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Ok this will be probably my last wall this year
but who knows maybe I won't have internet and will get bored again ^^
(man I disappear fast xD)
and I noticed that after many people saying it my gallery consists of mostly guys O__o
rarely girls......Aish I should change that but depends if I find interesting scans ne....ok I should stop rambling =_____=

This wall is dedicated to YoruAngel866 & christabel92
you always made me wonderful presents and now I want to give you somehting in return even if it's a 'little' late ;( )..
Hope you'll like it ;D
The 1st time I saw this scan I immediately started with it but then I stopped it (cause of outlines again =__=) and I finished it last weekend too
yeah...3 wallies in 3 days (the 4th one doesn't count) I have a pretty boring life ne xDD
and this time I wanted to use a differnet main color not always blue or red
actually dunno why yellow but hope you don't hate this color xD
and of course I had difficulties with the bg again =__=
but lately I like bg that doesn't consist many things and wanted it to be......can't find the right word...from another dimension? no...doesn't seem right...well hope you know what I mean after seeing this bg #(u_u)#
Hope it's not too much glitter or whatever this is and here are other versions but of course unsure about them ^^'

Version 2

Version 3
And here ist he orignal:

Hope you'll like it ;D

PS: and if you still wish the vector to be in his original colors then I can only recommend ALENAS Vector of it (which I found after the wall was done T__T):


Everyone who knows her walls will know that the vector is made beautifully ;D

To Alenas if she ever will read it: I'm really sorry but I hope you don't mind doing some advertising of it *bows down*

chamber-of-kings katekyo-hitman-reborn tag-licious hetalia-axis-powers celestial-luminesse

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2010

    LOL at the last paragraph. XD

    I'm so happy someone had made a pretty wall with that scan; after I vectored it on a whim, I suddenly had no idea what to do with the background, haha but you pulled this off really nicely. I like all versions but the golden one really stands out the most - I really like the glowing things next to him and the sparkles. Nice vector, too. And lol, don't worry - I've also stumbled upon many vectored scans after I had spent a lifetime vectoring them myself. XD

    Nice job! :3

  2. kagehikari Oct 15, 2010

    Wow! :Q___
    This is fantastic! *o*
    The vector work is very beautiful and soft.)

  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2010

    Pulver...Did you know that you can upload alt versions/resolutions on Minitokyo? xD
    Ahahaha, it's good to see you be so active and have a bishie streak, I completely miss that <3

  4. SoulLoki Oct 15, 2010

    Great wallpapers ^^

    Good works !

  5. wingedspirit Oct 15, 2010

    I like what you did with them all, for some reason I like version 2 best. Really well done!

  6. christabel92 Oct 15, 2010

    totally in a trance,your new walls are so bishie-licious,I'm kyaaa-ing all around xD always loved this img,waited for someone to make a usable wall,too lazy to make it myself and scared I would ruin it...
    but this...pure eye candy,as expected of you??

    merged: 10-16-2010 ~ 12:21am
    oh,and I must be blind,this was for me?I'm speechless,thanks a lot!??? you're the best,you totally know what fills my dreams...and it doesn't matter when it comes,what comes is what matters xD [this sounded so messed up] xD

  7. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2010

    He's so hot... I don't mind at all if you continue to submit walls of such bishilicious men! XD Love the color scheme. ^_^

  8. srsn Oct 16, 2010

    As they say it's bishielicious!

  9. Lulu888 Oct 16, 2010

    I think that you did a wonderful job with this one.The Yellow version is the best.Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing this pic

  10. trofikabinet Oct 16, 2010

    Rawr, another bishie...so so welcomed <333
    Personally I prefer the golden version the best, it's the prettiest of them all.

  11. kara Oct 16, 2010

    Seriously, how do you paint like that? D:
    Love the colours you chose. The background's simple but effective.
    Is it bad of me to wish that you won't have internet and get bored again so you'll make another amazing wall...?

  12. danielledragulia Oct 16, 2010

    OMGGGG...this wall is awesome!

  13. HoshinoSora12 Oct 16, 2010

    Great wall! XD I love the colours

  14. galexia Oct 16, 2010

    Great wallpaper! Also, I really like version 2!

  15. Tina18 Oct 17, 2010

    Haha you're on walling spree xD
    I love the color scheme, and the bishie is perfect all lying there and being delicious.

  16. Steffi1690 Moderator Oct 18, 2010

    *lol* ^__^
    Hot guy! Gef

  17. MoonFangs90 Oct 18, 2010

    I was about to start doing this wall but you have done the great work and it's simply awesome ^^

  18. nekohitagi Oct 19, 2010

    so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii n_n

  19. bochan91 Oct 19, 2010

    kawaaaaaaiii picture
    i like this

  20. areizero Oct 19, 2010

    Geanialus, muchas gratias =SDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  21. bleachcrazy Oct 19, 2010

    very nice wallapper i love the guitar

  22. kuromu69 Oct 20, 2010

    I always loved that image. And the vector is beatiful <3

  23. Nfreedom Oct 22, 2010

    what a amazing wallpaper
    like it so much~
    thnx for sharing~

  24. dragonlady2000 Oct 23, 2010

    Oooooooh!~ Sooooo pretty!~ O.O I mean WOW, the colors and the expression! So glorious!

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us! This is going to be in my wallpaper reel for a very long time!

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