i again i never told shhheeewweeeeaaa about~~
>< gomen nasai sheeweeeaaa-chan~~ !!! tee hee~~ ^^
anyways...umm.....da wallie ish meant 2 b blurry okay?? was effect~~ :D i kno looks cwappy~~ -_-'
hope people lyk it, or tell me wot dey think....dana made it all fwom scratch~~ ^^
tee hee~~ ^^ baibai~~ *waves*

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  1. chibikko Oct 22, 2004

    oi oi sakura again, everywhere sakura, in europe it's fall / winter XD or is it spring in japan? anyway, ya always the cute girls around here, this time another pose XD i dun say it's bad cuz it's really great, and it looks like it took a long time to make it. specially the bg is adorable. the butterflies look really good. ah and could you keep the copyright thingy a bit smaller, cuz when it's on the desktop, the font with copyright doesn't look quite good. apart from that i like it, you're a great waller souru-chan (from wounded soul, soul spoken by a lazy japanese XD)

  2. windsweptheaven Oct 22, 2004

    yay dana!!! it looks weally, weally good!! ^^ano, dare desu ka? who is it? it looks cute tho!!

  3. raver-moonlight-sage Oct 22, 2004

    good masterwork i give u criedit for that good wall i love the butterfiles

  4. jackalx66 Oct 22, 2004

    nice overall
    i like the concept of this wall
    very happy when see it..
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  5. Athrun Oct 22, 2004

    Looks like that girl from Da Capo... (Not sure but I was just in that gallery yesterday)

    But anway.... the wallpaper looks very beautiful. Interesting change for my current wallpaper. Gives me a Winter feel for some reason. (And boy is it cold today...)

  6. tAtEkAnE Oct 22, 2004

    hmmm an interesting wallie, all blurry and painting-esque, so the blurryness was deliberate, colors are cool, the butterflies too :D well done

  7. ImpactBLUE Oct 22, 2004

    this wall is so dreamlike, just reminds me of how a dream should be, with fuzzy edges and the picture is not focused, yet you know exactly how it will look,

    well done ^^

  8. TheRavenIsUnSkill Oct 22, 2004

    Like the wall, kawaii girl ^_^

    Though the text in the bottom left corner isnt completely hidden by my taskbar >_>

  9. TenchiFan Oct 22, 2004

    The soft focus is a very nice touch indeed. I also like the mix of the butterlies with the cherry blossoms. Thanks for submitting such a nice image.....

  10. Okuzim Oct 22, 2004

    Hixxxxx ..... XD Love the sakura & the butterflys tooo much !!! ----> Love the color u choose ,and surely love this wall ^-^

  11. Tabernero Oct 22, 2004

    Wow, beautiful wall I really like what you did on this one. Excellent work

  12. Val3f0r Oct 22, 2004

    woohoo... I love it... very nice Sakura tree and butterflies XD and especially Kotori...I want to watch Da Capo again >_< she's just too cute :D make the wall even better XD wahaha... great wall indeed... beautifully done

    Note: should have put it into Da Capo category XD

  13. irix Oct 22, 2004

    That's a great wall!!! i like so much!!! [specially for kotori!!!] :nya: [the sakura trees are great and the city looks so good!!! that's a awesome bg!!! +fav]

  14. ryu_sakuragi Oct 22, 2004

    character: Kotori Shirakawa from the game D.C. Da Capo
    status: moved to correct gallery
    ..................................................................(...) very nice scan

  15. Rouge Oct 22, 2004

    umm... very beautiful. the character cg is pretty, and the background, cherry blossoms, is also nice.
    good job! ...but, Mind which has sense of incongruity in a butterfly somehow is also carried out.

  16. YoukoxLover Oct 22, 2004

    SOOO pretty!!!! omg~~~ very nicee~~ ^______________^

    nice bg~~ +favv =D

  17. volrath77 Oct 23, 2004

    Wow. It's...very bright. :p

    Good one.

  18. Septillion Oct 23, 2004

    O.O tsk tsk dana you shoulda showed me this beautiful amazing dazzling magnicient fantastic wall before!!!!! sheeweeaa ish dishappointed in chu hehe :P !!! but not disappointed with the amazing work you've done^^ oh it's so pretty!!!!! oh yes and animania was heaps of fun!!!!!!! oh i'm so tired now......sorry didn't get you anything coz they didn't have any freebies XD XD XD ......great work dana!!!!!! i can't believe how good you are at making walls :D :D

  19. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 23, 2004

    Quote by ryu_sakuragicharacter: Kotori Shirakawa from the game D.C. Da Capo
    status: moved to correct gallery
    ..................................................................(...) very nice scan

    Ryu is SO cool.....And that banner is SO very ecchi, hahaha.

    Anyways onto the wall! You took my favorite Da Capo girl! ^^ Hooray! She looks soooo beautiful in that pose you've chosen. Just simply amazing how beautiful she is....^^ But does she even compare to the beauty of Dana-chan~~~? Muhahaha ^.~ Alrighty! Now I love your walls for two reason, 1. Because you put so much work into making them look soooo good. 2. I love your lighting in your walls, just simply breath-taking.

    This wall is like a huge combination of the two plus so much more that it just blows me away and just leaves me staring at this amazing work of art for what seems like an eternity. This is by far the MOST beautiful background I've seen with Sakura trees in it and the sky is soooo beautiful and so very blue that I mistaked this background for actually being a real photo that was done in VERY high quality. Alas it isn't but nonetheless it sure as heck fooled me, thats how good it is. The butterflies were a nice additional effect and look VERY lovely and the detail you've paid to everything is just simply amazing. Not only is this background astounishing. But its unreal how good you've done it. I'd have to say personally this is your best work yet. No doubt about that, this is also my favorite of the day. I LOVE this wall, there is no point in lying about it because I do. I can't stop just admiring how beautiful everything in this wall is! Dana-chan your the best! Keep these masterpieces comming =D And be sure to have a wonderful day tooooo~

  20. cloudcherry Oct 26, 2004

    oooh I wuv it!!!
    so purrrrrrrty! and pink!
    i wuv wuv pink!
    *steals* tehehehehe =3

  21. AeroStriker Oct 28, 2004

    Oh, cool, it's a Da Capo wallpaper! I remember that girl can hear people's feelings. :) Out of that many characters in Da Capo, I like her the most, the reason why I like her is because of her cute hat, heh. In this wallpaper, the background is full of sakura blossom scene, it creates emphasis on colour with the sakura and the character's hair. ( Sorry, but I forgot her name). With a few butterflies, the wallpaper became a lot more charming. Thank you. :)

  22. PaoPaoCha Oct 28, 2004

    Lot's of ppl like kotori, it's just sad that she doesn't get a happy ending at the end of the anime.

    I like the 'in the clouds' feel of this wallpaper.

  23. MattsBooger Oct 31, 2004

    I like how it looks. Nice colors!!!! Good job!!. Kawaii!

  24. 123456 Nov 04, 2004

    ho ho ho this was cute beautyfull au ya

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