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^^ Completed the CG .... Try to make it become a wall , but I'mm ...too lazzy , so ^_^' .....
The color I used in this pic maybe quite hot , ...So many mistakes ^_^' .... Ok , if have more time , I will try to make it better ( ofcourse if I'm not lazzy too ^^... ) ...Now , come back to my homework T_T

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  1. tAtEkAnE Oct 20, 2004

    i'm still looking at the thumbnail..and it already looks great XD

    looking at the large version now :D waaaaaaaaa! this is super good! i saw the not colored version i faved it...the CG version rocks! so this definitely will be faved too! i love the sakura petals..and about everything bout it...*saves* great job okuzim! i'll add ya in my F-list so i could stalk ur works :D XD

  2. Susan-chan Oct 20, 2004

    wooooooooooow:D it's fantastic!! with what did u paint it? :D good work^^

  3. ShiroiLina Oct 20, 2004

    the original image was olready wonderful.. now.. its.. simply.. O.O *at loss of words...* mhh... wonderful X 10000...... XD XD keep it up!!! wanna see more of ur beautiful works!! :D

  4. Yina Oct 20, 2004

    Wow! I like the hand and the Kimono and... everything!!! Wow... it is amazing!!! You really have talent! ^^ +fav

  5. Clover Oct 20, 2004

    grat work, i really like it. I like the original work too but your art of coloring it is great.
    *Lost words*....

  6. GaiJiN Oct 20, 2004

    T_T My eyes are just crying before such a wonderful piece of art. I knew you were good at CG too, but that's just oO. The lineart was one of the best here, and now that you coloured it... well only blind people wouldn't fav this ^^

  7. Cloudnine Oct 20, 2004

    very beautiful work ^^ The pastelish colors and textures really brings out a sense of realism, as if the image was hand drawn based on a model~ I love how you proportioned her face so nicely and evenly along with her beautiful eyes, nicely done indeed ^^b The lens flare is a bit of a distraction since it flushes out some of her nicer details, other than that it looks simply breathtaking :D

  8. KittyPuchiko Oct 20, 2004

    You color it very beautiful. She looks so pretty now that she is color. You should do more coloring of your drawings! ^^

  9. frozenwilderness Oct 20, 2004

    Omg okuzim, it's even more beautiful CGed!! I love it, the colors you chose go very well together, *fav* :)

  10. zrod Oct 21, 2004

    this is very cute
    did you use photoshop as well?

  11. Spriggan Oct 21, 2004

    god damn!!!!!! thats splendid!!!! your so talented ^_^' the coloring is amazing...WoW!! awesome drawing.

  12. Septillion Oct 21, 2004

    holy crap!!! O.O wow that's amazing!!!!!! mistakes?? where?? i don't see any. this ish perfect!! flawless!! beautiful!!!!! the shadows, lighting and highlights are done so perfectly!! ^^nice work!!!!! i love her eyes and the flow of her hair :D

  13. KorganoS Oct 21, 2004

    gawd.... awesome.... very very very pretty.... you're very talented....
    make it into a wall? mmm *tries to extract it but quite difficult*... ^_^'
    a definite +fav from me!!!

  14. Fantasia Oct 21, 2004

    your color skill is soooooooooooooo great
    have you used Painter?I can never use it wellT T U're awesome

  15. evasion Oct 21, 2004

    Wow Okuzim! Your CG skills are just as good as your drawing skills! Your abilities are so professional. Thanks for posting your the pic :)

  16. Yura Oct 21, 2004

    wow really cute girl great work
    the color are great
    i love how everthing look a really cute girl holding her book*cute*

  17. afan Oct 22, 2004

    Holy c***... you gotta tell me how to draw
    dude/gal (to lazy to go to userpage <_<;).
    *steals art* Now I know how to draw XD !
    Very nice drawing :)

  18. chunli61 Oct 22, 2004

    omg seriously.. i thought just the lines were awesome XD
    the coloring is beautifull!!i llike the colors u chose.. gives it a warm feel :D

  19. Hikari Oct 22, 2004

    que hermosa foto!! me gusta muchisimo...

    felicito a quien la haya dibujado....

    Algun dia podre dibujar asi jajajaj.. (en serio!!!)


  20. Jormungand Oct 22, 2004

    Weeee!!! Okuzim-sama, how can you call that so many mistakes? ^_^' I think it's an awesome cg! great attention to detail and colours. However, I find the lens flare behind her kinda distracting, the soft light effect looks great though. Amazing work overall :D

  21. Richie Oct 22, 2004

    That's awesome, probably one of the bests coloring I ever seen

    keep the good work

  22. woundeds0ul Oct 22, 2004

    O.o .................
    and dana thought the sketch was pwetty~~

  23. jackalx66 Oct 23, 2004

    waw...very pretty
    u make this..
    *bow to artist*

    job well done indeed

    thx to ur effort and for share it in here

  24. tsubasa-no-kami Oct 23, 2004

    the style is amaaaazzing! i love how you colored this too ^_^ just the right amount of shine!! +favies!

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