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Sakura Kinoshita, Tactics, Haruka (Tactics), Kantarou Ichinomiya Wallpaper
Sakura Kinoshita Mangaka Tactics Series Haruka (Tactics) Character Kantarou Ichinomiya Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

After watching the first episode of Tactics (courtesy of Kev and his AnimeYuki fansub group) I enjoyed the fact that the tengu (Haruka) is voiced by surly-angsty seiyuu extraordinaire, Sakurai Takahiro. That's a shallow enough reason for me to follow the show. And since I had this lovely Tactics anime scan from several months ago, why not put it to use? There were a bunch of annoying text boxes so I traced it to get rid of them, and also so I could extend the scroll at will and make it look however I want. Since the logo and the manga cover artwork (at least what I've seen) use a lot of Japanese pattern motifs, I elected to use a bunch of patterns as well. It turned out green because the scroll was green, and that's about the only reason why.
The text on the scroll and the background are excerpts from "The Art of War", a famous treatsie by Sun Tzu. I chose it because I needed to replace the text on the scroll and wanted something a little less random than random typings. It's excerpted because the font, Sword Kanji, couldn't handle a lot of the simplified Chinese characters from the text I copied nor any of the punctuation marks, so don't try reading it. It won't make much sense.
I called this wallpaper "The Summoning" because that's what it looks like Kantarou is doing - summoning something with his scroll.
I wonder if this is the first Tactics anime wall out there? :3
And sorry the image is on the left hand; I don't like flipping images around and it was easier to redraw the right side than the left. For all your mac users, this one's for you :)

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  1. loveableneko Oct 21, 2004

    wow i love it, tactics is one of my favourite animes this fall season

  2. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2004

    Must you wall everyting with your vectorness .__.

    kewl bg, all that designs *_*

    best part is the left side XD

  3. FallenAngel Oct 22, 2004

    Yeah, I help kev seed it as well when he asked us but I didn't even watch it. (I deleted it) >_> Anyways looks reallly great tama! Can't wait to see another of your wonderful works. :)

  4. TheRavenIsUnSkill Oct 22, 2004

    Love the scan, I think Its gonna replace my current bg! Excellent work as usual Tama-sempai! :D

  5. Kev Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2004

    looks nice, tama, hehehhe

    tactics is aeeomse, everyone shold watch it XD

  6. Rex Oct 22, 2004


    love the vectorness (as usual)

    but it's be nice if u draw the lower part of kan-chan's body as well...cuz now it just looks like it floating :P

  7. crapmonster Oct 22, 2004

    ah whoa its so textury..... ah i love it!! ahha art of war eh? i actually read through that out of pure interest a while back. pretty interesting stuff

  8. bucket-shot Oct 22, 2004

    Whoa~ nice wall. :D I really like the texturedness, like everyone else is saying. XD the varying greens are nice to the eye. :) Heheh... until Rex mentioned it, I didn't notice they wre 'floating'.. but the taller one's chin looks a little strange to me. Um, how to say? Kind of like Disney's Hercules, with that little sticking-out part on the end. ^_^'
    But lovely wall!

  9. chunli61 Oct 22, 2004

    omg that is just aweseom! i like how it all looks like its a on fabric ^_^ also i'm going to check out that anime ahhaha xD

  10. darksaberx88 Oct 22, 2004

    Whoa~ nice wall. I really like the texturedness, like everyone else is saying. the varying greens are nice to the eye.

  11. Richie Oct 22, 2004

    me too ^^ I gotta watch this anime tactics

    nicely done i like the overall feel of it

  12. tachikoma Oct 22, 2004

    oooooooooo that's awesomeeeee...............fantastic work! +faves it!

  13. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2004

    zommmmggggg this is so amazingly nice! what a great job in re-cging everything, and awesome texture! just like the series >:D tama really does rock!

  14. shinta Oct 22, 2004

    WAaaiiii! Tama you're the greatest! I love the patterns! Tactics roxorz!

  15. juanicths Oct 22, 2004

    *woh* thanks for the contribution! love the anime too! can't wait for the manga to get published here! ^_^

  16. KorganoS Oct 22, 2004

    Awesome... vector goddess... awesome... ^^
    Haven't watched this anime, but I eventually will...

  17. Noctum Oct 22, 2004

    Nice work on the character picture and the dark green bg looks great as well.
    This is the first wallpaper which makes me think that moving the desktop icons into the lower right corner might actually be worth doing. :)

  18. ColdBlue Oct 22, 2004

    I've watched the first episode too;it's a cool anime!
    You've done a great job with the background and the scan is very cool!
    Great job!

  19. Rouge Oct 22, 2004

    So cool! This background image is so beautiful!!
    ......Great job!

  20. Kuwanger Oct 22, 2004

    Well, this one is so totally cool. Now i have to check the anime too. XD

  21. hagaren17 Oct 23, 2004

    OMG a tactics wallpaper! awesome! nice job! i love the greenness in the bg :D awesome job!!

  22. Nayako Oct 24, 2004

    ...NIce, nice, nice......... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  23. naito Oct 28, 2004

    Tama Tama. Nicey nicey scan desu!!! I love this anime since it's the same mangaka who made matentei loki. XD *adds to favey*

  24. Oshii-Rion Nov 05, 2004

    Uuu... This is so pretty wallpaper... Good Job... I like "Tactics"....

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