Fate/stay night Wallpaper: Destiny

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Firstly I wanna greet http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/kitten.gif a happy birthday and also http://static.minitokyo.net/avatars/chanelqueen17.gif a belated happy birthday! Hope you'll like this!

original scan fromhere

I really didn't expect to finish it as early as now. I was actually thinking that it'll be finish next year or maybe never since it's a WOW scan and hard to work on. But I've decided to finish all my WIP by the 20th because I know that school is gonna be taking my time already.

I actually had fun doing the lineart this time especially the hair. What really took my time in the character was the sword! Holy the details. My eyes did hurt when I worked on the sword - literally. The next one's that's pretty hard is the BG it took me 2 days for the mountains and another day for the clouds. At first I was thinking of slapping a stock photo mountain but I'm not very good at stock blending. Then alenas introduced to me matte painting. I tried it too but kinda looked wrong for me -- tablet anyone? so I submerged myself to different sites looking for mountain tuts and I noticed something similar to the tuts and so I applied them and created my own style. I painted the mountains while experimenting with it and then I added a mountain texture instead and made it kinda sharper. More in my process.

The sky is the next hard part. The clouds are different from what I've worked on in my previous walls so I gotta have to experiment again. I once again used my favorite cloud brush for the cloud near saber's face and the rest was soft brushes of different opacity and blending modes. I was making a lake scene and Nysha gave me some tips to it ^^.

The crystals are a pain too since there's so many of them @.@ PS I removed some minor parts from the original scan since they looked odd when I did them.

See the process picture for more details! ( It's been a long time since I made one)

Thanks to Nysha, trofikabinet and alenas for all the help!


comments and faves are very much appreciated!

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2010

    Those mountains and sea in the back look so dreamy...I love them! Nice job on painting them. I also like the clouds and the atmosphere they make around Saber, looks really mystical and powerful. I just think those crystals could look a bit...sharper or cleaner, maybe more prominent, I suppose.

    Other than that, this is love and great job! And lol, I still think I didn't do anything much. XD

  2. snyp Nov 15, 2010

    Wow this wallpaper is really awesome ! I love the painting !
    Good work, thanks for sharing !

  3. trofikabinet Nov 15, 2010

    Wow it's all that comes on my mind atm *___*
    Love what you did with the bg, looks fantastic and zomg the crystals .__.
    I've just noticed that Saber has blue eyebrows lol Maybe you should made them blonde to match her hair since looks really weird now. Other then that I love it, going straight into my favs :D

  4. SamB Nov 15, 2010

    So nice and beautiful wallpaper, added on my favs.

  5. Anya007 Nov 15, 2010

    Every your work is astonishing to me. I'm lack of words! Truly beautiful and outstanding wallpaper!
    Elite to "Destiny"! :D

  6. Raitingu Nov 15, 2010


    I really like this. The concept and colours and composstion is great sometimes putting the character dot dash in the middle
    can be a mistake but this is really good example of how well it can actually work!

    Love the vector, clean really well done though i was you kept someof the nicer blues and purples from the orginal in the hair and
    face :3

  7. Cheza1982 Nov 15, 2010

    Awesome wallpaper.
    I totally fell in love with the background.
    So soft and dreamy.
    The painting is wonderful done.
    Great work, great scan source, great background, great colors and great details LOL
    Wonderful done.

  8. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2010

    The BG is beautiful, very smooth and melancholic. Usually something as simple
    as that would not catch much attention but I took awhile to really look at them.
    The sky is painted well, I like the rough yet smoothing ripples in them. Helps to give them
    detail and bring the dramatic scene alive.
    I think more colors could've been added, like perhaps a light yellow
    or purple. Just to really bring out the expressions she's giving.
    Which reminds me, the vector work is great! You've improved alot :3
    Also managed to show off your reconstructive skills, very lovely job <3
    Thank you heaps for the gift, I shall keep it in my folder~

  9. celia Nov 15, 2010

    wow! i like saber in here! she looks so cool! i like it! thanks for share it

  10. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 15, 2010

    While there certainly are a lot of Saber wallpapers out there, it's extremely nice to see such a bold risk taken and such a refreshing look done. This wallpaper is truly a visual feat, not only with what you did in terms of vectoring but also the background.

    First off, I was to applaud you on how well you did with the vectoring. Just judging by the line art alone, it's obvious you put a lot of work into this. However, what really blow me away what the overall detail to her (mainly her sword and armor). You certainly didn't skimp on anything when it came to quality and it shows in a big way. Saber looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Now the background. Oh boy the background. This alone is simply beautiful. I have to say with all the trouble you went through for the mountains, I really liked how they turned out. Although it's more so small hills, it's still gorgeous all the same. I also like the lake-hot spring style water in the background. Adding in with the atmosphere that was overall created, I find the background to be completely soothing to look at. Along with the lovely sky (the sun-light shining through was a very nice touch too, btw) and the crystal, this background is absolutely amazing. You really outdid yourself with this.

    By far your strongest work yet, this really came out nicely. I'm so glad that you got a chance to finish this.

  11. chanelqueen17 Nov 15, 2010

    A lot has been said already, so I'll probably be repeating stuff lol. But I'm truly impressed by your progress. The scenery is stunning, and although a little yellow or purple added it would've stepped it up even more, there's no denying the outcome does a lot of justice to your character. It complements, without distracting the attention from it. The amount of details didn't even scare you off!

    Anyway, I'm happy and touched by this gift, *puts in Gifts from friends folder*, and please, keep giving us such amazing pieces!

  12. kizuya Nov 15, 2010

    OMG! This is way too awesome thanks for the share! :D

  13. FiiFO Nov 15, 2010

    Very nice work Ashlie - Clean detailed vector and lovely work on the background.

  14. Tens Nov 15, 2010


    Great job in tackling the scan. I was actually planning on doing this one but I had other projects on my plate. It looks like you're first!

    The vectoring and painting is amazing. It's really simple but it's refined with all the subtle gradients. The background is just breath-taking. It's one of the reasons why I liked the scan so much. The "breaking a part" is another reason why I like it. The scan is just so unique and drawn very well. You did it justice. :D

    I would have liked the original deep indigos/blues that were on her to be retained. It just adds so much contrast and color to her. But the way you did it, makes her more normalized and closer to the anime/novel. That's good too!


  15. AirJack Nov 15, 2010

    Well done, this wallpaper is very good!

  16. dans-kun Nov 15, 2010

    this wallpaper is well cool

  17. lenaelric Nov 15, 2010

    It's just amazing! Thanks for sharing~

  18. drknessangel Nov 16, 2010

    Finally see this scan walled ;D
    Saber is just beautiful x3
    But the brightness of her dress doesnt really match the dark bg, i don't feel like it is blended even with the shimmer glows x.x
    Other than that itz really nice =3

  19. Nysha Nov 16, 2010

    Glad you finished! Full comment on AP, but I'm happy for you for improving so much! One of your best walls!

  20. musicmaker Nov 16, 2010

    Great Job! Even Saber's face looks like a plastic figure. But is very cute

  21. t1myah Nov 16, 2010

    wow. nice work. loved the progress pics. interesting to see how it came along from start to finish. [FAV]

  22. kara Nov 16, 2010

    All I have to say is, very nice work :]

  23. Vaan Nov 16, 2010

    My Goodness this is amazing! The blue blackground and her blue outfit blends and fits really

    Good Job!

  24. YoruichiS Nov 16, 2010

    fan of your work as usual! love the sword details & background

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