Disgaea Wallpaper: Law of the Jungle

Takehito Harada, Disgaea, Pleinair Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka Disgaea Series,Game Pleinair Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A quick one, because I'm so busy and all. I haven't played this game, I haven't heard of this game, infact I know nothing about this wallpaper, other than it was a funny scan and I made it.

I remember telling CyanideBlizzard that I'd be making a Stop Starring wall next. Gomen, but this one just screamed out "Make a wall out of me!" I couldn't turn this one down. For those of you who want more Stop Starring, don't worry, I'm not going to stop the series. I just don't have the time right now.

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  1. Ryo-ohki Oct 18, 2004

    XD ahhhhhh It's sooo cool (Adds to desktop) I love the pink colours, and the anime character is cute too, and nice contrast with the shark, the teddy bears, the blood ect.

    Very well done with the effects.

  2. KorganoS Oct 18, 2004

    omg.... shark.... bunny dolls.... blood everywhere.... wacko!! o_0 nice scan indeed.....
    and nice colors..... I love it.... the effect is good also... nice... ^^

  3. Nakayori Oct 18, 2004

    T__T Poor little bunnies... but anyway.. <<;; >>;; I love the scan, and the background looks great with it. xD;; Excellent job. (As always. >:P)

  4. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2004

    hahaha! i love this imge >D the bg is niec and soft, and the main picture is brutal yet cute (if that's possible, hahaha)

  5. StarCentury Oct 18, 2004

    Yes! I love your style of anime! It's almost the same art style as mine, but your's is way much cooler! I also love your cute & violent theme your going for! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! ^_^'

  6. Okami Oct 18, 2004

    Very nice job there, i find the scan interesting in it self...bad shark, baaad shark...haha. I like the composition for this.

  7. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2004

    Heya by all means, whatever you wanna make go for it. If you don't its all good, I know you won't stop the series and you've been VERY busy lately. Even better its Disgaea! I LOVE THE game! >.< Seriously I cannot get enough of the plot, though I suck at games like that because I always have one character thats godly and the rest suck @_@ Ugh I need better planning with that.

    Anyways VERY different type of Disgaea image, I've never seen it before and thats what I'm happy about, its always either Etna or Lahara so this by ALL means is a breath of fresh air. Kawaii! >.< Girls with guns blasting walking sharks! HELL YES! This wall is sooo cool >.< Just amazing how you've done it and the background is perfect for this image as well. I love it Katz, by all means you make what you wanna make. Cause what you make always turns out so damn cool.

  8. jackalx66 Oct 19, 2004

    nice walls..
    but the BG could be more colorfull
    nice chara and nice concept of wall
    thx for ur effort

  9. CrimsonShade Oct 21, 2004

    I call it as one of the best games in RPG history that kicks others games... um, bums! Yeah, that's the word! :D Ahaha! Ahahahahaa....haaaaaa... ^_^' I can't get enough of it. And THIS ONE, the officer, is the hardest to get... but the bunnies make her SO wantable and adorable and innocent looking but one wrong turn and BAM bunny attack!

    *ahem!* ... oh, yes yes. Art is very pleasing. I give you an A+. Good going. :)

  10. dstrife123 Banned Member Dec 27, 2004

    oh yeah I love these pics very nice :D nice designs and backgrounds

  11. moonbaby Apr 24, 2005

    Wow thats awesome its so cute!!!!!! Those poor poor bunnies?? Well thanks for the share I really like it!!

  12. emrysblue May 27, 2005

    Never knew nether-bunny dolls had a circulatory system. Poor bunnies. Oh well, very nice wall indeed. Keep up the great work!

  13. Onpu Jul 03, 2005

    Plenair + bunnys + blood + PINK = lovelovelove. <33
    i love this. xD
    Good job! =)
    [+ fav]

  14. GrandSeraphMetatron Jul 05, 2005

    That's quite possible the best scan I've ever seen. Just because of the fact it's.... it. Then you've got your great usage of it, which is just grizzeat for rizzle.

    I know that made no sense, but it did to me, so nyeh. :P

  15. sinister-seraphim Oct 16, 2005

    LOL. I love this one, Pleinair is awesome. Good action, dying bunnies, blood and mayhem - what more could you ask for? Hey, how do you make a favorite?

  16. bordas Oct 19, 2005

    hahaha hourray for the violence. funny scan dude.......................................................................(...)

  17. cenul24 Nov 24, 2010

    funny pict//
    i very like it...

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