Ryou Mizukane Wallpaper: Boku no Chihiro-sama

Ryou Mizukane Wallpaper
Ryou Mizukane Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Series: Yasashikute Toge ga Aru (from last CD's "Nemuru Yoru no Junjou")
Type: Original Drama CD/Novel
Artist: Mizukane Ryou
Author: Arisugawa Kei (Saint Beast)

I started with this one instead after FAILING again, and again with my Yuki's background. Yeah.. I don't even know how many background has been scrapped ^^; But while making this, I finally got insiration. Think will work this time ^^ Give me, 5-7 days (Or more) to finish it.

But anyways, I fell in love with this scans right after I saw the small ones (before the drama CD released). And I knew back then that I HAD to vector it! Coz 1st, the character's seiyuu is Sakurai Takahiro as Houjou Chihiro and Suzumura Kenichi as Asakura Ryou. It's been a while since they're together in BL series ^^ Plus, instead of the usual Sakurai!SEME, he's the uke this time ;p 2nd, it's a master/servant relationship (which I LOVE so much, esp the servent is the seme ^^) 3rd, this CD is the last ones of the series. Although, the last one is actually different from the first four (or maybe I should say 3 and a half) CD's . 4th, Mizukane Ryou art is superb! Thus lead to the 5th reasons, CHIHIRO-SAMA is so damn beutiful! *dies*

Vectoring process is quite fun ^^ Especially on their hair. This is my 1st time doing hair like that. So I hope they look okay (and I didn't overdid it.) And I actually decided to use the original scans styles of cell shading + painting, but they end up a bit messy. Hmmm.. still not use to this, but oh well! And for Ryou hair & eye colour, I didn't know the exact colour (coz the original scans look a bit orange-ish), so I did my own. I know that Ryou had darker hair than Chihiro, so I choose dark brown. And I always thought that dark hair guy is smexy with blue eyes, so I just did that ^^
As for the background, I used this screencap from UraBoku. It's Twilight Mansion dining room ^^ But of course, since it's too simple I change the candle stand and added window & curtain instead of the wall. btw, I made the curtain & window without any reference. I just do them randomly, so I hope they look fine. But, of course, I know there's flaw on the lightning. As I've said many times, I'm really bad at figuring out where to put the shading. So... any advice for that, is welcome >__<

For the title, it's means "My Chihiro-sama". And was taken directly from the drama CD, which is Ryou outburst of: "NO! I don't want my Chihiro-sama with that kind of man!" Yes, he said "MY Chihiro-sama." Fufufu.... you're so cute, Ryou!

Side note: Come to think of it, it's been a long time since I do BL series wall ^^ Maybe I should do more.

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Layer's: 54 (Chihiro), 38 (Ryou), 81 (background)
Duration: Novemeber 5- 14, 2010
Original File Sizes: characters: 3500x3184 (86MB), wall: 5000x2812 (250MB)
Funnest Part: hair
Annoying Part: painting clothes
Tools: Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop CS3, Wacom Bamboo Pen and my loyal mouse ^^
Original Image: HERE

Next Project:
Yuki - Bg in Progress (Finally got inspirations)
LukaYuki - Character's done. Bg in progress
PS2 - 5 character outline done.
Luze - Painting in Progress
Yuki - Base Coloring Done
And also, 2 more non-UraBoku ^^

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  1. snyp Nov 15, 2010

    Wow the vector looks so shmexeh ! I like it :3

  2. Shiciel Nov 15, 2010

    nice scan

  3. Trykachka Nov 15, 2010

    This is "Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru"?

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2010

    I'm liking the scenic BG you got going, very elegant and decent looking
    for the scan. Fits very well actually, with their outfits and how pretty you painted them.

    The candle holders are a bit too blurry, they kind look smeared on the wall.
    While the candles look flat and need more gradient to really give them shape.
    Same for the candle holder, it all looks too baked on the wall. Try making the shadow
    more outwards so you really see it on the wall. Like cast the shadow more out.

    The shear curtain also needs more definition in its shape, I actually didn't
    even know it was a curtain until I looked at the bottom >_<;

    Other than that I think the concept and composition is well constructed,
    just those little things I'd tweak to really make the scene look more alive :3

  5. srsn Nov 16, 2010

    What!? not an Ura wall xD.....

  6. kara Nov 16, 2010

    Lol what? Shouldn't the seiyuus' roles be the other way round? SuzuKen always does the whiny little boy roles XD
    I like the background you chose, it really compliments the characters well.
    The shadows on the dark haired guy seems a bit too saturated.
    But overall, the composition is great :D

  7. cara3el Jun 30, 2011

    this is beautiful. Out of curiousity is ther a place where I read the story be it manga or novel?

    hahah the picture got my interest hence I wanted to find out more about it. thank you for sharing this picture too!

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