Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Baby's First Spell

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Artist Comment

Picture long after Tsubasa ends,Kurogane and Fay settle down get married and have a baby while living in Nihon. How the baby was created,I'll leave up to you. Whether it was something they obtained from Yuuko or because of his magic Fay carried him,or whatever else you can think of. Speaking of which,yes the baby is a boy but he is also nameless! So names would be loved very much!

A few things about the picture. Yes I'm aware that Fay's hair should be longer,but whenever I try giving him his long hair,it looks like crap! Yes their son is using "sound" magic,something Fay himself used to save the gang once. I can't draw hands for crap and my symmetry with their faces is off. Speaking of hands,yes I think I'm funny when it comes to their wedding rings and the color of their son's blanket or whatever he's wrapped in. Yes their son has Fay's skin tone and his hair style but Kurogane's hair color. Whose eyes did he inherit...I wonder... On a different note,I was going to give them twins and have them named after Fay's and Kurogane's real names,but I hate drawing babies and one was enough thank you very much. Besides Fay drives Kurogane bonkers enough as is,do you really think he could handle Fay PLUS two kids,give the guy a break lol. Yes Kurogane should be smiling but when I tried to draw him smiling,he didn't look like Kurogane xD

Tech Details

10 hours of work (not straight but total!)


Kurogane and Fay belong to CLAMP

The artwork and their currently unnamed son belong to ME.

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