D.N.Angel Wallpaper: Bindings of hate

Yukiru Sugisaki, Xebec, D.N.Angel, Daisuke Niwa Wallpaper
Yukiru Sugisaki Mangaka Xebec Studio D.N.Angel Series Daisuke Niwa Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well as you may have known I haven't posted anything new for like two weeks, this is due to my lack of talent mojo and my crazy mood which can be reflect in the title. Anyhow I've been working on this wallpaper on and off for two weeks as well and finally I've came to an end result of something I feel good about. You make see that its the same character in my signature as well. I just love this image its an awesome feeling of depression or has a dark feel to it. Hopefully my mojo will come back and I'll make more awesome wallpapers better then this one soon. Just check my site for different sizes.

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  1. afan Oct 19, 2004

    Wow...looks like he has a migrane (it that how you spell it?)
    or he's going crazy. Love your usage of colors though :)

  2. Cloudnine Oct 19, 2004

    Really nice DNAngel wallpaper ^^ I like how you designed the abstract wings and incorporated them into the wall,. they provide a nice contrast to the dark grungy BG :D The textures are a bit iffy, other than that it looks great ^^

  3. broken-dreamz Oct 19, 2004

    oiiii nooooooo....can I add you as a fwend v.v I need to keep up with your updates~weee because your wallpapers are sho cool to look at XD ooh and and and!! I really like that daisuke >D I have the cds right here beside me..tempted to watch it but hwk waiii your so talented >o<''

  4. peachiemint Oct 19, 2004

    ack! cookie, dai-chan looks soo amazing. like always, ur wallie effects roxors. aiyaa, is cookie in a hateful mood? i hope u feel better *hugz*

  5. tAtEkAnE Oct 19, 2004

    cool wall! i like the pose of the main image XD that's how i look when i can't think of anything when walling XD

  6. KorganoS Oct 19, 2004

    Very cool wallie.... I like the colors... and great f/x on the abstract wings .... should be 1280 res though ^_^' but, ahh well.. I think I'll check out your site... :D
    keep up the good work!!

  7. semanga Oct 19, 2004

    Oh boy it looks so amazing. Very good bg work, I love the colours of them. And I

  8. Frosty Oct 19, 2004

    "Very cool looking wall" ^^
    "Like that wing & the broken glass effect that you did" (I think I may try that.. lol...) XD
    "Only thing against this is that the wall size its a bit small" -_-
    "a" & "+Fav" for a jog well done bubby" :D

  9. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2004

    oo i can feel the hatred XD

    i love teh wings and concept :3

    text at the bottom might be a bit small but meh :P

  10. darkwaterbunny Oct 19, 2004

    very nice! Good concept ^_~, yeah, like the people before, the only thing that is wrong is that it's too small!!! ;_; I cant background it...but oh well, its a good job ^-^

  11. Yina Oct 19, 2004

    It is fantastic!!! And the wings are really wonderful!!! O__O Wow... and the bg is amazing!! >__< +fav

  12. XDarkDestinyX Oct 19, 2004

    I really like the effects..but I'm kinda..thinking on the wings. I'm not sure on them....They doesn't seem to go..but that might just be me~

  13. Foolish-ishness Oct 19, 2004

    Awesome wallpaper.

    The grunge is nice and I especially like the broken glass effect you did.

    But I agree with Osi, the text is a tad small :\

  14. Ninja Oct 19, 2004

    Thanks all for the comments. And for those who have size problems I did mention to check MY site the only higher size I have is 1280x1024, since most of you have requested that size from me before.

  15. Elie Banned Member Oct 20, 2004

    Woooow DNAngel bottom is gone super good with the character you it really well successful o_O

  16. Fradz Oct 20, 2004

    Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful wallpaper... I like it...
    DNAngel, i will see this anime in a few time, thanks...

  17. Xueli Oct 20, 2004

    I love this scan. I think you've made a perfect background for it!

  18. Val3f0r Oct 22, 2004

    weeeee..... Daisuke's wall XD indeed he's so cool :D very nice wall... I love the butterfly wings and the glass effects on the bg xd...

  19. chibi-lizard Oct 24, 2004

    wow !! nice !! me love what you did with the wings and the bg ! XD

  20. ForsakenDreams Nov 05, 2004

    The wings are very nice! Awesome bg!
    I love this wall!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Asahi Nov 09, 2004

    VERY cool . it has style + add to my favs :D =)

  22. AngelzWeapon Jan 06, 2005

    this wallpaper is amazing i think its underappreciated and under-rated its awesum i dont think most people hav noticed that u hav almost perfectly captured the emotional pain/anger he is going through with the colourz pictures like these r a personal favourite 4 me well done and a big thanks 4 sharing it

  23. rythem Jan 06, 2005

    waaa~~I really like the effects! the colours go well overall ^_^
    n I always loved that pic of dai-chan XD looks as if he's sad or gone all cracked up..XP
    anyway,really cool wall!

  24. rocknroll-isgo Jan 07, 2005

    .... Eh, I'm a little late for a comment, no? -_-

    Anyway, great job. I really like the wings and the whole mood of the wallpaper.

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