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full view = More details :D

I waited for the answer...
listening to the voice of the grasshoppers...
feel the breeze of cold wind,
that seduces my senses and refreshes my mind.

messengers of love..
light my path to those I care about..
protect my heart and relieve my pain...
Let me feel the gentle touch of the light of the night,

Description :

Not much to say about this one, really :nya: ... no flashy effects and striking colours as in my last 'Hoshi no Mahou' wallie.... but I rely on the light-and-dark-blue tones, and made the image composition the best I can...
The scan is provided by Noctum, thanks a lot... , first time I saw this scan, I tought : 'Man, I MUST wall this,...!!' and here it is,...
It turns out rather satisfying... and actually, I like this one better than my other wallies... dunno why,... maybe because of the calmness that is reflected by the sea, and the heartwarming light of the moon...
took about 5 hours to make this, incorporating more or less 30 layers (not much...I know... :D )
I hope this one makes it to the featured submission, but that's just my daydream, ahahaha ^_^'
oh.. and my poem suckzz.., isn't it? >o<

any comments and suggestions are welcome... as usual...
This wall is dedicated to all my friends, and all my-friends-to-be XD I love you all...

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  1. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2004

    ooooo....looks real good korgano :D i really like the typography u used XD an overall lovely and calm night ....great stuff ^_^ +fav

  2. Kyo-Sohma Oct 20, 2004

    I like very much, beutiful and well done. Another one to add to my favorites.

  3. animemango Oct 20, 2004

    wow i love this wall! its soo nice! people need to make more wallies like this n_n keep up the good work!

  4. crapmonster Oct 20, 2004

    ahah darn, you beat me to it. haha well anyways, you did a real nice job on this one. the bg and pic go together fluidly. ahha oh and btw, you spelled "noctum's" name wrong

  5. Zabel Oct 20, 2004

    that's a great wallp , like the night theme the moon and firefly especially , good job on it

  6. anael Oct 20, 2004

    woooowww nice wallpaper ^^ ( j'aurais aim

  7. Aztec Oct 20, 2004

    wow nice wallpaper I really like the Blue colors. Till next time............................................

  8. Miyu-DX Oct 20, 2004

    Wow Mr.KorganoS, this also one of your greatest work dude.....,nothing can be said again XD , me love it very much,i love the tranquil feeling i get when i am watching this beatiful wallpaper.
    oh, and u think ur poem sucks, but i dont think so ^^, this is definitely a fav*

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2004

    hey this wall is very cute i like its very pretty the bg is great well hope to see more of your work see ya friend :)

  10. GintheTwilightswords Oct 20, 2004

    This is a gorgeous wall,me likey alots^uu^ :D XD :D . This wall is very tranquil and serene,the water in the bg is nicely done.Awesome job, hope it becomes a popular wall^uu^.

  11. Shota Oct 20, 2004

    good stuff good stuff, its very tranquil and very simplistic and beautiful! I love it!

  12. miketo Oct 20, 2004

    One of the best jobs I've seen of rendering water and stars in a bg. You did an outstanding job here. The text is perfect; not to big, doesn't draw attention away from the figure or the moon.

    Oddly, the only thing I don't like is the figure's red eyes. Though they match the sash and ribbon in her hair, it just feels wrong and out-of-place. Not enough, though, to keep me from making this a favorite.

  13. fenrir00 Oct 20, 2004

    I don't know about everybody else, but sometimes a minimalistic wallie is just the best. It looks beautiful, keep it up.

  14. FlowerDog Oct 20, 2004

    Breath-taking! You keep coming up with wonderful ideas with your wallpapers. I am always being impressed by your extremely talented way of making wallpapers. I love this like I love all of yours other wallpapers. Continue making your beautiful works. Keep it up KorganoS-sama.

    BTW, the poem was sweet. :)

  15. Sorceres00 Oct 20, 2004

    hey KorganoS let's make a bet ^.^ *50 box* XD how many days this wall will take to be in "today's favorite submissions" on MT XD XD , i give .... 2 days and your wall will be there :P !! XD XD

    About the wall, wowwwww :o is beautiful :nya: and you are right about the scan :) , is so great :P
    Good one ,you must be very *pride* XD about this wall ^.^

  16. Riana Oct 20, 2004

    Ah! How do you do it Korgano? You continue to make absolutely beautiful and breathtaking walls! You push the bar of excellence higher and higher for me, and never fail to encourage me to push on so one day I can be that great too! Fantastic job my friend, and a definate favorite for me!!

  17. tAtEkAnE Oct 20, 2004

    really nice wall, i like the grass XD really pretty, text looks cool, water looks serene like the main image...the wall is very well done..what i don't really like much is the texture of the moon, but that's just me ;) great job korganos! i'll add this to me faves XD

  18. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2004

    very serene wall! i think the glowballs should have some colors and i agree, typography is VERY nice :D

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2004


    korgano ishh sooo gooodd .. >o< making saki more nd mooree sadd .. -.- LOLZ .. tee heeee .. *poke pokeee*
    soo beauutiifulll .. *sighs*

  20. Katzbalger Oct 20, 2004

    Hands down, mate, this is the best wall you've done. Love it. Character stands out from the background, but not too much for it to be annoying... check. Kool background... check. Kool scan... check. Kool design... check. Overal koolnes... check. (Nothing to critisice... it's that Kool). Any how, keep up the good work! Did I mention I love it?

  21. gundex Oct 21, 2004

    wow... great... i like it... nature scene in the night... ^_^ and hey... how do you make the water... it's great..!!!

  22. Devilet Oct 21, 2004

    Oh my god! .... that is so gorgeous... *takes a few seconds to recollect self* It's really great sempai! I so hope you make it to featured submissions, you deserve it, I mean everything about it is great, the image you used, the whole background is beautiful, and the night sky with the moon.. waaahhh.... *speechless again* this is so going on my desktop ^^ and your poetry is good, don't say it sucks, hehe.

  23. Spriggan Oct 21, 2004

    ooh when I saw that scan , I thought it was so nice but in this wall , this is just amazing..like you said , the sea and the feeling of a breeze in the hair of the girl reflect something very calm and refreshing.
    I can't see anything wrong here..awesomw work!! :)
    and yeah! nice poem..it doesn't suck!!!

  24. DojiHiko Oct 21, 2004

    I like it, has a nice relaxing mood to it. Gotta love anime girls in kimonos, doesn't get much better then that

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