Cowboy Bebop Wallpaper: Stolen Kiss

Toshihiro Kawamoto, Sunrise (Studio), Cowboy Bebop, Vincent Volaju, Faye Valentine Wallpaper
Toshihiro Kawamoto Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Cowboy Bebop Series Vincent Volaju Character Faye Valentine Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I don't know, but I've always thought Faye and Vincent would have been a sort of cute couple.

That is, if it weren't for Vincent's previous jealous girlfriend, Electra :D

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  1. Taurec Oct 17, 2004

    I like cowboy bebop wallpapers a lot .. and by coincidence i visited your website yesterday .... to in fact leech that paper..

    i think it's great...

    cute as an snowball and hell you mean .. <grin>

  2. Okami Oct 17, 2004

    Very interesting composition there. Havent seen a Cowboy Bebop wallpaper in awhile. Nice qualtiy to the pic

  3. wiesel Oct 17, 2004

    Cool idea! They really make a nice couple :-). The background is fitting well.

  4. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2004

    woah, ive never see this scan before...nuuuu faye XD
    great job on the wall though~ it's very nice and i like the texture X3

  5. Fradz Oct 17, 2004

    Cowboy Bebop is a great anime... And I like this nice wallpaper... Good job ;)

  6. Chief Oct 18, 2004

    ive never seen that scan either... i like it... tho im not too sure on them as a couple :/ great job!!!!

  7. Electrastar Oct 18, 2004

    Sooooooooooooooo cooooolllll I can't believe this didn't catch my attention sooner. Love the idea of the dark alley...And I know the text you put comes from somewhere...but can't remember where...anyway splendid job truly wonderful.

  8. Misuchi Oct 18, 2004

    The text "A stolen kiss has come too late" is from the Savage Garden song 'Carry on Dancing' =)

  9. jingjing1208 Oct 19, 2004


  10. NoZ Oct 24, 2004

    Nice job Misuchi, your wall is just awesone, I love it :D
    This dark street fit quite well with the characters :)

  11. WingedWren Nov 02, 2004

    Woo! Nice Wallpaper! I really don't know the characters, as I've never seen Cowboy Bebop before but someday, I will. Nice work.

  12. ded113 Nov 04, 2004

    Woah. The street is fitting for their 'tyrst.' I like it and you did a great job. BTW, they would have been a sort of cute couple.

  13. pikamix Dec 30, 2004

    quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ? quien es ?

  14. barebone Jan 22, 2005

    What image is this ,,,I don't recognise nothing...............cowboy bebop rules

  15. Wdbox Feb 27, 2005

    Whoa !!! What a shock pic... the background is link with the event. Good job guy.

  16. DayWalkeR Mar 17, 2005

    wooooow i'm seen this series now and i was looking for a good wall o_0
    thanks a lot :)

  17. Asuka-Langley May 26, 2005

    nice background , whos that hairy guy :p ? now you know why you shouldnt walk around with those cloths in alleys somewhere alone ^_^

  18. getJosie4 Aug 07, 2005

    WOH! Vincent and Faye... I'd like Spike and Faye better, but that scan is great!


  19. stellar Aug 09, 2005

    *hits vincent onthe head* get away from faye faye!! >.< am i talking to a wp? nvm. lol but anywas, i luv the bg. and for that, ill add this wp to my favs. ^_^

  20. rarefl Dec 01, 2009

    ooooohhhhhhhhhh it so beautifual man

  21. Zanfist Jun 16, 2010

    Wow very cool wallpaper thanks for sharing (//_^)

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