Takayuki Asaki Wallpaper: Like a Star [collab with Ala21ddin21]

Takayuki Asaki, Shin Moeru Headphone Reader, Vector Art Wallpaper

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello everybody! Here is Aladdin and Moutonzare, we did it! Finally, our collab is here which is Mouton's first ever! So yeah, let's beat the screen! ^^
We did our best to make this collab, we really enjoyed doing it, so we hope that you all will enjoy it ;)

Aladdin's Wise Words:

Yohohoho! People, I missed you, it's been a month since my last wallpaper, I was absent because of the down of my computer and also the real life things, but here I am, back with this awesome work with Moutonzare, I have to say that working with Moutonzare was a unique experience, especially that we started making this collab when he visited me last summer, I really learned from him (I stole his ultimate techniques! muahahaha!), and I loved making my part of the job too... Moutonzare is a great mind of vector making!

Moutonzare's Wise Words:

Somehow this summer I went for the holidays at Ala's place in Tunisia. Since I was at his place, not doing a collab would have been a crime but somehow the whole plan got delayed... But fear not! Since you're reading this you already know it came to fruition. I hope you will appreciate this wallpaper :3

Walling process and the Making-of from Ala's point of view:

Hmmm, this project started in August this year, Moutonzare and I were thinking about making a wallpaper with something "new", We got the idea to create some 3D spaces starting from abstract and text styles, we fixed a scan at first, we did change the scan one time before taking this one, I (Aladdin) waited until Moutonzare finish the vector before starting doing the background...

What does Mouton think about:

We talked about the concept of texts in perspective for the background since the beginning and somehow it's still here but with Ala's black magic in the process. At first glance -- at least it was like that for me -- you can find the whole thing a little messy but then you start to see that elements are at a precise position for a special reason which might not be the same from person to person but it's another story. Since I'm a complicated guy (well not really) I have a set up of dual screens with a 16/9 one and a 16/10 one. Ala was nice enough to make a 16/9 version of this wall. 16:9 Support Action Group will be happy about that for sure. If you don't find the appropriate ratio for your screen, change your screen.

Making the Vector (Mouton):

For once, I didn't use any Gaussian blur. I did it the old way with linear and radial gradients. It's the second girl I vector that has Sony headphones, I might be a closet fanboy. The colors have been improved somehow. The head was extended but Ala cut it out anyway X) The outlines are colored one but with gradients too. The vector was done with Inkscape and the resulting SVG is almost 1MB which is not much. The SVG will be available when APv6 is launched. This vector is also my entry for VD#8 which voting session should start somewhere this Sunday (around 10pmGMT+2.)
PS: If you don't like the sticked out nipples through the dress, put icons on them. Frankly, it was the main reason I did this vector XD

Making the Background (Ala):

Rule of the third, Perspective, Law of lighting, I tried to respect the most of the rules that lead to a good wallpaper, I used only Filters, the Pen tool and the Text tool in Photoshop, no brushes, no pattern (except the halftones one), I found the background idea from a Sony Advertisement, it's about to create a personal world for the girl when she's using the Walkman, Moutonzare evolved the idea when suggesting " Magical Girl Style" so I made the mixture and I got this ^^ Using strong colors was my preferred part on this, I really enjoyed it even that in the start I was afraid to do it and made it very light... ^^

Used scan and Progression:

Thanks for Saa-chan for this awesome scan of hers ^^


Some technical stuff :

- Vector made under Inkscape, Background under Photoshop CS4.
- PSD File is more than 210 MB, there is more than 160 layers (I stopped counting, too much of them).
- Exists in 2 ratios, you can take whatever you like ^^ (Always recommend the 16:10).
- Mouton means a sheep in French, but he is not XD.
- Ghosts do not exist.
- Thanks for the awesome Nat and Ali3n for telling us their opinions about the wallpaper, it really helped ^^


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  1. ala21ddin21 Oct 12, 2010

    People, enjoy this awesome wallpaper that we did for you:!
    The vector is really awesome, and I really enjoyed these headphones!

  2. letireur Oct 12, 2010

    This is really fantastic and wonderful
    thank you for sharing

  3. SpaceFrog23 Oct 12, 2010

    Amazing! The girl looks incredibly distinguished and surpasses the original. I just love how the colors pop at me, they mix well, and the lighting is awesome. Atmosphere fits the character superbly.

  4. ADETY Oct 13, 2010

    this fantastic, I like, thanks for the wallpaper.........

  5. Kipetu-Akora Oct 15, 2010

    Wow, this is really beautiful! I love the colors, everything looks so blended and harmonious. Great work! You are awesome!

  6. Katkoota Oct 15, 2010

    i admire ur both work :3
    keep up ^^

  7. trainheartnet2 Oct 16, 2010

    Soooo Pretty~! and Nice work too. Keep it up~

  8. Eltran Oct 16, 2010

    Thanks for this nice looking wallpaper :)

  9. BlackCat109 Oct 17, 2010

    sexy as! thanks for this!

  10. Nysha Nov 02, 2010

    The character vector is very well done, but I particularly like the layered and kinetic look of the spiraling text. :) HL@VW!

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