Komichi: Homeward Bound

Komichi Mangaka


naa~ I love the character designs :D her armor is soooo cool :3

Scan found on moeboards, cleaned by me :nya:

:edit: Original artists' site is http://www.din.or.jp/~komichi/
Thanks for pointing it out flowerdog! ^^

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2004

    Must be one of those japanese hentau games :D
    But we will probably never see it :D

  2. renato Oct 19, 2004

    yes!! now thats the stuff i like ^_<
    female warriors! XD if u have ninjas post em too!!
    great scan!
    must add to Favorites!!
    keep it up! ^_^

  3. anael Oct 19, 2004

    wooooow i like her armor !!! ca passe trop !!!

    Quote by KeltoshMust be one of those japanese hentau games :D
    But we will probably never see it :D

    looool XD

  4. tiagosg Restricted Member Oct 19, 2004

    Add your Scan's Favorites..... ^^

    i very very Liked ^^

    Nice ^^!!!!
    Sexy ^^!!!
    Hot ^^!!!!

  5. Zelgadis Oct 19, 2004

    nice art style XD

  6. lensterknight Oct 19, 2004

    Now that is a scan that kinda serves as a wall by itself. XD

  7. ungooma Oct 19, 2004

    I love this scan! the picture is very nice...the girls are cute...nice poses...thank you

  8. DarkMaiden1369 Oct 19, 2004

    Great scan, the girls are really cute and their outfits kick ass....can i even say that ^_^' oh well great scan

  9. Fantasia Oct 20, 2004

    this scan is really pretty,like the girls&the bg,it's already a nice wallpaper XD

  10. spectrum Banned Member Oct 20, 2004

    i like this one because it has good anime drawing i would like to download it because it sexy.

  11. FlowerDog Oct 20, 2004

    The site of this artist is http://www.din.or.jp/~komichi/ . Very nice choice Cloudnine. This artist's style is so cool. Thank you for sharing. :)

  12. david2331 Oct 21, 2004

    I agree the character design is awsome and so is that sword she's carrying. Great scan. :)

  13. MdKharaa Oct 21, 2004

    Would you look at the sky, art !

  14. Benzblackcat Banned Member Oct 21, 2004

    ooh..this picture very nice ..i damn very want to download this picture..sigh

  15. Dagnarus Oct 22, 2004

    This is a really cool Wallpaper!!! i like it alot! keep up the good work!


  16. Richie Oct 23, 2004

    w00t! I really like this wallpaper... thanks for sharing, Cloudnine ^^

  17. pongSm Banned Member Oct 23, 2004

    kawaii Scan very nice . Girls nice . Scan quality . Great scan

  18. qwertywto Oct 24, 2004

    Really cool looking image. Thanks for the scan. A must download for me.

  19. tsubasa-no-kami Oct 24, 2004

    amaaaazing!!!! you're right.. the designs are sooo kewl!! an the cg is just luffily ^0^ the clouds are to die for!!!

  20. Mimy Oct 28, 2004

    Very cool :)

  21. ryu1969 Mute Member Oct 28, 2004

    Cute! + Sexy! , Nice! Scan ..................................(Arigato!) m(_`_)m

  22. euna Retired Moderator Nov 02, 2004

    this is an awesome scan... !!! I love the armours as well.... I always liked armoured girls... makes them look tough!! Anyway, brilliant scan

  23. Totorito Nov 13, 2004

    Favorites XD
    its a pretty image and the girls are cute, sure.

    A good Scan

  24. Aznkid Nov 15, 2004

    awesome ^__^

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