Noriyuki Matsumoto Wallpaper: Moonlight Serenade v.1.0

Noriyuki Matsumoto, Omnibus Collection Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Featuring the art of Noriyuki Matsumoto from Omnibus collection art book... the scan I got from PZ.. thanks a bunch to the author of the scan... I love it... and here it is....

Moonlight Serenade
Standing alone in the night...
breeze of cold wind shatters my skin..
and under the moon
I played the song of forever devotion..
to the sky.. to the land... to all the beauty that lies within...
no more pain... no more tears... only a harmony of melody..
now fills the air

wallpaper dedicated to all my friends, .. and thanks a lot for helping me to ever improving... I really am... thanks a lot.. I know many things still need some practising... but I believe that if I am with u all.. I will make it... and I'll achieve my dreams.... ^_^'
Ah.. special thanks to Devilet... hello there... I hope you like this wallie... you're a part of my inspiration in making this wall ^^

comments and suggestions are welcome... XD

revision history :
v.1.0 - Okay, after a long wait (not really... ^_^' )... this is my final version of this wall... enjoy....
for you who have the previous version, you might noticed some minor additions/changes : and... correct.... I added some Shooting Stars!!! XD
thanks a lot to Roshinku for the tutorial!!! you're great man!!
you may noticed also, that the sky is rather different... that's because I fixed the starfield further... :D
v.0.9 - more fixes done on the visual artifacts on the bg... fixes on the starfield on the sky area.... fix the moon's artifacts, sized it a little smaller (by request)
next update would be the last one... and that makes it v.fin... be sure to look forward to it ^^
v.0.8 - first bug fixes/visual artifacts corrections....

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Browse Noriyuki Matsumoto Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. sukie Oct 17, 2004

    wo.......your are GOOD...why would you need to improve???????? the bg is just awsome.... how to see more of you work soon......

  2. Devilet Oct 17, 2004

    Wow.... *speechless* .... I can see your hardwork indeed, and the many layers, but if you enjoyed doing it, hey, can't be all bad right? I'm not so sure about the outer glow on the moon though, makes it stand out too much, but the wallpaper is really good, nice job sempai!

    I'll make a + fav for all the hard work you put in it :)

  3. Yina Oct 17, 2004

    Wow!!! It is beautiful!!! I like the girl with her flute and the moon or erath? is also great!!! >__< +fav

  4. FlowerDog Oct 17, 2004

    Oh, I am deeply touched. I thank you for coming so far. :) This is truly beautiful. The lovely light, moon, and the whole wallpaper is awesome. Please, keep it up KorganoS-sama. I am looking forward to your next amazing wallpaper. :)

  5. jackalx66 Oct 17, 2004

    very great wall...
    ur skill are higher dude
    i ike the whole concept of it..
    but u can make yhe water more realistic and the grass,
    u can add more hazey sensation into the bootom of it to make very real life grass..
    also like the planet and the sky
    job well done
    hard works pay off
    coz it's a fave from me bro.^_^
    keep up the good job :D
    ups almost forget *9.7*

  6. Kenzotsuke Oct 17, 2004

    oh oh!nice wall!vrey complete!a nice colors nice bg and pretty scan!
    well...fav powaa :)

  7. Kihiro Oct 17, 2004

    yeep! wonderful wall!
    i really like girls playing flutes O.O
    the effects are great, yea this wall must had took many days of work...

  8. Okami Oct 17, 2004

    Its a very nice wall, but to me, the parts of the pics kind of stick out to me. I like the composition but i feel like i can easily pick out the pieces of the image. Like the japanese block thing seems like it stands out, maybe a little blending or something. Otherwise, i really like the picture and just those things i mentioned are the only things that bother me.

  9. darkangelhana Oct 17, 2004

    O_O Awesome!!! XD.. your wallpapers are all so pretty.. ^_^ i don't think it's bad.. compare to mines.. mines like trash XD keep up the good work! =D

  10. Techcluster Oct 17, 2004

    This is really a great picture! now my desktop has a new background image, and everytime i look at it i feel better than before :)
    i can hear the melodies ^^

  11. Spriggan Oct 17, 2004

    wow I'm amaze by your skillz...thats an awesome wall..the compositon of colors is beautiful ans well , the entire bg and pic is incredibly well done!!!! hope to see more from you soon!! :)

  12. Riana Oct 17, 2004

    Holy cow, that was your first?!? My word, I've made 50 wallpapers and I'm not near that level of greatness. It's simply beautiful, the scan is great and...wow, I just can't think of all the good things to say about it. Congratulations on such a magnificient piece! Definate fav.

  13. Miyu-DX Oct 17, 2004

    Waw! dont know what to say..., lost in word* amazed*
    This is really the greatest of all of ur work (although all of them are really great :D )
    Definitely a fave !!!!! kyaaaaaa....., so pretty XD

  14. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2004

    mm..i like the lamp post submerged in water XD it's a beautiful wall, would make anyone proud of creating it! good job XD

  15. tecnophreak Oct 17, 2004

    wpw, nice man, I just wish the moon and stars were of a smoother, softer texture. (and that Icould do walls like this, I'm hopeless with this type....*cries)

    edit: cool, nice modifications

  16. euna Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2004

    Quote by sammomm..i like the lamp post submerged in water XD it's a beautiful wall, would make anyone proud of creating it! good job XD

    Great job on the bg!!! but why is the planet so big??? I'm not complaining.. just asking... :D
    Looks great!! Nice job

  17. Cloudnine Oct 18, 2004

    really good composition and design ^^ The lamppost and shrine are nice touches and add that surreal kind of environment, fantastic work indeed~ The textures you used are a bit odd though around the planet and the lines on the water. The grass could use better incorporation in the water, either use a transparent gradient or brush in a little fog to hide the stems.

  18. Kurosawa Oct 18, 2004

    wooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Great!!!!!.What a great wallpaper.Really great ,nice-nice.That is all I can tell to you.(^^)
    oh yea, how about 100 layer? It is true? just kidding(^*).Keep the good job for another wallpaper.

  19. semanga Oct 18, 2004

    Very awesome work. I love the bg work from you and I think this wall must be in fav, keep it up with your great works :)

  20. DarkSith Oct 18, 2004

    Wow !! Very nice wallpaper :) The background is excellent :) I like it :)

    Good work

  21. Techcluster Oct 18, 2004

    Now this beauty is on my pc@work :) Very very good again, currently my all-day favorite :D
    Greets, PAHO

  22. Electrastar Oct 18, 2004

    Wowie..did you really make all the elements in the backound yourself ? Because that is darn impressive....I really like the lamp post in the water, it's an original touch`^_^

  23. ColdBlue Oct 18, 2004

    The scan is great!
    I like the background very much too,except for the planet;I think it's too big,it just takes a lot of space there,
    the rest is just amazing!
    Great work!

  24. ny0g4n Oct 19, 2004

    Oh, very beautiful planet and background!!
    I like this wallpaper and my favorite :)
    Good work!!

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