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EDIT: To turn this into a wallie I had to (obviously) shrink the image from its original size which was much over 2000pixels in height. If you want to see the image in its original size and view this character in detail, you will find them in my deviantArt account.
I will edit in the dA links soon. :3

k here they are. they're very huge if u download them. ^^ dA displays the thumb at 900 pixels. but its actual size is is much larger than that. and the quality is better if u click the download button to full view it.

Blossom Anew - official
- Also contains links to the BxW inked version and the original sketch.
Agh.. what can I say besides that I'm tired. xD It's 6:12 p.m. now and I've been working on this since 11:00 a.m.
Well anyway, let me just give the basic details of the wallie first. Ima make this like a Q & A kinda thing cuz I'm kinda brain dead now. =A= ); So yes this is a self asking kinda thing. I can't really think up what to write. And everytime I DO think of something, I forget... So.. @A@;

Q. How much time did it take to make this?
- A. about 4 days straight. my entire vacation.. ;A; )

Q. Is this picture yours?
- A. Yes. I drew everything in the picture myself. The character, the flowers, everything. Well, everything except for the ink blots. I used manga studio's screen tone for the splat effect and I used the elipses tool to make the big circles. I then merged the splats with the circles so it can look like ink spills and blots instead of blood.... .-. ) but my parents say it still looks like blood. A-LOL-LOL-LOL.
I'll say more about the character below.

Q. What software did you use? What tools? And why did you use the software? Explain the process. D< And try to keep it short!
-A. I make no promises. +A+ ) *takes out lazer gun*
* 1st * I drew the picture in my sketchbook. Y'know, the common paper x pencil. Then I scanned it onto the pc at 500 or 600 dpi. Can't really remember. It was 4 days ago afterall. LOL. Probly 600. Working with a bigger size makes for easier lining and coloring later on. Good for attention to details. Well for me at least. @A@ Moving on...
* 2nd (Manga Studio) * After I scanned it I decided to choose Manga Studio for my line art. I've had manga studio for YEARS. And I hardly ever use it cuz the interface is complicated for me. And I have it set for "beginners" LOL. I mean it's a crime to let it go to waste (itsexpensive). However, MS was behaving like it was on PMS. :/ It refused to open the file properly. So after spending 2 hours trying to open the image, it worked.~
MS was used for: Lineart. Screentones.
Tools: Pen. Tone. Elipses Tool.
I can't remember which "pen" I used. It could be the G pen. But I'm not sure. My apologies. ;A; )
* 3rd (Paint Tool SAI) *
SAI was used for: Painting the picture
Tools used: brush. blur.
* 4th (Adobe Photoshop) * LOL I had photoshop since my early teens. I'm 20 now. l-lolz. Out of all the software, I'm used to my good ol photoshop the most. I can't afford to keep up with the latest versions though. Anyway, this was the last step. I opened it in photoshop and used ElvenSword (deviantart)'s gradient then I made a new layer and lightly erased stuff with room122 (deviantart)'s brush style..
Photoshop was use used for: Editing. Font. Final Touches.
Tools used: Eraser. Brush. Font.

Other Tools/Equipment Used: Wacom Intuos 4 Graphic Tablet
:D and that's it.

Q. D< You write too much! No one gonna read this!
Now, what was the theme / idea you had when making this picture? :x And talk about the character too.

-A. Hmm.. well I wanted to do something odd. Something I haven't done much. Mostly, I've been making only sketches and practicing on some stuff sooo I felt like going all out on something. That's what got me making ideas for what to make. What motivated me also was my making of my new MT account. The admins didn't have to approve of me making a new account no matter what the reason was. But they did and it rlly helped me out emotionally. So I felt I shouldn't upload crap onto their site XD (well i hope they don't think this is crap .-.); So that made me want to work especially hard on this. So I made lots of development plans. Then, I thought "what about flowers?" so I went on dA and looked up some pretty flowers.
Thx to all of dA's photographers who uploaded flowers. I looked at hundreds. @A@ literally.
And then I decided to use flowers and their colors for the picture. But I still didn't know what to draw.
So I just picked up my sketchbook and drew how I felt. Which was that compared to how I was before, I feel I've matured a lot. I'm more woman now than girl. LOL LOL LOL (many object).
Anyway, I decided to make "growth" and "transformation" as the theme for this picture.
Also I decided I might use this character for a visual novel / game I might make in the future. ;3 who knowssss
So FYI she's not a fairy or something okai xD
And she's not reallyyy coming out of the flower, that's her dress. it's a picture built on illusion. what you see at first might not be what you think it is.

Anyway, that's what it is : D
TY for viewing this picture. And especially thx if you bothered to read all this.
You may use this picture for stuffs.
But you must remember to mention that I'm the one who made it.
And you can't take credit for drawing this picture and the effects yourself.
Else it's art theft. :x

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  1. snyp Nov 29, 2010

    The description is like endless...but the drawing is so lovely with nice colors ;)
    Great work ! Thx 4 sharing

  2. DarthTofu Nov 29, 2010

    Very nice drawing! I think the ink blots would've looked better if you didn't merge them with circles, honestly. Blood splatters look more circular than ink usually. (I've experimented with my own blood. Wow, that sounds morbid, but I was actually having a nosebleed and thought I'd have some fun with it)

    The linework is very clean, I like it. I'd prefer the colors either less blurred or a straight out gradients, though.

  3. mbeckley Nov 29, 2010

    AWESOME is all I can say. ^-^

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2010

    The creativity behind this is absolutely amazing. Having her coming out of a flower was a nice idea, but the way you worked around with those ink blots was nothing short of genius in my book. Not only does it fit in rather nicely with the image overall, but it doesn't take away from it's beauty or distract the viewer at all. The fact that it's actually a dress instead just makes it all the more <3

    I'm so glad that you made this into a wallpaper too, while also sticking with the minimal side of things. It really allows the piece to speak for itself, without detracting any attention.

    My gosh, you are a hell of a creative artist.

  5. Pulver15 Nov 29, 2010

    Oooohh! The wall version!
    You know how much I love this and I can't wait to see more works of you now >:3
    Really great job you did her ;D

  6. ArtificialRaindrop Nov 30, 2010

    Love for the uber-widescreens! Woohoo! I'm very fond of the large amount of white space, and the stark contrast of the black ink. Very lovely original work ^_^

  7. antonella Mar 24, 2011

    cool wall ;;;;;_____:::::::

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