Garden (Visual Novel) Wallpaper: Morning's Grace

H2SO4, Garden (Visual Novel), Ruri Himemiya, Vector Art Wallpaper
H2SO4 Mangaka Garden (Visual Novel) Visual Novel Ruri Himemiya Character Vector Art Source

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I am back from the dead.

I had no idea what to name this wall. I decided to go with "Morning's Grace" because I wanted to depict the feeling of it. The freshness of the air when I first walk outside to greet the new day is what relaxes me. The sun's rays blanketing my body to provide some warmth in midst of the coldness. I always loved that feeling because it just rejuvenates my body.

The grace part originates from how gentle the light is. It isn't strong like the afternoon sun that slaps you in the face most of the time. Of course, it also refers to the character. H2SO4 is known for drawing delicious lolis in soft pastel colors. I liked how the character has her arm at an angle and wrist curved. Her hair just wraps around the arm and flows down. Everything is just so curvy on this character. Her soft expression adds on to how graceful she looks like. The way her hair bunches up and fans out is just beautiful.

The Background
After having to look back at my past walls. I realized my strength is in improving the current scan to make it look better than the original. While I prefer creativity in original walls or backgrounds, I can't seem to do it myself. I always plan to do too much and get tired of it lol. Sometimes I just don't execute it the way I want to and end up dropping it in frustration. Foreseeing the work load is another downer.

Anyway, I started off by extending her hair and legs. I didn't go for a whole body extension because I felt it would be wasted effort. The initial placement was the composition I wanted. Extending her body further would of added more space for the background I didn't want. I also didn't want to draw bare feet because people would bother me to hell on how I failed so hard. ;_;

Now actually moving on to the background. The clouds were painted using the smudge and brush tool. I used a slim oval brush for tearing and a circle brush to round off the edges. I wanted very light clouds that blended/faded into the sky. Epic thick twilight clouds with super duper coloring and several tiers is for another wall. Later on I added pale yellow lighting to increase the warmth. White lighting is present to add intensity to the lighting and help match the character's initial lighting.

The daises, omfg. When I was doing the floor I was going, "how the hell am I going to do this?" My plan was to create a first layer of daises. I didn't want to copy and paste only 2-3 of them. So I vectored about ~15 unique daisy designs and duplicated from there. The first layer is 60+ daises even though it doesn't look like it. After that I went and copy pasted the daises creating several tiers. I applied drop shadows and color overlays for simple depth perception. I know I could have done a better job but my patience was running out >__>.

I hope you enjoy the wall!

Original Scan:
AP: http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/preview/item297692/
Garden (Game)#446651



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  1. Cilou Oct 09, 2010

    as I said in AP, you did a piece of art... again!

  2. shadowxlink2 Oct 09, 2010

    Yess! Finally a wallpaper that catches my attention right away! It's been so long since I've seen such a beautiful wallpaper! Thanks for sharing and a spectacular job! Keep it up!

  3. melymay Oct 09, 2010

    This is frickin' gorgeous. It's like you captured the essence of a loli. Wonderful job <3

  4. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2010

    As expected from the Gradient Abuser. Never fail to amuse me with epic vectoring skills. It looks great, lovely lighting ( really appreciate people who how to do it right).

    The only thing that bothers me is the deep shadow beneath her. It somewhat kills the depth and looks a bit detached/unrealistic in my opinion. Otherwise, good job Cook-kun!

  5. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2010

    This is completely gorgeous.
    The soft vectoring and the gradients are so nicely done.
    Though I have to agree with Val about the strong shadow, but it's something really small. <3

  6. Nysha Oct 10, 2010

    Strong shadows are good imo. In fact I'd say some of the shadows of the hair around her neck and shoulder can even be darker. I think you did a great job! <3 Love the 16:9 version! Great job on the extension! I also like how you made each daisy nice and detailed too - your hard work shows. :3

  7. aIshiRoi Oct 10, 2010

    *O* i;m so happy someone decided to wall this scan!<3
    it looks so soothing and relaxing. great job!
    instant +faaaaaaaav! :D

  8. ngakyuklim Oct 10, 2010

    this is awesomely beautiful! the sky is pretty and the colours are the most amazing feature of the wall!

  9. srsn Oct 10, 2010

    comment at AP! just read it there haha

  10. pureblood98 Oct 10, 2010

    i love the pretty colors...! :D

  11. Kurorisa Oct 10, 2010

    definitely a nice job for H2S04 wall
    I always respect the arts and you made the wall gorgeous
    lovely soft vectoring and bg
    not to mention those clouds look really fluffy :3

  12. Katkoota Oct 10, 2010

    Awesomely Awesome wallpaper! < 3
    i rly love ur vector tens :D
    keep up~

  13. x-lawss Oct 10, 2010

    OMG! I'm in love XD
    Thanks for sharing it!

  14. trofikabinet Oct 10, 2010

    A really wonderful wall but nothing less expected from you <3
    The vectoring is gorgeous, looks so calm and cute.
    Somehow it reminds me of summer >.<

  15. YukiIce89 Oct 10, 2010

    Your technique is perfect! Great work!

  16. Makiloos Oct 10, 2010

    I loved the wall!
    So sweet ^__^

    \O/ Thanks

  17. zaira Oct 11, 2010

    Awesome! nothing more to say. +fav! ^^,

  18. lenaelric Oct 11, 2010

    Congratz! :) I love it! You vectored it perfectly and the eyes, the colors are perfects.

  19. espada001 Oct 11, 2010

    I really loved the wall you must have spent a lot of time on it

  20. SpaceFrog23 Oct 11, 2010

    Lovely wall, vector looks crisp, the girl is adorable, the atmosphere is warm, and everything flows together just right.

  21. bushidokuroi Oct 12, 2010

    love the wallpaper!
    Gives me an idea on my next drawing

  22. elmo007 Oct 12, 2010

    LOVE IT! this is now my desktop image

    thanks and fav

  23. tushkan-chik Oct 12, 2010

    Love it! So coloreful! And gentle!

  24. jns Oct 12, 2010

    Great to see you back from the dead :D
    It's been a while since I saw such a soft and beautiful gradient work. It just shows you don't need multi-shading to do something with depth and interesting (god how I miss simple gradients)

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