Olimpos Wallpaper: Rise of the Phoenix

Olimpos, Apollo (Olimpos) Wallpaper
Olimpos Series Apollo (Olimpos) Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

In some way you could consider this to be the sequel to ‘Regret, Resolution, Redemption?’. The title, ‘Rise of the Phoenix’, speaks for itself : It’s about rebirth, about ‘rising from the ashes’ and standing tall again after a very bad period of time, better and bolder than ever before.

Somehow I was really drawn tothis scan I immediately had this flash of a mysterious Phoenix rising from the ashes. When I noticed the category , the Olimpos manga, I figured it would be best if I read that first. Turns out dear people, it’s a short, but heavy, philosophical manga and…*drum roll* the character is actually the ancient Greek God Apollo (the God of the Sun). I thought I was working on a beautiful goddess T_T, but then I realized that often gods/ male characters in ancient Greek history were so beautiful it was hard to distinguish their gender. So basically it's a trap in the manga, but I made the face look much more feminine, I really wanted a goddess in my wall lol XD

Next: executing my uhm, ‘vision’? Hard work. I added some dark shading to the skin to give it a kind of super natural feel, like kind of like color reflecting marble perhaps. I chose to make it quite colorful deliberately, the color shifting in the hair was inspired by the ability to change appearance/adapt… like a chameleon, but somehow it became something I associated with a Phoenix as well. Our Phoenix is still in the progress of materializing out of thick, cloudlike vapor ( I had to learn doing clouds/smoke for this +_+, thank you Photoshop for the smudge tool and my endless study of reference images) which proved to be quite the challenge. A slightly magical, fiery sky completed the background (with some clouds! And a planet too, all painted since I’m against going easy on myself by just using loads of stock instead of pushing myself to improve my painting skills) I drew overall inspiration from various movies: Harry potter, Unlimited Blade Works and even X Men 3 for this…Up to you whether you like it of course! Personally, I’m quite happy with it, especially if you compare it to the level I was at when I started out one year and two months ago.

Epilogue: 893 layers, I’m a true painting masochist =3 Thanks to Nysha, for the positive comments along the way, I hope you like the final result. And lots of love to Ala21ddin21, for being my merciless, yet at the same time extremely supportive art critic!

more resolutions: here


Chosen by Kitaan and Fran

Chanel truly raised like a phoenix with this wallpaper.
The smooth painting flows through the wall so very elegantly. The vibrant colors help to bring the character to life and grab your attention and no detail is over-looked. The background given is not only original but creatively crafted, all gorgeously done to enhance the character's impact on the eyes. A very retro look with a new time twist, excellent job here Chanel!

Proposed by Kitaan and highlighted by Fran.

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2010

    Ooh, shiny! :D

    I love the colors and symbolism behind it - it really does remind me of the mythical phoenix rising in the fire from the ashes. The skin is very smooth and nicely painted and the background is nice, too.
    I also like the colorful hair but although the individual strands work fine on the crown of her head, the strands in the hair flying around her make the hair look kind of...too uniform and stiff. That's my only complaint.

    Other than that, nice job on this!

  2. Horseradish Oct 25, 2010

    ZOMG! So this is where your icon came from! <3333 This is SO PRETTEH! Colors are PRETTEH. The painting/vectoring is PRETTEH. Everything's PRETTEH! LOL. The colors are really smooth and vibrant.

  3. MoonFangs90 Oct 25, 2010

    OMG tis wall is so beautiful and coloring is awesome!?

  4. Kurorisa Oct 25, 2010

    I already love this scan from the first time I saw it
    and you've painted it beautifully <3
    I love the shiny hair, and you make her fit in that position
    I think the skin on her face looks a bit dirty though but that's all
    overall, a really great job

  5. trofikabinet Oct 25, 2010

    Really great, you're making so much progress Julie <33
    The painting is really wonderful, I love the colors of the hair but the skin could be more pinkish :)
    Still, very lovely.

  6. Welvimar Oct 25, 2010

    interesting. I will find and read it. Thank you

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2010

    Your vectoring has this weird way of transforming the character somehow, her
    face differs from the one in the scan. It's not a bad thing, it's just interesting and I wanted to point it out.

    I think you did a wonderful job vectoring her/painting her. The colors are vibrant
    and the painting is very smooth all around her. I like that you placed her in the center
    and added the clouds around her on the bottom, that's the best element in the wall I think.
    She looks like such a fabulous God of some sort, the BG supports that idea fully.
    And it doesn't lack like some other walls that focus so much on the vector and forget to
    give the BG some love, it's nice to see you worked on both lovingly. Great job.

  8. ala21ddin21 Oct 25, 2010

    It's finally here, oh yeah, my wife is a painting master, you already know that I love the sky and the planet behind, I love the new effects on her clothes, this is just awesome like always [small](still don't appreciate the green, but it's nice)[/small], Awesome work honey, FAV and desktoped :)

  9. mbeckley Oct 25, 2010

    Its exquisite. You are the next da vinci, Chanel-san. ^-^

  10. nekohitagi Oct 25, 2010

    love the colors so very very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee thansk for wallpapers

  11. kuryuki Oct 25, 2010

    oh~i really like how you painted those um..cloud looking cloth the girl's on top of :D

  12. Makiloos Oct 25, 2010

    So pretty wall ^__^
    I liked xD

  13. zaira Oct 26, 2010

    O_O so beautiful! i love her rainbowish hair. The background really fits the
    character and i do love those swirly clouds and flowers around her. The lighitng
    is good and stars are just a-ok XD Overall totally a goddess wall! +fav! ^^,
    & congrats for the highlight!

  14. kaka740 Mute Member Oct 26, 2010

    Nice paper, thanks for sharing!

  15. Nysha Oct 26, 2010

    Whee~~~ you already know what I think. :3 Full comment on ap, but congrats for getting a highlight here! X3

  16. kejeburkali Oct 26, 2010

    Very great wallpaper ! Nice !

  17. srsn Oct 26, 2010

    congrats on the highlight

  18. belson Oct 26, 2010

    Another great work from you, as usual...

  19. chibimisao Oct 26, 2010

    *copy pastes comment from AP*

    Very nice work on coloring the hair. The colorful colors you used on it kinda reminds me of Vitaa's wallpaper which i think is a refreshing way of drawing out the highlights in the hair. It's nice to see that you've done a clean and crisp job on the hair. But i do wish you softened the edges a bit to make it blend more with the background. Other than that, i think you could've used a different shade of color to do the shading on her face. Everything else looks lovely though. I love the background. < 3

  20. Pulver15 Oct 26, 2010

    Wow this is just LOVE! *___*!
    Everything is like in harmony and your painting is really soft-looking here!
    Great job and congrats on highlight ;D

  21. aIshiRoi Oct 26, 2010

    *____* just lovely! great job!
    congrats on the highlight! you deserve it! =)

  22. animenintendo Oct 26, 2010

    WOW! than excellent!. The bottom line is fantastic and combines well with the girl, is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  23. threshold1981 Mute Member Oct 26, 2010

    such a beautiful profile. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Steffi1690 Moderator Oct 27, 2010

    I Love the sunset sky! ^-^
    The girl looks like a doll! But I like her and her hair - so wow!
    And the flowers/roses =)

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