Green Glass Wallpaper: Make way for your queen!

Green Glass Wallpaper
Green Glass Mangaka

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EDIT 2: made a less saturated alternative version, check it out 8)
EDIT: lol why do you all hate pink D: pink is such a beautiful colour.

Ahh, a wall. Probably the last wall for a while... if not forever xD.

I started this in May this year (23/5/10 - exactly 7 months ago! O__o). I wanted to celebrate 5 years of walling for myself, and to beat the last wall I did in terms of skill. I think I did, I'm never vectoring green glass again xD. This has been one of my favourite scan for a while and it was all pink! 8d

It was weird since I couldn't see any way of vectoring this scan with outlines, so I had to go lineless, a style I haven't seen in MT for quite a while. I'm very proud of her hair, which was the most tedious part of vectoring this scan. I actually haven't vectored hair in a while, usually I cheat and paint it. This kind of hair... you can't really paint. Her hat was quite frustrating too, so I found my own lace on google images and vectored it instead xD.

Thinking up the background was pretty tricky (I probably should've thought it out earlier but usually I don't... I'm a spontaneous waller). I wanted to go with a rococo influence. I used a frame from another greenglass scan and vectored it. I vectored all the other little tidbits and threw them in... I'm not satisfied with the way they've been incorporated but I didn't want to waste them either. I'm not sure about the second inner frame either, I can remove that in an alternate version.

Oh I forgot to mention her hands are dodgy as hell as with her face.

I'm sorry, I don't remember very much since this wall is nowhere near hot off the press xD. I'll add to the description if I remember any more.

Title vaguely based off of Far East Movement's "White Flag", but I think the lyrics actually went "lay down that drawbridge for your king". But you get the gist of it :D

And I think this will be the end of my time at Minitokyo as an active waller. It's been a great 5 years and I've learnt a lot. I may or may not return after the end of 2011, we'll see :). If you want to keep in contact with me, PM me.

-------> Specs
- Vector file - 224 MB
- Wallpaper file - 62.5 MB
- Time - 7 months
- Layers - 400+ combined I'm guessing
- Scan -
Green Glass ~ Pale Rose Stripes

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Browse Green Glass Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ChaoticMirage Dec 23, 2010

    wow! a pinky colored wallpaper XD i think that it is very cute :D congratulations and thanks :D

  2. srsn Dec 23, 2010

    Not a KHR!?
    everything is too pinky for someone like you who walls hot bishie :3
    but that's a nice change... I just don't find the crazy colors and stuffs you used to place in your KHR walls but the way you vector things has this crazy feel to it


  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Dec 23, 2010

    So much hair...Must have been a pain xD

    Well, glad to have had you around the place. You've done a good job so far and are always welcome to om eback and show some love.

    Anyways, to the wallpaper itself...I'm just bothered by her skin. I think it's too yellow-ish considering the massive use of pink, the lighting/shadowing, should be leaning more to a pinkish side imo. Nevertheless, this vexelling is just whoa...

  4. aIshiRoi Dec 23, 2010

    sssshhhhiinnnnyyy! *_____*
    although it hurts teh eye(dun really like pink) its a very lovely wall!:D
    and holy macaroons! your vexel + extreme hardwork = worships (can't wonder why its time is 7 months >w<) but i think its worth all the suffering. ;) the simple BG fits well. just like valuna, i'm also troubled by the skin. and as well as the linearts on the face part.

    i won't spoil your glory now. great job! +fav for you! =D
    (learned something -> never use green glass scans or i'll die) :3

  5. pamkips Dec 23, 2010



  6. snyp Dec 23, 2010

    Woaaa this must have taken ages to do ! So detailed ! Great job !
    Luv the colors ;D

  7. ForgottenFilly Dec 23, 2010

    Her eyes are simply beautiful! Nice job, hon! c: I hope to see you back in '11, but if not, I understand. <3

    I secretly like pink...a lot. ;w;

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 23, 2010

    THE HAIR 0_0

    Sooo beautiful! Wonderful job =D

  9. hebechou Mute Member Dec 23, 2010

    very lovely and pinky...
    love it so much...
    thanks for sharing..

  10. EevaLeena Dec 23, 2010

    You finished this! I remember seeing this on your LJ a while back ^^ Although, I must admit that I actually HATE pink. BUT! Since this was done beautifully, I'll let that pink aside and focus on your detailness instead ^^

  11. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 23, 2010

    I cannot believe this is done.
    Congrats kid, your work paid off. I love how you solved the background.

  12. ice214 Dec 23, 2010

    viewers should really make way for the queen with all the vectoring you did to the hair! :)
    the frames added a nice and soft touch to the wall, making it look really like a doll. :)

  13. vitaamin Dec 23, 2010

    the vectoring and design are fantastic, and i like the pink but i do think that your color choices need to have more depth--background is deeper, and more saturated than the character which pulls focus

    i cant believe you walled, i thought you were a dead waller :D

  14. Vivacious-Valkyrie Dec 23, 2010

    Nice choice of pink. Very sweet wallpaper. Thanks.

  15. kara Dec 23, 2010

    Wow the effort. The hair must've taken years. If you tried outlining the hair it might've taken you another 7 months hahaha. I really like what you've done with the background. Simple but very pretty.
    I still probably would've wanted to see a few more layers just so that things are so completely pastel and for a bit more contrast. Her hair where her hands and hat are could do with a bit more shadow.
    But yeah, pretty awesome effort and of course it's a fave <3

  16. kuryuki Dec 23, 2010

    OMIGOD what is this. aqi made a new wallllll!
    idk if it's because of my monitor though, i find this whole wall a tad too light, need more contrast + darkness P:

  17. Pulver15 Dec 24, 2010

    Ohh.....wow O__o
    When I saw this I just fell in a trance staring at it for a while xDDD
    Actually I don't like pink but this is just amazing
    I really like the change from your usual strong colors to these more soft ones <333
    (but it's not that I don't like your other walls xDD)

  18. trofikabinet Dec 24, 2010

    Amazing wall, the details are superb.
    Her hair is omg O____O Beautiful really but I find her face a bit weird :S
    I like it even though is pink xD
    Glad to see something new from you aqi-chan, hopefully we'll see more ^^

  19. HurtHattori Dec 24, 2010

    I just can't believe it! 7 months! Usually, when something takes so much time, there are only two explanations : you have lost interest, or it is very, very long. It is the later in your case, but the result is a gorgeous and stunning wallpaper. All those details! The shadings in her hair! The flowers! Everything!

    merged: 12-24-2010 ~ 10:44pm
    Thanks a lot for sharing, and please, do not stop walling if you can! You are so talented

  20. GeneDNC Jan 05, 2011

    Wow O.O All that hair. Very well done for vectoring all that, must've been crazy. I'm not a lover of pink but actually like this one. XD

  21. AbyssDoll Jan 07, 2011

    This is so lovely
    I love when the girl's in pink ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  22. CrazyMialuvsAnime Jan 25, 2011

    wow aweosme colours thanx for sharin

  23. MoonangelTsubasA Feb 13, 2011

    This is amazing :D !
    I love your vectors and colouring ....
    Her hair is just gorgeous ;)
    This is deffinately going into my faves...
    Great Work !

  24. 525mx Feb 28, 2011


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