Myself; Yourself Wallpaper: Fireseeker

Mutsumi Sasaki, Dogakobo, Myself; Yourself, Nanaka Yatsushiro Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka Dogakobo Studio Myself; Yourself Series,Visual Novel Nanaka Yatsushiro Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First off, this is a scan I personally would’ve never considered as a possible walling project. But when it was proposed as a ‘challenge’ to me, it immediately peeked my interest. So here you are, trickypriest, I sincerely hope I’ve lived up to your expectations and it was a pleasure working on this!

I’m afraid no one is going to believe this, but I cleared this in only 186 layers, which is like nothing considering my tendency towards insane layer counts.

I used this scan from Myself;Yourself, which I felt would look better if the focus were to be on that beautiful face, with the flames in the back. I slightly reshaped the nose, made it more curvy and smooth (I never really liked those old school anime sharp noses, I prefer realism in my work). I was actually drawn in by those flame like things in the scan, but I considered that an actual huge fire would have more impact, so off I was studying fire tutorials and reference material. It ended up in a SAI-Photoshop combo, with a little tweaking of the contrast/color depth/brightness in the end. I’m pretty satisfied about how it turned out :3 Another new thing I learned to wall yay! (I seem to be doing that a lot of late)

Kick off on the 27th of October, final touches were made on the 7th of November, or, as Fran recently put it: “you wall so fast!” -/////////////- yeah I guess?

As for the title, I was listening to my iTunes when the Kajiura Yuki’s song ‘Fireseeker’ from the Tsubasa Chronicle came on, and I could visualize the miko dancing in front of the fire to the tunes of this song…call me disturbed but music has that effect on me from time to time.

Comments, faves, …I appreciate your support everyone ^^v
Animepaper version: http://www.animepaper.net/art/182575/fireseeker

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  1. ala21ddin21 Nov 08, 2010

    you did it !
    Lovely, it's burning me ! :)

    Keep it up ^^

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2010

    Once again giving your style to a scan, very nicely done.
    I think her lips could be pinker/redder, and maybe some shine from the fire's light.
    I see only two petals...it makes it looks rather weird there, a few more could help it set
    the movement of the wall better.
    The lighting needs some adjusting, I don't really feel like she's next to fire...it looks
    more like the fire is infront of her rather than to the side as it's shown. A bit more orange/red
    on her would help that problem, it should be a glow to show that there is in fact light on her from
    the flames. The sky is nice though I think it could be a bit darker, it would help to give it distance.
    Just some nitpicks here and there but it is a very lovely wall, nice job.

  3. Steffi1690 Moderator Nov 08, 2010

    Beautiful ^-^
    Like her hair and the hair flowers ^-^
    But the 'thing' from the Hair flowers which hangs in her face - I do not like that!
    Fire/flames - odd looking?

    merged: 11-08-2010 ~ 04:35pm
    But sure your fire looks 100% better then the fire in the scan!

  4. snyp Nov 08, 2010

    The flames are way too blurry to me. And there should be some more orange/red colors around her to show that she's surrounded by fire. Other than these details, great work again ;-)

  5. Raitingu Nov 08, 2010


    Wow Amazing i love it. One thing though I don't get what the fire is about but oh well.
    Your coloruing style is lovely smooth clean and just beautiful!
    But in all honestly I dont really like the flowers on her head. But still a nice touch thats just me probably.

    Love it it.

  6. Horseradish Nov 08, 2010

    This is really, really LOVELY. Although I'm not quite fond of having the lips actually seen (3D-like). The colors are gorgeous BTW. Also, I love the way you colored it! Everything's so smooth and clean. Again, I'm not too fond of the fire in the BG. It could still improve though. <3333

  7. Daimacuro Nov 08, 2010

    These wallpaper scenes I like ceremonial

  8. AirJack Nov 08, 2010

    The flame look very good

  9. kejeburkali Nov 09, 2010

    Nice art ! Thanks for share !

  10. raku-amatsu Restricted Member Nov 09, 2010

    awsome looking wallpaper thanks for sharing

  11. alexanderex Nov 09, 2010

    WOW love her hair and the flower decoration.... is that a miko? DAMN she's hot

  12. shirayuki-san Nov 11, 2010

    Love it!
    Awersome wall <3

  13. Katkoota Nov 11, 2010

    Niiiice~ :D
    i rly like ur painting skills~

  14. sammyui Nov 12, 2010

    awesome ! the burning effects makes it fabulous. Its very outstanding.
    great :))

  15. angelxxuan Banned Member Nov 13, 2010

    as always another great piece of work. you do excellent work and it's always a joy to see what might float by next time when it comes to you. keep up the good work, and I have to admit the way that the flames literally "danced" behind her is most beautiful. can't forget the miko and cherry blossoms, it's like you can feel the heat off the flames.

  16. baishuangyue Nov 14, 2010

    wonderful pic~~~
    thanks for your sharing~~~

  17. Age080 Nov 21, 2010

    nice looking wallpaper thanks for sharing

  18. monokota Nov 26, 2010

    it's great, thanks for sharing :D

  19. Kiwain Nov 28, 2010

    Thats awesome! *------*
    thx for sharing!

    merged: 11-28-2010 ~ 07:35pm
    Thats awesome! *------*
    thx for sharing!

  20. xXAnimeXxXMasterXx Banned Member Dec 22, 2010

    They are sooo pretty! XD

    Wait! This Is Sooo Cute! I Wish I Could Be There!

  21. jubelea Jan 01, 2011

    nice picture :) love it so much.. hope to see more pictures soon.. i'll download it for sure!

  22. Targon777 Feb 06, 2011

    nice picture! keep up the good work! ! 10/10!

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